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Menstrual Mission: Peter Parker One Shot

Warnings: kissing mention, period, blood mention, and cuddle fluff

A/N: HI! I’M BACK! I will try to write whenever I can but my schedule has been crazyyyy because of school, scholarships, college crap, studying, medical issues, blah blah blah. We just started fiction again in my creative writing class so I will hopefully be able to get out a lot of content before we switch back to nonfiction writing and poetry. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this little drabble thing that I wrote because mother nature visited me yesterday (yay -_-). It’s not my best work, but it’ll do for now. Thanks if you read this author’s note btw, you’re the real mvp.

Not a request, but I always take them so ask away!

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Young Leonardo DiCaprio was currently trying to convince Juliet to marry him on the screen of your TV, his old-timey lines juxtaposed to the modern costumes and sets made the whole situation hilarious. You giggled at his antics, but ensured you were quiet as not to wake your sleeping boyfriend whose head rested on your lap. 

Somewhere between the start of the film and Romeo creeping up on Juliet by the pool, he had laid down on you, his feet up on the couch and head on your legs, eventually causing a little discomfort for you. You didn’t mind though because you knew how tired he could get, being Spider-Man most of the night and all.

Now, however, discomfort had been replaced with pain and the urge to get Peter off of you. You were confused with this as it’s not like his head weighed enough to cause this much pain. Just as Romeo kissed Juliet victoriously, you realized what this pain was: you had just gotten your period.

Frantically, your mind began trying to figure out how to get Peter off of you so you could go to the bathroom and not bleed all over his couch. After an eternity of mental torment, you closed your eyes and took a long breath before attempting your escape.

You placed your hand on the base of his neck and the other at that of his head to avoid accidentally jarring him awake when you got up. Sadly though, you were no Spider-Man, and therefore not as sneaky or agile as you had hoped. The second you shifted your weight to your feet in an effort to stand, Peter’s eyes lulled open.

Blinking sleepily at you, he spoke in a low voice, “Where are you going?”

“Sorry to wake you, Peter, but I need to go to the bathroom,” you replied as you bent down and stroked his hair briefly before turning to walk away.

Groaning, he rolled on his side and wrapped his arms around your legs.

“Don’t leave meee,” he whined.

In any other situation, you may have found his childishness hilarious or even endearing, but when you were seconds away from permanently staining your favorite pair of sweatpants, not so much.

“Peter, I really need to leave, please let me go!” you rushed, your eyes pleading with his begging stare.

Finneeeeeee,” he breathed out, releasing you from his embrace before slowly sitting up on the couch as he watched you scurry off to the bathroom.

His brows furrowed when he could feel your worry (thanks to his spider-senses). On edge, he stood from the couch and went to stand outside the bathroom.

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Sparks Chapter 3

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Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other members of the avengers team

Word Count: 1.2K

Summary: y/n visits Bucky to thank him for saving her life. She catches a glimpse of his scars and tells him that he shouldn’t be ashamed of his past. Hydra moles lurk

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 66 pages. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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Grey’s 13x21: And that’s how it’s done...

Great episode, with the perfect balance of (weird) medical stuff and personal crap. Both the episode (stories, music, etc) and Meredith herself reminded me of the old Grey’s. 

About Mer and Maggie (and Riggs): I think Maggie has every right to be upset; being an adult or not, when your heart’s broken, your heart’s broken. You are allowed to feel a little pain. But the thing is, I don’t think her heart is broken, not by Riggs at least. Yes she liked him, but she wasn’t head over heals in love with him (anymore?). If any, her heart got broken by Meredith, who hasn’t been honest about the whole thing. While there have been plenty of options to just tell her. Like all the way in the beginning. It could have been a two sentenced conversation. Maggie: I like Riggs. Mer: Funny thing, I slept with him. 
But she never said anything and they are sisters and this is what sisters do: they act childish, they play the I-am-right card for a while, they say I-am-done a couple of times - because they can. Because they are sisters so they’ll never be done, they’ll always be sisters. Safe ground for a fight. Fine. Fight. Cry about it. I give you one episode. This one was it. So we’re done now. Right?

