Cours de musique: les paroles des Corridos

Cours de musique: les paroles des Corridos

Voici les paroles des chansons que nous avons travaillé vendredi 26 Juin : Ce sont toutes des ” Corridos” Les musique se trouve



 Oi nega que vende aì

Oi nega que vende aí
Que vende aí, que vende aí
Oi nega que vende aí
Vende arroz e camarão
Oi nega que vende aí
Vende arroz do maranhão
Oi nega que vende aí
Vende aí,…

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To offer you a pleasant moment to read

At the request of the Departemental Mediatheque of Evreux, this selection of books has been lent to the Lery-Poses Library by the Anglo-French Mediatheque of Bois-Normand Pres Lyre, which has, among others, several thousand English books.


Happy Reading !

MCBN  / Médiathèque Communale de Bois-Normand
Un lien pour tous / A cultural link for all

MDE Departemental Mediatheque of Evreux


To spare myself the quandary of being overwhelmed by choice later on, I’ve gone and pre-selected what I shall watch next week.

I may see The Angelic Conversation at the BFI Mediatheque at the archives, if I feel up to it.

anonymous asked:

Do you know anywhere where anyone can get access to the late night special "Breaking Boundaries" which featured the original male rape storyline? I don't think it was ever released? Thanks.

I don’t I’m afraid - sorry!  There are a few really bad quality clips on YouTube but I don’t recall ever coming across a full copy.  Hopefully Lime will consider adding their Hollyoaks archive to Amazon Instant Video and iTunes, rather than just ~2011 plus (although King of Hearts seems to have been removed, and Chasing Rainbows was never even added!).

You can see the 5th anniversary court case double episode from 26th October 2000 though at BFI Mediatheques, where Luke finally gets justice for the attack.


『5: Designing Media Ecology』第3号、郵送販売PDF版販売の他に、現在、NADiff(東京・恵比寿)、B&B(東京・下北沢)、せんだいメディアテーク・カネイリ・ミュージアムショップ6(仙台)でも販売しています。ぜひ、お手にとってご覧ください。


The paper magazine is on sale at NADiff in Ebisu of Tokyo, B&B in Shimokitazawa of Tokyo, and Sendai Mediatheque Kaneiri Museum Shop 6 in Sendai city. Online Order is also available.

5 editorial office