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Instead of love at first sight, why not nemesis at first sight?

No, I don’t mean hate at first sight. Nemeses don’t even have to particularly dislike each other, though it’s admittedly customary.

I mean their eyes meet from across the room, and there’s a moment of instant, mutual understanding that they will one day battle to the death on some remote, storm-lashed plain with the very fate of the world hanging on the outcome.

Supercorp social Media au where Kara and Lena are openly dating and Lena & Supergirl’s fans are having real person ship wars over #karlena or #supercorp because lets be real Lena gives hella heart eyes to both of them and its like SHE SAYS SHES DATING KARA DANVERS!! LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE TOGETHER v.s BUT LOOK HOW CLOSE SHE IS WITH SUPERGIRL?? THAT BODY LANGUAGE THO?? and PLEASE RESPECT LENA LUTHORS RELATIONSHIP SHES A REAL PERSON with BUT COULD ALL THREE OF THEM BE DATING??

Jikook Internet Friends AU 26 (M?)


god forgive my sins (it’s cracky I hope you like)

warning: mentions of sex

Where Jikook talk about sex

……im sorry. why did i end up talking of thighs i cant believe this. i hope this made you very uncomfortable. i had to mesure my thigh for this, please, the effort. anyways, anon, i hope you’re not very disgusted :) as always, if you have a request, something to ask or to say, go ahead! (now you can request for yoonseok too!)

Sorry for the small mistakes (and for my sins) and I hope you like it!


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Can I possibly have an AJ Styles Instagram post where he announces he's expecting another baby girl? Please and thank you.

Hey, thank you for requesting! Sorry these took so long. Hope you liked this! Also in the works right now are two imagines; Dwayne Johnson and Roman Reigns; getting excited! xo ~ Nikkii

Media Day

Shawn has always spoke with such thrill and amusement about interviews so when the opportunity for me to tag along on a media day how could I refuse! Our day starts in hair and make up, where Shawn promised to give me the full “Media Day Experience”. They play with me hair for a little and decide to leave it out, with my (your colour) hair slightly teased to give it a bit more of a messy look. In make up, they ask a few questions of how often do I normally wear it, what do I do, all the standard questions. With just some basic foundation, mascara and matte colour lip stick, I am done.

Now for wardrobe, I am dressed in nice casual but really expensive clothing. I really do like it and am already quite impressed with what Shawn goes through on a daily basis. When leaving the room, we bypass Shawn discussing something with Andy.

 “Hey! Hands to yourself Mendes,” I turn and smirk at him as he gives me a wink after slapping my behind. He turns and continues their conversation.

We have kept our relationship very under wrapped for what I believe the best for Shawn’s career. At times it has been frustrating and it has caused a few arguments but at the same time we understand each other. I don’t really want the media in my face, I like that this is ours. And I also don’t want Shawn to see me as some girl who just wants the media attention.

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Teen wolf social media part 2…

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a very late secret santa gift for myroza, featuring rose tyler, tentoo and the alternate universe versions of martha jones, clara oswald and amy pond


Even though the Doctor finds Amy, Martha finds him. She works at UNIT, fighting in honor of her deceased cousin, a victim of the Cybermen. Amy finds Donna, an assistant at her publisher’s firm, but the Doctor keeps out of sight. 

There’s no use ruining Donna Noble’s life again.

And for the most part, this group of friends, this family, is a balm for the loss of his friend.


“What if she thinks I’m weird?”

Rose rolls her eyes. “Well, she wouldn’t be wrong.” Clara makes a frustrated noise. “Come on, it’s Amy. The Doctor’s best friend. She’s practically an expert on weirdness." 

"What if we have nothing to talk about?”

“You’ve been in space. She’s been in space. You’ll think of something. If nothing else, you both love history.”

She hears Clara’s smile over the phone. “Alright.”


Amy is charming; Clara is charmed. She loves Austen and Van Gogh and can recite feminist literature like its written in her very skin. She has hair like fire and eyes like the Earth, the richness of the soil. 

Clara Oswald is speechless for the first time in her life. 

And it’s not quite love, not yet–but it’s damn close, and it tastes like gin and tonic.


He loves the taste of her skin, the feel of her underneath him, her mussed hair, her swollen lips, her, her, her.

They make love like there is no tomorrow, and perhaps there isn’t, so no one blames them for their closeness. 


And there are days when the adventures are wilder than ever. There are days when running is on the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And tea. Keeps the blood alive, the Doctor always says.


Martha stays home because she refuses to travel in the TARDIS. She has lives to save, has responsibilities and bills and friends of her own. 

