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asking for help again, im sorry

okay. so i know that i just asked for help and hit a pretty large goal awhile ago but another month came around and i had to pay my rent here. im still living with the same man, and not really much has gotten better at all. i had to spend a lot of money on my dog because his vaccinations costed more than i thought and then i had to pay for him AND my moms dogs to get flea medication because her dogs gave him fleas.

i dont know what im going to do, i cant see myself even being able to move out anytime soon, but as far as i know (the manager has told me this) id at least be able to move to a different apartment in my complex and even my ‘boyfriend’ seems okay with that. its not much, but its a good first step. it would take a lot of stress off of me to not have to be around him all of the time.

i AM trying to get a job. i promise that im not just sitting around mooching off of peoples sympathy and shit. ive only ever recieved SSI income so ive been nervous but ive already started filling out applications for 3 restaraunts near me. its going to be hard for me to find a job anywhere outside of that because i have no experience in anything, i have a learning disability, and im mentally ill.

i could really use any extra cash at all for winter clothes, food, and cleaning supplies for my new apartment. even a dollar helps. i changed my e-mail since everyone wanted to think my south park reference meant i was a literal thief or something. is my email if you could please spare something. thank you

Charlie is now a Medical Assistance Doggo!

So, becuase I keep forgetting to make an about page, I’ve got a few comorbid mental disorders (depression, bipolar, PTSD and ADHD), which can make my life unnecessarily difficult sometimes.  Fortunately, I have a secret weapon:

This Dork.

I’ve had Charlie since august, and he’s been doing a great job keeping me alive and operational.  I’ve trained him personally to suit my particular needs, and yesterday he saw my therapist and psychologist to verify he is helping.

So far he does the following:

  • Wakes me up every morning at 9AM and harasses me until I actually get up, preventing 20-hour depression naps.
  • Will fetch for me, by name: my Phone, water bottle, medication and bag of chips.  I have a frequent problem with low blood sugar and forgetting to take my meds.  Hard to forget when I get woken up by him throwing the pill bottle at me.
  • We’re working on shoes.
  • comes to check on me every 90 minutes, and demands I get up and walk him every three hours, keeping me from Not Eating and an a regular exercise schedule.
  • Keeping on a regular daily schedule is helpful for both my memory problems and preventing mood swings.
  • Also, hard to feel suicidal when i;m responsible for his welfare.
  • Sits ON me during panic attacks, which is very grounding.
  • Not precisely trained but: tends to be very reactive to small noises or flashing lights, so I use him as a verification system to see if I’m hallucinating or not.

So, charlie now has  a piece of paper certifying that he helps keep me alive, so i effectively have a prescription for Dog.  This means I am not charged Pet Rent, no can I be excluded from housing for having him under the ADA.  It DOES NOT mean I can take him into grocery stores or other places dogs are not normally allowed, but I don’t really need him there anyway.

All in all, Charlie is a Good Boy.

Emergency Vet Funds Needed.

This morning I woke up to Daisy pawing at her face like mad and gnashing her teeth.

Her teeth have been bothering her for a long time and today it just seemed to have gotten worse. I took her too the vet asap this morning and got the prognosis; and its expensive.

$770 USD.

I don’t have that kind of money. And the vet clinic that uses your income to lessen the expenses is full and I dont know when they’ll be free again so I’m stuck. I’ve already put aside my anxiety and asked for help just with the vet visit itself and that was expensive too.

So far, I’ve asked my Aunt for help and she’s going to give me $200 USD . So that means I only have $500 USD left. Give or take I get more help from Family and friends. I’m really hoping I can squeeze into the Humane Vet Clinic because I cant with these expenses.. 

But she needs this procedure in order to remain healthy and pain free. I wish I could have and should have taken her sooner but I lacked the funds and transport. I have a job, yes. but I only get paid so much since I’m part-time. I really want her to feel better because she gives me great solace and peace and something to look forward too when I come home. So please if you all could spare some money for her dental procedures. I would be eternally grateful and over the moon with your generosity. I feel bad that I have to ask this kind of favor, but if its for her I will do anything I can. Anything I can do to help a love one.

>>> My PayPal is <<<

Any and all donation would be greatly appreciated. I’m just trying to get the money as quick as I can so she can potentially get the treatment she needs and get it as quick as she can. Please its all I ask. Thank you so much.

So this is how my day went today...
  • Me: *completely minding my own business sitting in a corner*
  • Man: “You don’t look like you need a service dog.”
  • Me: “She’s a medical alert dog.”
  • Man: “What is that?”
  • Me: “I have a medical condition that she alerts to.”
  • Man: “How does she do that?”
  • Me: “She can smell it on my breath before I have an episode. When she does, she tells me.”
  • Man: “But you don’t look sick. Do you really need her?”
  • Me: “Um, yes… I do.” *starts to panic as I’m alone and this man is creepy*
  • Man: “What is your medical condition?”
  • Me: *shaking and completely pissed off now* “Uh, that’s kinda private… ”
  • Man: “So clearly you don’t need her then.” *walks away*

Dog Fortress inspired by the amazing Dogs of the World! I’m not so good at this style, but it was fun at least ( ; 7 ; ) 

Edit: Please my friends, I know poodles are German ( ; ^ ; ) but I can’t help but think of France when I see them, such elegant doggies!

A Quick Reminder

If you’re not disabled, you can’t have a service dog. Everyone gets anxiety, tons of people get panic attacks. If your disorder doesn’t affect your day to day life and ability to function its not a disability. I don’t even know why people who aren’t disabled would want a service dog.

(Edit): To clear up some chaos on this post:
There are tons of mental illnesses that can often be disabling. My point is: a lot of the time, people overplay their anxiety to bring a PET into stores. My dog is a psych dog, he has a very important job but just because my anxiety is disabling doesn’t mean yours is. Speak to a mental health professional before thinking about getting a service dog.
Not effective

Stopping the bleeding after a dog fight is a step in first aid. It is not the complete necessary treatment.

It’s great that you wrapped something around your dog’s leg to stop the bleeding. It’s less great that your attempts weren’t entire successful. It is the opposite of great that you declined to seek veterinary care.

Now the leg is rotten, doesn’t bend, has no pulse below the knee and when I cut a nail off, the dog didn’t bleed and didn’t feel a thing.

It’s dragging around a septic, rotten, basically gangrenous limb with a massive fever, because you thought a makeshift bandage was adequate.

This was preventable. This wasn’t fair.