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Menstrual Mission: Peter Parker One Shot

Warnings: kissing mention, period, blood mention, and cuddle fluff

A/N: HI! I’M BACK! I will try to write whenever I can but my schedule has been crazyyyy because of school, scholarships, college crap, studying, medical issues, blah blah blah. We just started fiction again in my creative writing class so I will hopefully be able to get out a lot of content before we switch back to nonfiction writing and poetry. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this little drabble thing that I wrote because mother nature visited me yesterday (yay -_-). It’s not my best work, but it’ll do for now. Thanks if you read this author’s note btw, you’re the real mvp.

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Young Leonardo DiCaprio was currently trying to convince Juliet to marry him on the screen of your TV, his old-timey lines juxtaposed to the modern costumes and sets made the whole situation hilarious. You giggled at his antics, but ensured you were quiet as not to wake your sleeping boyfriend whose head rested on your lap. 

Somewhere between the start of the film and Romeo creeping up on Juliet by the pool, he had laid down on you, his feet up on the couch and head on your legs, eventually causing a little discomfort for you. You didn’t mind though because you knew how tired he could get, being Spider-Man most of the night and all.

Now, however, discomfort had been replaced with pain and the urge to get Peter off of you. You were confused with this as it’s not like his head weighed enough to cause this much pain. Just as Romeo kissed Juliet victoriously, you realized what this pain was: you had just gotten your period.

Frantically, your mind began trying to figure out how to get Peter off of you so you could go to the bathroom and not bleed all over his couch. After an eternity of mental torment, you closed your eyes and took a long breath before attempting your escape.

You placed your hand on the base of his neck and the other at that of his head to avoid accidentally jarring him awake when you got up. Sadly though, you were no Spider-Man, and therefore not as sneaky or agile as you had hoped. The second you shifted your weight to your feet in an effort to stand, Peter’s eyes lulled open.

Blinking sleepily at you, he spoke in a low voice, “Where are you going?”

“Sorry to wake you, Peter, but I need to go to the bathroom,” you replied as you bent down and stroked his hair briefly before turning to walk away.

Groaning, he rolled on his side and wrapped his arms around your legs.

“Don’t leave meee,” he whined.

In any other situation, you may have found his childishness hilarious or even endearing, but when you were seconds away from permanently staining your favorite pair of sweatpants, not so much.

“Peter, I really need to leave, please let me go!” you rushed, your eyes pleading with his begging stare.

Finneeeeeee,” he breathed out, releasing you from his embrace before slowly sitting up on the couch as he watched you scurry off to the bathroom.

His brows furrowed when he could feel your worry (thanks to his spider-senses). On edge, he stood from the couch and went to stand outside the bathroom.

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The second chapter of my fic Heart Issues of the Non-Medical Sort is up on my AO3 for all of those who’ve been patiently waiting for a continuation.

About the fic: short, light-hearted, angst-free, hopefully funny, warm and full of pining.


Malfoy put the cup to his mouth and inhaled deeply before taking a sip. When the mug tipped and the taste of coffee finally filled his mouth he moaned. Loudly. Unashamedly. Completely scandalously if Harry had any say in it.

Abruptly, it felt as if all his senses centred only in the parts of his body that were pressing against the warmth beside him. There was nothing else about his environment he could feel except the gentle press of thighs, the soft jab of an elbow against his upper arm, the uncomfortable tingling under his skin.

Malfoy stopped sipping his coffee and froze as if he too had just realised how intimately close they were. Harry was sure he was staring directly at Malfoy’s wet lips and this was about to become really, really weird real quick if he didn’t do something right away.

So, he fake sneezed.

Sparks Chapter 3

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Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other members of the avengers team

Word Count: 1.2K

Summary: y/n visits Bucky to thank him for saving her life. She catches a glimpse of his scars and tells him that he shouldn’t be ashamed of his past. Hydra moles lurk

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 66 pages. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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I love you too (Dean x Reader)

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Summary: Y/n spends the day taking care of a sick Dean

Warning: vomiting and some swearing.

I yawned shuffling into the kitchen rubbing the sleep from my eyes. “Morning.” Sam said not bothering to look up from his computer as he greeted me. “Morning.” I mumbled out as I walked over to the small table that held the coffee machine. “Dean still in bed?” Sam asked tapping away at the keys still entranced in whatever he was working on. “Yeah, you know him he loves to sleep in when he can.” I said pouring some coffee into the cup I had picked from from the drying rack.

Sam chuckled shaking his head sparing me a small glance when I sat down in the chair across from him. “So what has you so awake and distracted over there?” I asked after taking a sip of my hot beverage. He sighed turning the laptop to face me so I could see what was on the screen. “Two women found in a abandoned warehouse totally drained of blood.” Sam explained as my eyes scanned the article.

I sighed leaning back in my chair running a hair through my slightly messy hair. “Starting early today.” I breathed out before taking another sip standing up from my seat. “I guess I’ll go wake up Dean and we can get a move on to Oregon.” I said as I left the room heading in the direction of Dean’s room that we had been sharing for more than two months now.

