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TF Comics #6 Out This Week

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Issue #6. Out this week. #tfcomics #tf2 #teamfortress #finally #weresosorry #biggestcomicyet

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A nod to Infinite Crisis’ cover with Superman and Supergirl, this is definitely looking like it’s going to be worth the wait as the conclusion to the Team Fortress 2 comics draws near. Do you agree? 






Showdown vs. TFC Heavy

We’ve all been looking forward to this battle.

After all the shit C!Heavy gave Medic in the last chapter it was only a matter of time until the doctor would strike back and show the other guy that he is not a useless nurse, but a real mercenary.

When C!Heavy goes looking for Medic he still underestimates him and doesn’t suspect him to show any resistance, let alone oppose or fight him.
He completely lets his guard down and gets punished right away.

However, it seems that Medic is guilty of underestimating his opponent as well. He is outright shocked when C!Heavy survives an Ubersaw hit right into the guts - an injury that would have certainly killed any normal person.  

After losing the element of surprise Medic can’t do much to defend himself. In unarmed combat he is, of course, at a clear disadvantage.

Luckily Medic isn’t alone in this fight. Heavy shows up to help his old friend and points his gun right at C!Heavy’s head.

But the old mercenary isn’t dumb. He wouldn’t have survived that long if he didn’t have something up his sleeve.

C!Heavy has studied the people he was hired to kill. So he knows that his opponent possesses a certain sense of honour and isn’t the type of person to gun down a (seemingly) unarmed enemy on his knees.

Heavy falls for the trick and naively drops his weapon to fight the other man in a fair, unarmed battle.

From the previous chapters we know that Heavy is very loyal and has a strong sense of protecting the people he cares about. 
We don’t know what Medic’s sentiments are (it’s pretty unlikely that his insane, disturbed mind is even capable of things like genuine affection or friendship), but - even though we have barely seen them interacting with each other off the battlefield up until now - in this chapter it becomes obvious that Heavy considers Medic not only a comrade, but a close friend.

Keep all those things in mind. And now imagine what goes through Heavy’s head when his enemy tricks him, pulls out a gun and shoots Medic right in the chest.
In this moment Heavy must feel unbelievably guilt-ridden: He could have easily killed the enemy who threatened his friend, but instead he lowers his weapon to give him a fair chance to fight back - which the other one shamelessly takes advantage of.

This scene is crucial for another reason as well.

You know why I main both Medic and Heavy in the game? Because I feel they are the two classes that require and encourage the most amount of teamwork. On their own they’re easy prey, but together they’re nearly unstoppable.

C!Heavy knows that as well, since he’s had a “symbiosis” like that himself in the past. But now he doesn’t have a Medic to back him up and support him anymore.
So he decides to get rid of his enemy’s irreplaceable combat partner as well.

Heavy completely snaps and begins to beat him to a pulp. When C!Heavy realises he’s going to lose, he uses yet another dirty trick, gaining an unfair advantage over his enemy. Powered up and regenerated by the Australium he completely turns the tables.

But fortunately that’s not the end of it: Medic bullshits his way back to life just in time before his comrade gets strangled to death.

With his insane and more than disturbing speech he is able to distract C!Heavy long enough for Heavy to recover and end the fight. Good riddance!

I admit I initially wanted Medic to kill C!Heavy all by himself, so that the fans would finally realise that the doctor is not a wimp and pushover. 

But I think this is an even better conclusion to the battle because it emphasizes the roles of the two classes/characters: It shows that teamwork prevails.

Medic dealt two strong hits to C!Heavy, but unlike his opponent Medic is primarily a (mad) scientist, not a warrior.
He can fight, sure, and is certainly stronger than the average person, but the only one capable of winning a 1v1 fight against a Heavy is another Heavy.
In the end, however, Heavy could not have won the battle if Medic hadn’t used his wits to save him last minute. 

They helped each other, worked together and eventually triumphed together. Because these two act as a team, not lone warriors.

I hope to see them kicking some more ass in the final chapter and whatever comes next!  >:D

TF2 comic: the naked and the dead

So, what do we have:

1. Soldier and Zhanna are going to marry and have kinds but Heavy isn’t happy of it

2. Mags still loves Saxton

3. Medic gave back Demoman’s eye at least 8 times but his eye socket is haunted

4. Medic scooped out a part of Demo’s brain responsible for memory

5. Pyro is HE

6. Spy is Scout’s father

7. Scout’s name is Jeremy, he’s 27 and will die December 4th 1987

8. Medic’s surname is Ludwig and he sold Devil his soul but then surgically added 8 more souls to his body to avoid contract requirements and not going to hell + mr. Ludwig will live extra 50 years for 1 soul to let Devil find a way how trick out his other 7 souls. MEDIC FUCKED UP DEVIL (and made his team almost immortal by taking off their souls somehow)

9. Heavy realized that Medic is really a mad ass

10. To settle an old debt Administrator needs less than 1 hour