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Here lately I’ve been down on my luck when it comes to things like money, career, and being generally successful. I decided to put this spell together to help motivate myself, and draw in some good energy to help me (and my husband) prosper. I decided to share this spell in case anyone out there is looking to enhance their own prosperity. Here is a step by step guide.

What you’ll need-

  • Green Candle
  • Green Calcite Crystal
  • Small Pouch 
  • 1 Incense 

What to do-

  1. Set your green candle in the center of your alter.
  2. Set your crystal in front of your candle, then light your incense to cleanse your surroundings.
  3. Once your own energy is grounded, light your candle.
  4. Think about what prosperity means to you. In what ways can you achieve it? Picture it, and meditate on this for a bit.
  5. Once you’ve finished meditating, place your crystal inside it’s pouch, setting it on your alter with the candle still burning. Let your crystal charge there with your candle as long as you like.
  6. Carry your crystal with you to work, school, etc…and prosper!

Note: Green Calcite helps to achieve a sound mind. It increases problem solving abilities, and allows you to focus more easily. It’s great to use during times of change, or when change is needed in order to progress. It cleanses energy associated with bad habits and poisonous beliefs that might be holding you back. Remember to charge your crystal as needed. 

Metta Meditation
  • Metta Meditation
  • Ajahn Brahmali

This is the guided metta meditation I attempted to do this morning. It was about 30 mins. Around min 15 I had this excruciating biting pain on my eyelid and I just had to stop. :( 

It didn’t go as well as I had hoped. My mind was all over the place. Thinking about him, medical school interviews, getting a job at LA Fitness etc. Basically all the things the meditation is suppose to help eliminate.

The good thing is I didn’t get angry at myself when this happened I just let my mind wander and gently brought myself back to the present moment when I could.

I felt that this meditation didn’t have as much guidance as I would like being a beginner as all. I’m going to try to find one that does to at least help me stay focus on monks words.

Anyways I still do feel better overall even with that little bit of meditation that I did manage to do. :) Give it a try! Let me know how it goes. :)) 

In my work as a handwriting analyst, I’ve found that people in stressful situations such as divorce have been helped by doing a few simple exercises called Graphotherapy. Some exercises help difficult emotions come to the surface for release.

Crystals can be worn or close to the Body, kept under a Pillow, Used in the Bath, In Meditation, for Space Clearing, to Counteract Environmental Pollution and for Making Gem Essences

Today has been a energy clearing day! I have been using my crystals to help clear energy in my home :) <3 have a read of this article if you are unsure how to use crystals for healing and energy clearing xx