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If you ever had the opportunity to meet Toyo Ito in person, what would you ask him? Greetings.

Not sure, I would probably ask him about my favorite project that he designed, the Sendai Mediatheque (below). Maybe I can get an insight on the scheme’s inception.


April 21st Today was my first real day in Sendai. This city is amazing! It has many tourist spots and a Loop Bus that travels to all of them. Tomorrow, I will buy a one day ticket and then use this bus to go to all the Tourist spots I haven’t seen yet. I started my day with having a look at what to visit here and organizing a little. Then I had to check out and move all my clothes. In this hotel, I will have to do so every day. Not that great but at least I can leave my luggage here. Then I walked to my first spot: Sendai Mediatheque. There was a souvenir shop and somehow a mini tourist information at the first floor. At 3rd and 4th floor was a library. It was huge! And all books were of course in Japanese. I just walked through and then wanted to get to 5th and 6th floor with a gallery. Sadly, this wasn’t possible, so I moved on to 7th floor. Here they had an exhibition in remembrance of the heavy earthquake from 2011, May 11th. They showed many before and after pictures to show how great the city recovered and how amazing everything looks again. From here I moved on to Nishi Park. There were some people sitting underneath of blooming sakura trees for Hanami and some food stores around. I enjoyed looking at the trees a lot – at least I waited for so long now to finally see them in full bloom! Way too soon I moved on to the Site of Sendai Castle. On this way, I stopped at Sendai City Museum and got a ticket there. Two very nice English speaking guides showed and explained everything to me. Even though their English wasn’t that good, I got so many information about this area and it’s history, especially the DATE-family. I spend around two hours inside the museum and watched a film about a journey to Spain and Mexico in the 17th century that was made from Japan. Everything was really interesting! Then I continued my way to the former Castle. Sadly, there was no actual castle there. Only some statues and a Temple as well as another Museum and a souvenir Shop. Nevertheless, the view I had was stunning and everything else I could see there was amazing as well. After I took my time to enjoy and capture everything here, I continued my route and walked back to Nishi Park. Here I bought some food and had my own short Hanami before walking on to Zuihoden Mausoleum. Here was a whole route leading to the Mausoleum and several other amazingly beautiful buildings and graveyards. I took my time here and read all the information sheets and just stood there having a long close look at everything. On my way back to my hotel I stopped at a shop I had discovered earlier. They sold sweet potatoes with different stuffing. I bought one with chocolate and the nice lady in the store gave me a cookie as present on top. I returned to my hotel and checked in again, moved everything and then started organizing a little. The whole day I really missed my family, the host family and my time in Nasushiobara. I don’t know why it is so hard for me but I keep thinking about them all the time. In Tokyo I was happy 24/7 as well as in Nasushiobara (okay almost since I missed my family and friends really much on my birthday) but now I am just… Semi happy and I can’t fully enjoy everything…

March 9: A panel of curators, architects, and scholars discusses the themes and work featured in the upcoming exhibition A Japanese Constellation: Toyo Ito, SANAA, & Beyond. The exhibition explores the network of architects and designers that has developed around Pritzker Prize winners Toyo Ito and SANAA, and the structural invention, non-hierarchical thinking, and novel uses of transparency and lightness that link their practices. Get tickets on our website.

[Toyo Ito. Sendai Mediatheque, Miyagi, Japan. 1995–2001. © Naoya Hatakeyama]

Read architect Toyo Ito on his tsunami relief efforts, aiming for the sublime in design, and more. Ito and his network of colleagues is the focus of the current exhibition A Japanese Constellation: Toyo Ito, SANAA, and Beyond, on view through July 4.

[Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects. Sendai Mediatheque, Miyagi, Japan. 1995–2001. Model: acrylic, 10 5/8 x 31 ½ x 29 1/8″ (27 x 80 x 74 cm). The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Gift of the architect in honor of Philip Johnson. © 2015 Toyo Ito]

This week: a new exhibition celebrating Japanese architects opens, a drawing session of the Maria Hassabi performance PLASTIC, a conversation on cultural equity, and more. 

[Toyo Ito. Sendai Mediatheque, Miyagi, Japan. 1995–2001. © Naoya Hatakeyama]

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What *is* a mediatheque?

You proofread my article! Were you not paying attention? :)

At the risk of repeating myself…

Mediatheques, or Media Centres were popularised in the UK in the 1980s at a time when broadcast material was starting to receive recognition of its cultural significance alongside traditional archival holdings. As technology as developed, so have the interactive qualities of the Mediatheques, making them an engaging way for users to interact with the collections. Institutions such as the BFI and London Metropolitan Archives have notably installed mediatheques.

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I wish you would write a fic where hanamatsu go to a different bakery every weekend in search of the perfect cream puff but matsukawa never finishes his because he can't stop looking at hanamaki

AAGGHHH THIS IS A CUTE PROMPT and sorry for the wait, Anon!! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

“Okay, according to my criteria, that bakery was a seven out of ten,” said Hanamaki, tapping notes down onto his phone. “The texture of the cream wasn’t as smooth as the others, but the over-all sweetness was pretty good. It’s placing about… third place on my list so far.”


“Next weekend, let’s go try that new bakery near the Mediatheque.”


“Are you listening to me?”

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY fantasyflann !!!!! I’m so sorry this is late ;v; Hope you had a lovely birthday!!! <33333


“This is a terrible list,” said Matsukawa, frowning as he scrolled through Hanamaki’s phone on the bus headed into Sendai city central.

Hanamaki plucked it from his hands impatiently. “Oikawa gave me that.”

“I rest my case.”

“Hey, he’s been on more dates than the two of us put together, so as much as I give him crap on a daily basis, I’m taking his advice for this one.”

Matsukawa winced at him. “Okay, but… Sendai’s Top 25 Romantic Date Ideas?

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