I slowly pushed open the door seeing Dean covered in the blankets his back facing me his arms stretched out and hanging off the edge of the bed. I smiled to myself a sadness filling me. ‘He looks so peaceful.’ I thought to myself as I made my way quietly into the room setting my cup down on the dresser. “Dean.” I called softly as I made my way around the bed to his side. I received no response from the sleeping man which seemed odd considering that he was the lightest sleeper I had ever known.

“Dean.” I called again a bit louder than before reaching my hand forward gently shaking his exposed shoulder. He grumbled rolling away from my hands. “Dean come on Sam found a case.” I tried again running my hand through his hair. He sighed and reaching a hand up to grab mine turning over to look at me. “Do we have to, can’t we just stay in and sleep.” I laughed softly shaking my head.

“I’m afraid Sam is in the hunting mood and there is no way around it this time sweetheart.” I said sitting down on the edge of the bed my hand still being held hostage. He growled reaching up with his free hand to pat down his messy hair. “When did Sam start turning into me?” Dean asked the joking tone seeping into his voice tainted slightly by something that was hiding in his voice.  

I shrugged reaching forward running my fingers through his hair earning a groan in response as he closed his eyes leaning into it. I frowned however when I noticed that his skin felt slightly warm against the palm of my hand. “Are you feeling okay?” I asked not wasting a moment as my eyes scanned his face carefully taking in his slightly flushed cheeks. He nodded forcing his eyes open to look at me. “Feeling just fine.” He answered shortly with a smile.

“Let me take a shower and then I’ll get to packing my bag.” I frowned at him shaking my head a little. “Go take you’re shower I’ll get the bags.” I said waving my hand in the air as a sign of dismissal. “Okay.” He muttered kissing the top of my head as he slipped out of bed. I watched him move to the bathroom my eyes narrowing as he slightly stumbled. I sighed standing up from the bed bending to grab the duffel bags from under the bed. “He better be okay.” I muttered as I pulled a couple of the drawers of the dresser opened grabbing some clothes for the both of us.

“Need some help?” Dean asked as he opened the bathroom door his hair messy and spiked up from him towel drying it his voice raspy. I smiled at him to hide the fact I was worried by the slight sway he had as he stood in the doorway. “No baby I’ve got it you go grab something to eat.” I said as I continued to pack our bags. “Alright.” He said shrugging as he walked past me.

I zipped the bags up before tossing them onto the bed. “I’ll change after breakfast I muttered to myself toying with the hem of the long flannel that I had on. I shrugged and began to walk toward the open door when Dean burst through brushing past me into the bathroom. My eye widened as I rushed into the bathroom after him frowning at the sight before me. 

“Oh sweetheart.” I breathed moving over to sit beside him as he gagged into the toilet. I rubbed his back gently wincing at the sounds that emitted from his mouth. “Oh fuck me.” Dean groaned out after a few moments. “Well I would but..” I trailed off in a joking tone trying to make him smile. He chuckled a little before flushing planting himself fully onto the floor looking at me. “I’ll go grab you some medicine from the kitchen and tell Sam the hunt is off.” Dean shook his head grabbing my hand as I stood up from the bathroom floor.

“Someone has to take this case, you and Sam go on without me I’ll be fine.” Dean rasped out before he covered his mouth and leaned over the toilet once more. “I’m not leaving you here alone.” I said firmly as I grabbed a wash cloth running it under cold water placing it onto the back of his neck. “I’ll be right back.” I whispered kissing the top of his head the only response I received being a groan.

I hurried out of the room on a mission to fetch medicine and contact someone to take the case off our hands. “What’s the rush?” Sam asked looking up to look at me when I entered the kitchen. “Dean’s sick.” I asked shorty making a beeline to the cabinet where we kept the medication. “Oh crap.” Sam muttered under his breath. “I’ll call Marcus and get him on the case.” He said standing up from the table no doubt heading to the war room. I sighed in relief when I finally found what I was looking for.

I rushed back to our room finding Dean laying on the bed the washcloth laying against his forehead his eyes closed tightly as he shivered. “Can you sit up for me Dean?” I asked as I sat beside him on the bed. He took a moment but nodded struggling to sit up. I gave him a sad smile handing him a couple pills. “Thanks.” He whispered popping them into his mouth swallowing them quickly laying back down closing his eyes again.

“Do you need anything else?” I asked gently running my hands through his hair. “No I think I’m okay I don’t want you getting sick too.” He rasped opening his eyes to look at me. I shrugged and stood off moving to the other side of the bed gently climbing in careful not to jar the bed in fear of making Dean sick. “Y/n.” Dean grumbled shaking his head minutely disapproving of my actions.

“Don’t start with me Dean Winchester.” I grumbled giving him a stern look. “I’m going to lay in bed with my sick boyfriend.” Fine but if you get sick I’m not going to feel sorry for you.” He joked lightly as he rolled over placing his head on my chest with a sigh getting comfortable. “You would go nuts with worry.” I teased quietly rubbing his back. “Yeah I would, I love you Y/n” I smiled closing my eyes. “I love you too Dean.” I whispered back toying with his shirt.

hey dear anons who told me (back in like… july oops) to book a new appointment to get the adhd diagnosis thing going again! well, i’m happy to tell you that i finally did that a few weeks ago and stuff is happening again ♥