Donate to MediaGoblin!
If you’re the sort that cares about federation, the MediaGoblin project is for you!

MediaGoblin is a media hosting platform, where you can post all sorts of things, like video, images or even 3d models. It’s a nice replacement for things like Flickr, and YouTube, and super easy to set up.

If I wasn’t such a lazy person, I’d have uploaded it to Debian, but alas. Soon. Soon!

It’s an official GNU project, and it’s maintainer, Chris is a totally awesome guy, and MediaGoblin is really important work.

If you feel the urge to support federation on the web, Support MediaGoblin! Help us take back the net!

The GNU MediaGoblin is quite enticing. I’m signed up at one of the only public all-access live sites simply known as Gobblin. I have to say, it’s boring as all fuck. I really hope they add lots more features (which they’re planning on doing, so really I’m more or less hoping they add them soon.) and I hope to see it gain some popularity. Hopefully that little GNU in the name draws people in, because that’s the reason I even bothered looking in it’s general direction.