What Are Facets?

Hi! I realized today that I’ve never seen a post concisely explaining just what a facet is/how they’re different from alters. 

I don’t have DID/am not a multiple system, so I’m not suuuper qualified to talk about alters, but essentially they’re what many people consider “multiple personalities” although this term is offensive to many and should not be used. I have friends who have them, and it basically just means you have two or more people living in the same body (often called the vessel). The main/core person is often called the host. Sometimes alters come out when the host is stressed or anxious. Alters can form either naturally or as a result of trauma (or other reasons too, I’m sure). 

Facets are sometimes considered a more minor variety of alters. While alters are entirely separate people with their own thoughts and memories, facets are more like distinct personalities within the same person. For some people they can be created on purpose and can be switched between voluntarily. The way I tend to explain my experience with facets is that it’s like my personality is fragmented, and different aspects of it come out at different times, but they’re still connected, I’m still aware that I’m the same person when different facets are active, and I don’t experience memory loss like some (but not all) people with alters do. People with alters often call themselves multiple systems, while people with facets often call themselves median systems. Facets can exist for a lot of reasons— like alters, they are often a result of trauma, but not always— and seem to be pretty common in people with BPD. 

Some people don’t bother differing between their facets, even if they’re aware of them switching, and some consider their facets completely separate people. Many peoples’ facets have their own names and pronoun sets. Any way your facets manifest and any way you choose to handle them is completely valid and okay! 

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Okay, so a note on Singlet vs. Median vs. Multiple. The simplest explanation I have is (and please note that even this is pretty generalizing and probably doesn’t apply to all):

  • singlet = 1 body, 1 mind, 1 entity
  • median = 1 body, 1 mind, 2+ enitities
  • multiple = 1 body, 2+ minds, 2+ entities

I say “entity” because some medians may not consider themselves different people. And that’s okay! “Median” just means between singlet and multiple.

Some medians consider themselves “parts” that function as a single person. They may have their own names for the sake of organization, but that doesn’t change how they think of themselves. They’re still median, but they may be closer to singlet (if they choose to descibe themselves that way).

Other medians consider themselves different people but think they are too closely linked to call themselves multiple. They can have their own names/pronouns/appearances/etc. They’re also median, but they may be closer to multiple (if they choose to descibe themselves that way).

And other medians can be any mixture of the two examples! Maybe they’re “the same person” but have their own identities, or maybe they’re different versions of “the same person” and consider themselves different people. That’s all fine!

What isn’t fine? Telling medians what they can or cannot be based solely on your own experiences.

Thank you, this has been a PSA.

Listen up.

If you don’t have a dissociative disorder, you are not allowed to call yourself or identify with any of these terms:

  • “multiple” or “multiple system”
  • “plural” or “plural system”
  • “median” or “median system”
  • “headmates”
  • “alters”

These terms were created by and for people with dissociative disorders as a way to cope with our disorders and create a community for ourselves. These terms help us separate ourselves from the stigma surrounding dissociative disorders, and by identifying with them we’re able to connect with others who understand our experiences. 

These are not terms to describe your spirituality. These are not terms to describe being otherkin. These are terms to describe a unique perspective and sense of self that comes only with dissociation and having a dissociative disorder. 

Get your ableist ass out of our space.

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Semiplural personal pronouns for median and multiple systems

re: this post

wit thought of a personal pronoun set for people who aren’t quite singular and aren’t quite multiple! (this is mostly for median systems but if a multiple system felt it applied to them too that would be okay. no singlets allowed tho)

Wit propose it be called semiplural

Additional info:

  • because it would be too much work to come up with semiplural forms of all verbs, semiplural personal pronouns go along with plural verbs, e.g. “Wit love ireseld.” 
  • the “-seld” ending of the reflexives is because self is singular, and selves is plural, so it seemed like having a semiplural form would be a good idea.
  • “wit” and “hio” are both contracted like “we” and “they”, e.g. wit will is wit’ll, pronounced like wittle; wit are is wit’re, pronounced like witter
  • here is an audio clip of iss pronouncing them all
  • if you have any other questions message iss!

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carryonmywaywardpug replied to your post:“fictives are bad because they claim to have DID…

would u mind explaining median a little more? if you’re comfortable with it and want to that is

its sort of a middle ground between singlet and multiple- singlet is one entity in one body, multiple is several distinct entities in one body (im not multiple but friends of mine who are strongly consider themselves as full-fledged beings independent of each other, not "personalities” or “alters”) and median is like. one entity split into different parts? its sort of weird and nebulous but its like. you know how sometimes you think of yourself as being different people, not in terms of totally different people acting separately but theres “childish you” and maybe “boy you” and “girl you” (which is how i id’d back when i thought i was bigender) and that kind of thing. its like that.

and it sounds like a totally normal thing, which imo it is! and i think a lot of people feel this way without actively identifying as median, which is fine and cool.

so like, in my case, theres a version of me who identifies as one character, and a part of me who identifies as another, etc. and sometimes i do get the feeling that one part is more in control (i use the term fronting which i dont think is appropriative? i first heard it used wrt multiples and not specifically people with did) but i dont dissociate and theres less of a sense of different people piloting as there is me becoming a different person at different times.

its… kind of weird and confusing and for me it feels a lot like gender stuff? like sometimes i id as more femme and sometimes as more masc and sometimes as super agender. like that but with fictional characters and monsters and junk. 

i hope that wasnt too confusing!! if other median people wanna add stuff they can? ill put this in the tag i guess

Please reply if you can!

Is it possible for a multiple system to… become a median system? Like, before we were all very separate and distinct, but lately we’ve been communicating better and we don’t have memory blocks anymore like, at all (unless someone is dissociated) and we’re co-front so often that we sorta feel like we’re all in here cooperating to tag-team the operation of the body, and we just…. don’t feel so separate anymore. Is that normal? Anyone have any idea?

okay, figuring this out will be easier if we have people to talk to and have around, so…

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anonymous asked:

What is a system? I hear people talking about characters being part of their system and someone on one of the trans support blogs I follow submitted about their two parts of their system. What's is all about? Just confused.

A system is when multiple personalities reside in one body. A multiple system is when there are two or more distinct personalities inhabiting one body. These personalities are individuals in their own right. These personalities are called alters or headmates. The original personality is the core. Some systems no longer have a core or the core can rarely front (be the personality that is currently in control of the body, so to speak.) Sometimes, multiple alters can co-front. Since headmates are individuals in their own rights, the ages of the headmates, their sexualities, their genders, everything can be completely different from the core. So if I were part of a system, I could have a headmate named Gareth who is male, in his mid-teens, and is gay. As far as otherkin and nonhuman identities go in systems, the core can be otherkin but the alters non-therkin. The core could be non-otherkin but an alter or two or all could be otherkin. Multiple systems have no limit on members and can grow over time or lose members over time.

Median systems are between a singlet and a multiple. Rather than having individual personalities, the alters are more like facets of a single being. They can still front but they are a lot closer in identity than the members of a multiple system.

Multiplicity can develop from mental illness, trauma, or for no real reason at all, aka naturally. If you want to learn more about it, I recommend the blog livingplural as a resource to look at. Most of what I know is from reading through there.

-Mod Badger