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RFA as Classical Gods (not actually an anon ask)

Mod Vem had this idea, and since I’m (Mod Saemoni) a huge nerd for mythology too, I decided to help her. It was real fun to write this HC!

We had so much fun talking about this and trying to come up with the perfect match. Some were much easier than others (tbh we started out with Rika=Hera, no Rika=Snake, hey look at this here…) but I’ll put some honorable mentions down at the bottom. Let us know if you agree, disagree, or just think this is really cool/interesting and want to yell your thoughts at us. Have a nice day,
<3 Mod Vem

Rika: Apophis. Apophis is the Egyptian Snake god/demon of evil, darkness, and destruction. He plans to kill/destroy Ra (The Sun God) and swallow Ra to become a powerful force that could not be reasoned with or controlled

V: Ra, Sun God, a Creator, and Father of the Gods, he is the nemesis of Apophis, said to have hair of lapis lazuli. Every night Ra travels through the underworld to do battle with Apophis to prevent the destruction of Order. Eventually Ra is seen as not powerful enough, unfit to lead, and abdicates as ruler. 

Saeran: Dionysus, god of Wine/drugs, Ritual Madness, and Religious Ecstasy. He symbolizes the chaotic, dangerous, and unexpected who destroys those who oppose his cult. He is the son of Zeus, king of the gods, and Selene, a mortal woman who could not stand the power of Zeus’s true figure.

Saeyoung: Hermes, Messenger of the gods, God of boundaries, travel, commerce, a trickster god, a god of searches and those who seek things lost or stolen. He is a shapeshifter, blandly cunning, a watcher by night, a thief at the gates who invented many sports of racing. A mediator between the worlds visible and invisible.

Jumin: Hades, God of Wealth and the Underworld. He’s a stern ruler of his domain and faithful husband to Persephone (opposed to Zeus’s infidelities). He is a god of the land and the bountiful mines beneath. He is a lawmaker, and fair to those who do not anger him. Said to be dark hair and pale-skinned, and ‘weeps tears of iron’.

Elizabeth the 3rd: Bastet, goddess of cats, protection, joy, dance, music, and family. Has been depicted atop perfume jars, and is associated with perfumes and elegance. Closely tied to Egyptian Royalty.

Zen: Apollo, god of Music/Poetry/Art, Healing/Medicine, Oracle/Knowledge, and many others. Not only is Zen passionate about his acting, he’s an almost supernaturally quick healer and has equally supernatural prophetic dreams. The Celts associated Apollo with Apollo Cunomaglus, ‘Lord of Hounds’

Jaehee: Hestia, is the Greek Goddess of the home, the family, and the state. She is the Goddess of Order and the processes that keep the world running. Hestia is a virgin goddess, not inclined towards romance. Hestia held the responsibility of preparing and maintaining the home of the Olympians, and whenever an offering was made she would rightfully claim her due honor as her role supporting the others. Hestia’s status as an Olympian is not universal; in some depictions she is relegated to the central hearth (or removed entirely) and Dionysus claims the final throne.

Yoosung: Persephone, is the Goddess of Springtime, Growth, and the Underworld. She is described as being a passive goddess in nature before she goes/is brought to the Underworld. After she becomes Queen of the Realm of the Dead, taking power after her journey into hell, the Earth is chilled and frozen due to the loss of her family. When she returns to the light, warmth is restored. Hence she represents growth and the cycle of rest/retreat necessary for life to carry on. Persephone has a soft spot for true love, when she allows Orpheus to attempt to reunite with his wife. She is in charge of carrying out curses upon her subjects, and shows a strong sense of what is just and right.

- Mods Vem and Saemoni

Honorable Mentions for
Rika: Hera, Aphrodite. Mainly the possessiveness these ladies have for what belongs to them. They were definitely considered more positive forces by their followers (and they didn’t have the same kind of extremes either). Then we figured out the symmetry with the Sun and Ra, and the deal was sealed.
V: Odin, mostly because of the half-blind leader who knows more than he tells. But literary symmetry is my lifeblood.
Saeran: Nemesis, but I thought it wasn’t fair to define Saeran solely by his rivalry with Saeyoung. He’d be pissed if he found out.
Jaehee: Demeter, being more focused on Law and Judiciary, but she was a mother, and I couldn’t resist setting her as one of the ‘virgin goddesses’ seeing as she’s totes excited to stay besties.

In paganism, on the contrary, good cannot be separated from beauty, and this is normal, because the good is form, the consummate forms of worldly things. Consequently, art cannot be separated from religion. Art is sacred. Not only can the gods be represented, but art is how they can be represented, and insofar as men perpetually assure them of representation, they have a full status of existence. All European spirituality is based on representation as mediation between the visible and the invisible, on representation by means of depicted figures and signs exchanged against a meaning intimately tied to the real, the very guarantee of this incessant and mutual conversion of the sign and meaning. Beauty is the visible sign of what is good, ugliness the visible sign of not only what is deformed or spoiled but bad.
—  Alain de Benoist - On Being a Pagan