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Hc about the Batfam at a haunted house attraction?

  • Bruce takes a million pictures of his kids whether they are posing with a zombie or screaming because something jump scared them. He takes tons of photos and posts the best to Instagram
  • Alfred does the same but also takes pictures of Bruce taking pictures. The only difference is that Alfred doesn’t post them to instagram because he doesn’t get the point of social media
  • Babs wears makeup to the haunted hay ride because she wants to blend in because A) she likes the guests thinking she is part of the attraction and B) it keeps the people who are meant to scare her away so she doesn’t end up as scared
  • Dick loves the haunted house. He loves screaming when someone jumps out at him (even though he expects it) and playing the part of the damsel in distress
  • Cass doesn’t really understand the whole point of haunted houses (real life is way scarier and this is all fake) but she goes along with it for her friends/siblings. She doesn’t pretend to be scared or anything just goes along with it like “yeah you just jumped at me, cool”
  • Jason doesn’t like anything with zombies unless he is also one of the zombies because he feels like they will figure out that he has already died. He knows it is a stupid thought but he still thinks it and hates haunted houses for this reason
  • Stephanie loves haunted houses and being scared. She knows it is fake so she lets herself pretend she is a normal person with normal parents who is afraid of things like a clown going over her head with a chainsaw
  • Tim genuinely tries to engage in conversation with the people at the haunted house despite them having to stay in character. He asks them how their day is going, what is it like being a monster, and other casual small talk. Jason pulls him away due to embarrassment
  • Carrie talks to the actors about their makup techniques and how they get it too look so realistic
  • Duke tries to immerse himself in the haunted house but it doesn’t work and he is aware that his siblings are causing chaos
  • Damian questions everything and makes fun of what “normal” people consider scary