Clara and Amy move onto the ship slowly. Their belongings litter the corridors, but they keep a flat on the side, just in case they decide they want to live out a different, more domestic, fantasy.

Tony is not allowed on the TARDIS. Rose takes photos for him to hang on his wall. It is enough.

Rose lets the Doctor heal her wounds from their time apart. Before they know it, they find a life worth living.

Birthday Screams and Iron Tears

Fandom: Fairytail

Ship Title: Gajevy/Gale

Rating: M for violence and language (also slight innuendos)

AN: Okay I have no idea what I’m doing on the internet and I found out recently chapter 1 of my fanfic was 404 NOT FOUND so I’m just re-posting it here. Chapter 2 is already up so feel free to continue with it. Sorry about any problems this may cause. Feedback is welcome for the fanfic so please enjoy. (Also ANGST warning) :) 


Chapter 1

“Levy!” I look up from my leather bound book. Lucy’s waving at me from the door with a grin spreading from ear to ear. I smile back from my perch at the bar and wave. I almost couldn’t hear her across the crowded guild hall. Natsu’s causing his normal ruckus with Gray over who knows what and they’ve started fighting between tables making an awful mess. Luckily it hasn’t spread to the whole guild yet so Lucy manages to make her way across fairly quick.

“Welcome back Luce.” I smile at her, pulling off my red glasses and freeing a couple of my unruly blue hairs in the process. I set the glasses down gently beside my huge book.

“It feels like you guys never left.” I shake my head, motioning to Natsu and Gray. She laughs at me.

“You should have seen them on the way back.” She sighs in near mock exhaustion. My smile turns sympathetic for her, but she’s no longer looking at me. She’s digging in her bag beside her stool and I try to peek over her shoulder. She turns back, her eyes all sparkles, holding out a lovely headband towards me.

“The lady that hired us made them and it reminded me so much of you! I was going to save it for your birthday but I couldn’t wait. I didn’t even make it through the morning!” She’s laughing and I smile at her in gratitude and appreciation. The headband is beautiful. It’s mix of yellow and orange with a small bunch of orange roses off centered. But what makes it really shine is the jewels that dot the fabric. I gently pluck it from Lucy’s hands.

“It’s gorgeous Lucy! Thank you.” I lean forward and hug her. My arm bumps my book, and it falls off the counter, hitting the floor with a thump by Lucy’s feet. I nearly yelp and jump out of Lucy’s arms to pick it up before she can see it. But she’s faster and snatchs it up when she sees my agitated haste.

“What’s this?” She says it with a slick smile before even looking at the book.

“Give it back!” I squeal, turning pink and reaching for it. Unfortunately for me, my arms are much shorter than Lucy’s and she turns away from me, easily holding it out away from me. She opens it, looking at my bookmarked page and I drop my hands defeated, knowing she’s seen the evidence of my colouring. She flashes another sly grin over her shoulder at me and my pink cheeks go crimson.

“Missing somebody are we?” She turns back towards me holding up my bookmark between her index finger and thumb. It’s a picture of Gajeel doodled on with a few hearts. He’s smiling his shark toothed grin and had his bare arms crossed in front of his chest with Lily on his shoulder. I had gotten the photo from the exceed after he caught me staring at Gajeel. He winked and told me “to take a picture it lasts longer”. The next day I found it stuck in my window pane and I nearly died from blushing when nobody was around.

“Lucy put it back!” I squeak, snatching at the photo and glancing around to make sure no one sees. She laughs and places it back down in the book, glancing at the page.

“And your reading up on dragons too?” She looks up at me quirking an eyebrow in question.

“I-I was curious about him-them! I mean them!… the dragon slayers, I mean!” I stutter in embarrassment. She giggles at me and I shut my mouth before I make anymore words sound dumb. Satisfied at how flustered she’s made me, Lucy finally goes to close the book. Her finger catches in a gap at the top of the book between the back pages and the back cover and my breath catches in my throat. A curious look hits her face and she flips to the back of the hefty text where I have a magazine hid snuggly in the cover.

“I suppose you were curious about the guilds fashion too?” She says overly innocent but with a knowing smile, holding up the issue of sorcerer weekly. Gajeel’s shirtless on the front cover. He had done it for quick money as a job and looked disinterested in the photo but I couldn’t help but keep the issue. I see Mira watching us behind Lucy and I don’t think I can turn any redder. Thankfully she only grins at me, winks, and turns her back.

“He’s been gone for 2 months and…I don’t know…I miss him, I guess.” I whisper looking down to hide my cherry face. Lucy never drops her smile and she closes the book with all its secrets hidden safely inside once more. She places the book back on the counter beside my glasses.

