We live in a kind of digital feudal economy these days. We live on land we don’t own, and we provide the masters of the realm (Facebook, Google, etc.) with unlimited free access to our data and behavior, which they monetize for billions of dollars. We get to keep our little plots of digital land for free and are otherwise pretty much at the whim of the feudal masters.

The future of media: Engage or become irrelevant

Excerpts: How Google is becoming an extension of your mind (CNet) | MediaFuturist
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Great feature on Google and technology on CNet, here.  I have summarized some of the key findings for you - I shall leave it to you to be scared out of your wits or ultra-excited.

“What  Google is now becoming is an extension of your mind, an omnipresent digital assistant that figures out what you need and supplies it before you even realize you need it”

“Google, in essence, becomes a part of you. Imagine Google playing a customized audio commentary based on what you look at while on a tourist trip and then sharing photo highlights with your friends as you go. Or Google taking over your car when it concludes based on your steering response time and blink rate that you’re no longer fit to drive. Or your Google glasses automatically beaming audio and video to the police when you say a phrase that indicates you’re being mugged”

For a Google-augmented life, you must grant the Googlebot unprecedented privileges to monitor your personal information and behavior”

“The bottom line: the more types of work computers do on your behalf to make your life easier, the more access you must grant them to the intimacies of your personal life. And that means it’s time for Google and Google users think carefully about whether it’s time to shift from ad-supported free services toward paid services”

“The tiny screen, camera, and speaker built into Project Glass’ computerized, networked glasses means electronic information can be woven directly into people’s interactions with the physical world. What sorts of information? Google isn’t promising anything yet, but obvious possibilities include live navigation directions and coupon offers for nearby stores…”

“The way to think of hardware at Google is not as a bunch of artfully packaged electronic bits and pieces that can be sold for a profit. Instead, hardware is like Android and Chrome: a means to an end

Read on - there’s a lot more here.


Future of Mobile & Apps: Futurist Keynote Speaker Gerd Leonhard in Moscow (ENGLISH) (by gleonhard)

May 07, 2012 at 02:42AM MediaFuturist: Watch this: Evacuated Tube Transport could take you around the world in just 6 hours from MediaFuturist May 07, 2012 at 01:50AM by Gerd Leonhard DOWNLOAD HERE: Evacuated Tube Transport is an airless, frictionless, maglev-l… ifttt, googlereader, Essentials, MediaFuturist
—  MediaFuturist: Watch this: Evacuated Tube Transport could take you around the world in just 6 hours May 07, 2012 at 02:42AM
The problem is, the market for intelligence is now largely about providing information that makes decision makers feel better, rather than bringing true insights about risk and opportunity. Our future is now being planned by people who seem to put their emotional comfort ahead of making decisions based on real – and often uncomfortable – information. Perhaps one day, the discipline of real intelligence will return triumphantly to the world’s executive suites. Until then, high-priced providers of “strategic intelligence” are only making it harder for their clients – for all of us – to adapt by shielding them from painful truths.
PDFs and resources from today's webinar on The Future of Television (with Stowe Boyd) | MediaFuturist
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In case you missed our webinar on SocialTV and the Future of Television, today (shame on you;): the video will go live in a few hours (assuming the recording actually worked) on my Youtube Webinars playlist.

And here are the slides we used (creative commons non-commercial, attribution licensed, as usual):
Gerd, Stowe   as well as the reports we referenced (subject to different licenses):  Ericsson: Getting Social on TV  Google: The new multi-screen world, and Stowe’s Social TV report.


Enjoy and share:))
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PDFs, audio and video from the July 17 2012 webinar on the Future of Media (Futurists Gerd Leonhard and Ross Dawson)

PDFs, audio and video from the July 17 2012 webinar on the Future of Media (Futurists Gerd Leonhard and Ross Dawson)

Why Social Networks are the new TV & Radio: Futurist and Keynote Speaker Gerd Leonhard

Broadband Futures and the Future of ICT: Futurist and Keynote Speaker Gerd Leonhard

test | MediaFuturist

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Gerd Leonhard Futurist, Author and Keynote Speaker Basel / Switzerland Twitter: CEO (TFA) Download my free books and more via My latest posts on #PRISM Videos: Public Calendar with my travel plans: Twitter: CEO (TFA) Download my free books and more via My latest posts on #PRISM Videos: Public Calendar with my travel plans: Mobile: +41 79 79 353 84 “Democracy dies behind closed doors”

Please help me decide if my Futurist iOS / Android App should stay or not, take this quick poll | MediaFuturist
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Dear Readers, I kindly request your help to make a decision on an unsolved issue. I launched my first app just about 2 years ago, using Mobile Roadie, here. Since then, I have gathered some 5653 users and almost a million page views (and widely varying reviews) but despite the somewhat basic stats that MobileRoadie offers I can’t help wondering if there is someone on the other end, really:) - if this app is just something that sits on people’s old iPhones and Android boxes and does not add much value I don’t think I want to keep offering it.

