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Medication is often stigmatized and that really bothers me. I’ve taken meds on and off for years to supplement my focus and combat my anxiety. I’ve adapted because of prescriptions. None of us are weak for this, we’re simply helping our brains get the chemicals they need to function better.

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Black cats are very often overlooked at shelters because they’re deemed as boring or bad luck. Nevertheless, this didn’t bother David when he went to adopt Scrappy - a black cat. After a few years, David noticed that Scrappy was slowly changing colour and developing patches of white throughout his fur. As it so turned out, Scrappy had a skin condition called vitiligo in which white patches appear on the skin of humans or on the fur of animals.

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Is Pangur blind or are her eyes just neat?

she’s albino! so, no pigment in her eyes.

the colours you see are structural reflection (blue) overlaying blood vessels (red). b/c her pupils are also red, this give them an unfocused/hazy look.

she’s VERY photophobic (unable to open her eyes in direct sunlight) and I suspect her vision isn’t great, but Pangur can still see.

Sometimes Being a Crazy Cat Lady is a Good Thing.

Last week my clinic got a call from one of our clients who wanted to bring her cat in to see the vet because he had stopped taking his thyroid medication. He would bite and scratch the owner when she tried to pill him, so she tried giving it to him in treats. Eventually he figured out the pill was there and would spit it out. Next she had tried hiding it in his food, and once he realized it was there as well he stopped eating all together. So of course the client is worried, frustrated, and doesn’t know what else to do…Kitty is losing weight because he isn’t eating and he’s not getting his medication so his thyroid levels aren’t being kept in check. So we booked her in for a consult with the vet so we could take some blood from him and discuss her options.

I have always been something of a cat lady, and so not surprisingly my first veterinary job was at a cat only clinic. We had always kept transdermal versions of common medications that could be applied within the ear because, of course, cats can be ridiculously hard to get pills and tablets into. These had worked wonders with all our difficult feline patients and one of these I remembered happened to be methimazole, the medication for hyperthyroidism that our stubborn kitty was not getting. I was quick to mention this to the vet as a potential option he could discuss with her, and at first he was reluctant to give it a try. He had never really used transdermal medications before, didn’t know much about them, and had never heard much in the way of results from their use. But he was willing to trust me and go on a little bit of faith and he told me he would keep it in mind when she came in for her consult.

Kitty came and went for his appointment, we took a blood sample and sure enough, his thyroid levels were off the charts. We ended up ordering in a transdermal methimazole pen for them to try and we sent them home with it hoping that it would work.

Then today the vet called me aside because he wanted to show me something. He had gotten an e-mail from the client and she was saying how much better kitty was doing, and how much easier it was now to make sure he was getting his medication. She was so, so, grateful that we had recommended this and it was making all the difference in the world. The vet smiled at me, clapped me on the back, and said “great work.”

This is why I’m becoming a vet tech…This is why we in the veterinary field do what we do. There is truly no greater feeling than being able to help both pets and their owners, and if we can make a difference in the life of even one…Then all of this is worth it.


Medic’s doves, let me tell ya. The tf2 verse has always been excessively goofy, so I always imagine that medic’s doves are more affectionate than any bird could ever be:

Rubbing against him like damn cats, ruffling his hair, messing with his glasses, exploring his pockets, soft dove kisses (rapid light pecking that feels like teeny little taps), an entire vocabulary of coos that only medic understands, a tendency to follow him everywhere, crying when they can’t find him, always preening on him and floofing their feathers everywhere, perching on the curtain rail when he takes a shower (literally the whole bar is covered in doves patiently watching their pa bath), somewhat protective behavior, cuddling, and much more lovey dovey stuff


This precious floof is Eileen, my 8 year old kitty. I adopted this sweet girl back in 2010 from a feral cat rescue shelter, where she was considered “less adoptable” because of being blind in one eye (from an ulcerated cornea).

She now has two medical issues impacting her quality of life and requiring surgery, which is scheduled for September (2017). The surgery includes:

1) Dental extractions - broken teeth stuck in her gums that cause mouth discomfort and bleeding.
2) Eye removal - her blind eye has been on an ongoing cycle of swelling, rupturing, healing, swelling… Though the eye is not actively infected right now, it needs to be removed to prevent this painful (and infection risky) cycle.

The total costs for these two procedures are $995. (See above pic. The “low estimate” in the above picture is for dental only, whereas the “high” includes enucleation or eye removal. I subtracted $77 from the final total because the “mass removal” is unnecessary, it’s just a small benign cyst.)

Between other bills and rent, $995 is a struggle for me, but I still want the surgery to happen so she can be more comfortable. Donations of ANY size would be deeply appreciated and help us out so much.


My PayPal is:

I’ll make sure to update this post if I receive any donations, to let everyone know the new balance. Please signal boost if you can, and thank you so much!

Warriors, while an interesting series with tons of original concepts available, seems to be leaning back on the same plot points time and time again. I decided to make a list in my spare time of some different types of personalities and plot points for each rank that would be cool to see in the series.
If you have ideas please add onto the list!

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