“Smile Lev. I’m sure he’ll be back soon.” I looked up at her and she’s giggling and smiling at me the best friend smile that makes you smile back even against your will.

“Levy!” Two familiar voices shout at me making both of us turn. Jet and Droy are walking over with bunches of paper in there hands.

“Levy! What type of cake do you want for your birthday party?” Jet’s grinning and holding up one specific sheet of paper and dropping two onto the floor. I smile but quickly move to stop the planning.

“I don’t need a birthday part-”

“You must have the double chocolate fudge cake from the bakery down the street. No arguments allowed!” Erza appears, out of no where, beside Jet holding a slightly struggling Natsu effortlessly by the ear.

“It will make all the guests happy at the party.” She drops Natsu and he hops back up in a flash, cutting me off before I can speak.

“Party?” He asks smiling brightly. I see the ideas swirling behind his eyes.

“No. No. I don’t-”

“Levy’s birthday is tomorrow.” Lucy interrupts me, matching his grin and winking at me. I didn’t know it was possible, but his grin get’s bigger and I see his plan in his eyes even before he moves. I reach out to grab his scarf and hold him down but he easily dodges my grasp. With a laugh he jumps up on the closest table.

“ITS LEVY’S BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!! PARTY AT THE GUILD!” He shouts and it’s followed by a loud “AYE!” From Happy who flies up beside him. The whole guild pauses in its not so quiet chatter then erupts into chaos. Suddenly I’m being swarmed by my excited guild mates.  

“What do you want for presents Levy?!”

“How old you gonna be again?!”

“I’m going to get her the best gift!”

“No your not! I am!”

“Im going to decorate with orange ribbon!”

“No yellow!”

I’m pushed back against the bar, faces smiling, shouting, and crowding all around me. Then I blink and I’m in a closed in box with a tall glass window.

“Don’t worry Miss Levy. Miss Lucy summoned me to rescue you.” Horilogium’s muffled voice calms my brief panic and I smile.


“Oie! Levy!?”

“Where’d she go?!”


“She’ll show up. Everyone get stuff for the party!” The voices fade and I feel the floor rumble as the whole guild runs out the door.

“There gone Levy! Thank you Horilogium!” I hear Lucy’s voice through Horilogium’s door. He disappears and I discover we had been hiding behind the bar. I’m now lying on the floor where Horilogium had been on his side. Lucy leans over the counter and smiles down at me.

“Happy early birthday Levy.” I want to be mad but can’t help smiling back, despite myself.


I set down my new headband beside my glasses on my desk and flop onto my cherry blossom bedspread with my text book. Lucy had hurried me out of the guild so I wouldn’t be bombarded when everyone returned and I had run the whole way to my lodging. The sun was so bright and it filtered through my window to make a perfectly warm reading patch on my bed.

I slide the magazine out and smile at his face. I hope he’ll be back soon. It wouldn’t be a perfect birthday party without him, even though we don’t really talk. Just having him there would make me smile and slightly swoon at the unlikely possibility of a romantic evening like in one of my books. Of course, I am not so naive as to expect any romance from him. This was Gajeel and he didn’t do romance any more than I could convince him to, which was never much more than partnering with me or him saving my life. I don’t even think he knows I like him yet. The thought makes my cheeks colour.

I look out the window watching the horizon through the city. Maybe he’ll be back by tomorrow and the whole big party thing won’t be such a bust after all. Replacing the magazine, I set the text book on the floor and open up a different book, a smaller fiction one. I don’t bother grabbing my glasses. Sometimes it’s just nice to read slow and today was one of those times.

I keep time by the little sunny patch, as it slowly moves off my bed to the floor than to the wall. In late afternoon, just as the sky is turning orange, I hear footsteps coming to my door quickly. Without a knock Lucy burst through the door, smiling slightly mischievous. I jump, a little bit startled by her entrance but I relax when I see her grin.

“Lev! Hes back!” I don’t need to ask who he is. A smile that rivales Natsu’s in size jumps to my face. I close my book with a snap and all but leap from my bed. We run back towards the guild, a spring in my step and colouring in my cheeks. 


A.N: again sorry about any trouble this may have caused. I have no idea what I’m doing. *nervous blush* 

Inner Darkness

Title: Inner Darkness

Genre: Angst/Dark themes/uncomfortable situations 

Rating: T+

Pairings: One sided-Hidashi (nothing sexual, just some hugging and such)

Summery: It grew with his age, a darkness he harbored in his chest since the day Hiro was born.  He just never realized how much it had grown until it was too late. 

Warning(s): Angst. Dark themes. Yandere!Tadashi, mentions of gore

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