And now that this new site is actually mobile-optimized, as well (and we are just about to give it another major mobile upgrade in the next few days, too), I really need to know if YOU i.e. my users, fans, followers, friends, visitors and business partners, actually want this app to stay alive. Therefore, this poll below. If you already have my app, please vote below; if not please download it, take a look, and then vote asap. THANKS very much.


      Is Gerd Leonhard’s Futurist App really important, or is the new mobile site at good enough?

I have moved my blog to - please take note! | MediaFuturist
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Greetings visitors, RSS subscribers and other friends and followers.

As you have probably noticed I have been expanding my activities into many other topics (i.e. apart from media and content) in the past couple of years. It now makes sense for me to de-emphasize my traditional MediaFuturist brand and broaden my presentation quite a bit, as well. Therefore, I am delighted to present my new site at This site uses responsive webdesign and should look great on pretty much any mobile site, as well. My mobile app will continue to be available, as well, for now (both for iOS as well as for Android)

I will probably not be posting a lot more content at, going forward, so please be sure to follow me at, subscribe to my new RSS feed there, or sign-up for my blog’s daily email updates. also has some new and pretty cool download pages; using Dropbox (even without sign-up) you can now download pretty much all of my free books, slideshows and essays. 

Give it a whirl and please let me know what you are thinking.

See you over there!

Video: a conversation with fellow futurist Dr. James Canton, on Sustainability | MediaFuturist
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Recorded last week, in Mill Valley, CA, this is Part 3 of a conversation between me and Futurist Dr. James Canton. This video is part of the new series (launching soon). Topics discussed include general sustainability trends and predictions, ‘green future’ opportunities, the future of capitalism and 'growth & profit economics’, accountability and social innovation, renewable energy, Jeremy Rifkin’s Intergrid, and much more.

Apologies for the low audio output, btw; if it’s not good enough for you please try this audio-only version via Dropbox, or just listen to this one, below: 

Canton Leonhard Sustainability.mp3

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Data is the new Oil: 3 illustrations | MediaFuturist
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Data is the new Oil: 3 illustrations - which one do you think is best? The theme was coined by Clive Humby at AMA 2006, but I use it a lot in my talks and presentations, see the links here

The b/w piece was done by Sedat Oezgen, the green & cloud piece is by Gerry Alpern, and the people/cloud background was licensed from sevensheaven.

New video: Digital Media Strategist Carlo Donzella and Futurist Gerd Leonhard talk about Smart Cities | MediaFuturist
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This is the 3rd pilot for my new web-tv show called Meetings of the Mind (MotM), soon to be available at In this episode I talk to Carlo Donzella, in Rome / Italy see In this episode I talk to Carlo Donzella, in Rome / Italy see

As an advisor to the Lazio Region of Rome, Carlo has recently been involved in the project which has created 6 world-class digital media experiences for 6 world-heritage sites within the Lazio region. Carlo also teaches the “Brave New Media World” course at the Master in Development, Innovation and Change (MiDIC) of the University of Bologna (Italy) and at the PopAkademie of the University of Mannheim (Germany).

A reviewer for dozens of international projects, he has covered various executive and consulting roles with many public agencies and private enterprises.

We discuss Carlo’s work in digital, smart cities, and ponder what the future may hold for cities that use social local mobile video and cloud applications to engage with their visitors, citizens and fans.  This is a wide-ranging discussion that covers a ton of stuff - hope you like it.  Audio track will go up on soon, as well!

Audio-only (podcast)

MotM3 Carlo Donzella Gerd Leonhard Smart Cities

Some of my key themes for 2013 (a short gallery): Internet rights, privacy, data oil, ecosystems, sustainable capitalism, pay-will vs paywall, freemium, human-machines, ego to eco? | MediaFuturist

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What may happen in the next hundred years (John Elfreth Watkins amusing predictions from 100 years ago) | MediaFuturist
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In 1900, an American civil engineer called John Elfreth Watkins made a number of predictions about what the world would be like in 2000…. read more via the BBC. I just ran across this image of Watkins’ predictions from 1900, and thought they would make a very good 2013 kick-off / happy new year post.

Some of my favs:

  • Hot and cold air from spigots
  • Ready-cooked meals will be bought
  • Automobiles will be cheaper than horses
  • Areal war-ships

Found via buzzfeed   How res download