man. you know what I really wanna do? make a comedy play/tv show script about being in a system.
because let’s be honest, it’s not a dangerous thing, dramatic yes, confusing yes, but not dangerous to people outside of your system.

  • “Wait, WHAT DO YOU MEAN (bilingual alter) WON’T WAKE UP WE HAVE A TEST TODAY!!!!!”
  • “…who put the body on a roof again?”
  • “uh…”
  • “GODDAMMIT (teenage alter) WHAT DID WE TELL YOU”
  • “…no, no (little), go to bed, it’s past your–No you can’t stay up the body is doing adult stuff– JUST GO TO BED!”
  • “questions we ask the host:
    what’s for dinner?
    what’s this word?
    who’s this?
    how do we talk to this person?
    what’s the equasion for this?
    things we ask (older alter):
    where’s the host?”
  • “why is everyone asleep it’s literally 7pm?”
  • “why is everyone awake it’s literally 3am?”
  • “can everybody shut up I’m trying to front”
  • arguments about what to do
  • including over what we eat
  • arguments over going to friends’ houses
feel free to add some system friends…

Being a system is not an identity. It’s a disorder, dissociative identity disorder. You can’t identify as a system, you have a dissociative disorder or you don’t. It cannot occur naturally because of the way it occurs in the first place.

There is no other possible way to develop a system because DID is literally what being a system is. Stop spreading misinformation and blatantly ignoring psychological fact.

- Celia



Yeah, you.

That otherkin/soulbond/system/fictionkin goin’ through this tag and sifting through the bullshit to find things that matter to you. Struggling hard past the trolls and antis.

You’re valid and shit.

Just a reminder that your beliefs are your own, no one can take your spirituality from you if you’re a spiritual -kin/soulbonder.

That you can’t help your mental illness if that’s what causes your -kin/system/bonds.

You don’t gotta explain yourself/ves to anyone. You don’t owe the world a damn thing.

System Ask

1. Give examples of their different writing styles/handwriting.

2. Who argues a lot?

3. Does anyone have any weird habits that they do with the body that annoy the others?

4. Who makes cofronting the worst decision ever?

5. Do you have any alters/headmates you keep away from your friends at all costs? (because they are embarrassing or weird)

6. Who will listen to you talk about something and then tell your friends your secrets as soon as they front?

7. Is anyone dating each other?

8. What does your headspace look like?

9. If they could all chose to have their own bodies, would they?

10. Do you have any non-human members?

11. Do you have any members that no one ever sees or talks to?

12. Do you have a schedule for fronting?

13. How many have blogs on here that are separate from each others?

14. Who is the dad/mom/parent of the system?

15. Who hates everyone and doesn’t want to be there?

16. Who talks all day in the headspace and then never opens their mouth while fronting?

17. Who would be most likely to blow all the money on food?

18. Who would be most likely to antagonize a fight and then leave front right when it starts?

19. Are there any familia relationships in the system? (brothers, sisters, moms, cousins, etc)

20. Do you have any fictives?

There’s lots of different ways to be median, and they’re all OK.

Some median systems have several members who all have different identities, looks, pronouns, names, etc, but still all see themselves as being the same person. And that’s OK!

Some have facets that are all the same person in different modes or ages or roles, and that’s OK too!

Some median systems are really stable, the same persons or facets day in, day out always and forever. Others are more fluid, with persons or facets shifting and blending and changing. And both ways are OK!

Some have facets that are easily discernible from each other. Some are much harder to tell one from the other.

“Median” means being somewhere between singlet and multiple. It’s a spectrum, and it’s all beautiful. So no matter how your median system is set up, it’s still valid. You are still valid. And you’re lovely.

-Mod Willow


Okay, so a note on Singlet vs. Median vs. Multiple. The simplest explanation I have is (and please note that even this is pretty generalizing and probably doesn’t apply to all):

  • singlet = 1 body, 1 mind, 1 entity
  • median = 1 body, 1 mind, 2+ enitities
  • multiple = 1 body, 2+ minds, 2+ entities

I say “entity” because some medians may not consider themselves different people. And that’s okay! “Median” just means between singlet and multiple.

Some medians consider themselves “parts” that function as a single person. They may have their own names for the sake of organization, but that doesn’t change how they think of themselves. They’re still median, but they may be closer to singlet (if they choose to descibe themselves that way).

Other medians consider themselves different people but think they are too closely linked to call themselves multiple. They can have their own names/pronouns/appearances/etc. They’re also median, but they may be closer to multiple (if they choose to descibe themselves that way).

And other medians can be any mixture of the two examples! Maybe they’re “the same person” but have their own identities, or maybe they’re different versions of “the same person” and consider themselves different people. That’s all fine!

What isn’t fine? Telling medians what they can or cannot be based solely on your own experiences.

Thank you, this has been a PSA.


**Fellow Multiple/Median Systems**

I got new shoes recently and didn’t want to let perfect storage space go to waste so I made Alter/System Member Boxes! This is probably most useful with littles but its a fun idea! Just stock pile your alter/system member’s favorite things (hobbies/activities, things special to them, toys, favorite snack/candy, etc..)

The first box is for our littles North and Pax! It’s got thier favorite headphones, stickers, tattoos, a coloring book, bendy straws, flower print, a glow and grow dinosaur, sensory toys, and candy!

The second is for Carver which has his journal, trans flag bracelet, art supplies, nook and charger, and pictures and brochures from his trip to the mountains, motivational notes, crystals, and candy!

Put it within reach, cover them in scrap books and stuffed animals and you’ve got a pleasant surprise for the next time they front!

I just thought it was a cool idea and wanted to share :o

-With love from the Mjolnir System


Unlike systems with dissociative barriers, I never had any amnesia to protect me from my trauma memories. (Not saying having those barriers is good or bad or makes you privileged or disprivileged anything. Just pointing out that me and my facets didn’t and couldn’t work that way with our memories, as part of a thing where I write out what I’ve been thinking about to figure out how we became the way we are.) I held tight to those memories too, vowing to do differently when I had kids. Even wrote a lot of that shit down in my worst, scribbliest handwriting in the middle of old school notebooks to make it less likely for my parents to find it and read it. My vented rants about their double standards, their unfairness, the way they treated me. My prayers for escape. My lists of “Things I will not do when I have a teenager.”

Scoured through my memories of getting in trouble for things that weren’t my fault, and even the rare few that were, trying to find where I’d gone wrong, what I should have done so I wouldn’t get hurt again.

Not that it would matter much. I’d get in trouble for stuff that wasn’t my fault, that I didn’t do, things that didn’t even make sense, which would infuriate Librarian and she’d try to argue for us… And get us in trouble.

I tried to just zone out and be thoughtful, quiet and peaceful and peaceable, Monk’s preferred strategy. And get in trouble for not paying attention.

I tried to protect my younger siblings and friends from harm, Mama Bear’s focus and strategy… And get in trouble for “mothering” them.

Baby Bear would go the opposite route, and get in trouble for not being “responsible” or a “good role model”.

We tried to figure out who would be best when, learned to (at least try) to moderate who came out when. Spent a lot of time apparently alone in thought, all four of us facets trying hard to get along, to figure out which of us was right, which was most helpful etc.

There was never a real pattern we could depend on. So we had to all be active as much as possible, constantly in flux, constantly shifting, constantly in discussion. And we’d still get in trouble for being too much ourselves. But we were too different, too outspoken, too obstinately attached to our own individual values to blend together into a nice even balance. Always had been. Probably always will be.

We all remember the crap we went through. And hopefully with all of us working together, we can one day foster or adopt kids of our own and be better, make things better, at least for someone.