articles i wanted, but didn't get a chance, to read this week: part 31

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hi boobears! it’s a crazy exciting weekend coming up, which is great because this week was crazy busy. doing two issues of a monthly magazine in just one month is not only wrong by definition, it is also hella stressful. luckily, we’re cleansing our nerves at Sammie Rubes’ 25 on 25 birthday show tomorrow night. stop by if you’re free!

til then, brush up on these readings i’ve found you. so you know what to chat up the hotties with


  1. i wrote a story for Loop Letters this week about gym class. there are other nice stories there too. if you like, do please subscribe because they’re a great weekly treat
  2. Twitter is apparently not as universal as once thought. turns out, we just tweet at people who are like us, NPR 
  3. everyone took Cyber Monday waay too seriously this year and it shows - sales are waay up for e-commerce,WWD
  4. frivolous story takes on life of its own in the media cycle? why, that’s never happened before, Daily Intel
  5. cops to wear glasses with cameras. since they clearly can’t be trusted to not kill innocent civilians anymore, it’s best we all watch them work, NYTimes
  6. another vain person news anchor decided to buy themselves some glasses on air, Fox Business News
  7. the Literary Upstarts winning story from L Magazine from 2009. you could be this year’s big champ! e-mail them your story (no more than 1,500 words, and in Word doc form) to enter
  8. i’m super obsessed with Kate Bolick because her career path is my dream one. Media Bistro has a whole article on how she made it happen for herself, but  boohoohooey it’s paywalled! this is what happens when Remnick gets his way (see below)
  9. do you remember the protests in Madison last year? me neither. thankfully, The Atlantic checked in
  10. “computers are killing us,” says article on computer, BetaBeat
  11. must be nice to be 24, starting your own magazine and have Julian Schnabel sing your praises. which is to say, i was jealous of Loren Kramar from the hed, CapitalNY
  12. this is the most terrible thing i’ve heard in quite some time! and shame on whoever did that to poor Housing Works, Bobby Finger’s Tumblr
  13. my celebrity doppelganger Tracy Morgan on his love of Benihana, Grub Street
  14. just in in case you missed the Lana Del Rey piece in T Magazine (i did)


  1. New Yorker editor David Remnick on why he believes in paywalls and print. like all things from the Nyer, this interview is a long'un, All Things Considered 
  2. all 85 movies on Scorsese’s “MUST SEE” list. i’ve got 80 more to go, FastCompany  
  3. funny people being funny: Janeane Garofalo, Dave Hill and friend sit around a living room and say things
  4. now that robots keep taking our jobs, the subway announcer has turned to rap. tomorrow’s story: now that subway announcers are taking their jobs, rapper turns to robot-ing, City Room
  5. you think your life is hard? these poor Oscar nominees have to answer the same damn questions. with the same damn answers. for months! also, Rooney Mara is our Kristen Stewart? and always more Dujardancing please! Vulture


  1. an overwhelmingly tasty dinner at Little Muenster. oh wait, i bought that for myself on Monday. and it was TO! DIE! FOR!
  2. more of make, not buy, and still sandwich related: how about these sandwiches that look like great works of art? it involves cheese, so i love it, The Kitchn
  3. a penthouse apartment WITH A SLIDE! Curbed
  4. this cleanse for people who still want to eat food at night! considering i ate a sleeve of Milanos and half a bag of jalapeno chips today, Grub Street
  5. whatever makeup makes this happen for Kate Winslet. here it is from another angle

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