Absolutely loved the worm case! Classic Grey’s! I believe having one of those little fuckers in your stomach isn’t even that rare, but boy, this was like a bowl of spaghetti! (What’s for dinner tonight, April?) Didn’t care for the story around the couple - the guy leaving? harder to believe than the worms! - but really enjoyed the doctors perspective.

The other story, with the pregnant woman, was really touching and very, very well done. Especially how Amelia and Arizona handled the DNR part, both that moment when the patient asked for it and those last couple of scenes in the OR.
Somehow I thought they’d pick up on the Arizona & Eliza storyline again, so it was somewhat disappointing that Eliza wasn’t even in the episode, but with this story the Arizona-parts were still great. (Still, it’s been like 7 episodes since that parking lot, a little progress wouldn’t hurt! Same with April and Jackson - it’s been weeks… what happened after their little trip together?)

Only three more episodes. Not enough. Never enough…

This is me on my wedding day, with the woman who has stood by my side through every single bit of medical crap, through every setback, through every failed diagnosis, through my transition from abled to using a cane to using a chair part time, and still looks at me like I put the sun in the sky.

I wouldn’t be here without my amazing wife. I know I wouldn’t. And I can’t imagine doing any of this going forward without her by my side.

(Wife is on the left, I am on the right)



Matchmaking hype?

Matchmaking hype.

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So you have teeth problems and insurance doesn't cover it at all? Damn, no wonder people say that American medical insurance is crap.

there are people who died just this year from jaw infections that were wholly fixable but they simply could not afford a dentist.

the irony being that there are literally hundreds of dental clinics in my state but because of their rates they often run empty and many people never get the treatment they need.

fractured teeth don’t get touched until people just can’t stand it anymore. it’s cheaper to buy pain pills and numbing sprays or fillers to try and patch them up yourself. just keep soothing symptoms but never causes.

so, like, while i’m mostly joking as i say “guess i’ll die”, that’s really what ends up happening with many people.

The vet just called a short while ago. Beep is out of surgery and they are waking her up now- she’s to the “breathing on her own and heartbeat is stable” stage, which, considering how incredibly risky surgery on birds is, is very good news. If ever there was an instance of everyone pulling for something with their luck and well wishes, and having it work, this is surely it.

For anyone interested in the findings/what happened, there’s more below the cut. Warning for animal medical crap.

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Often told medical students don't nap there isn't time....... please tell me this is a myth..... I like to nap for an hour in the evenings when I get home before I start going over the days classes and making notes. Am I gonna make a crap medical student?!

Yes there’s definitely time to nap! I personally don’t nap (I have insomnia lol) but I almost always just chill for a bit when I get home, so I could be napping in that time. And I know loads of med students who nap! Seriously, don’t believe the whole ‘med students have no time’ because it’s bullshit. x


A while back, I remember watching Imagine Dragon’s “Warriors” promotional MV for the 2014 LoL World Championship. I thought it was neat in terms of how their videos like Road to the Cup and Warriors were produced and weaved together for that hype factor. I wanted to do a video like that for TF2: ridiculous as all hell, but awesome enough to get people excited. Eventually, Season 18 of ESEA rolled around with LAN right around the corner, and after picking a song and a theme - as well as a week of hard work and sleep deprivation - me, Dashner and Airon managed to put together our secret Season 18 LAN intro video. 

Complete with mildly self-aware lampshading, the video revolves around the theme of how TF2 is struggling - but not dying. Even though there’s a lot of familiar faces disappearing or choosing to hang up their hats and put away their guns, that doesn’t mean the game is gone. People come and go and it’s disheartening - if you choose to fight, then fight as hard as you can. Back your team up, support them through times when it seems tough, learn as much as you can, and aim for better. 

Thanks to everybody who liked the intro when it debuted at LAN, I felt like I was at a rock concert! Best of luck to all the Invite teams to fight for the top.