Being an artist, a writer, a musician, a comedian, etc. these things… aren’t luxuries lol, these things are just as impactful on society as most anything else. Humans have been creating music and art for hundreds of thousands of years, I’m not saying being an artist and creating art is a luxury. 

Doing what you love shouldn’t be a luxury, that’s the thing I’m trying to say. Communists wouldn’t consider you making music doing something luxurious and unnecessary, that’s literally a capitalist thing.

Capitalism views art as a luxury only for the rich, capitalism views music as a luxury only the rich can produce or have proper equipment and education to create it. 

Art should be for all, and all who wish to do art should be allowed resources for that, and education if they so need. No matter the sort of art.

South Park can be funny, but at the end of the day, people who have issues with it have every right to.  Media isn’t sacred just because you agree with some parts of it.  Stop acting like your complaints about political correctness are anything but an inability to be criticized by people you (until recently) have always been able to silence. 

Ironically, the feminist movement was and is often portrayed in mass media as creating gender warfare, when the truth remains that the conflict was already happening. Feminist thinking was a solution– a way to resolve differences between women and men.

Nowadays folk like to believe that gender warfare has escalated because of the shift in gender roles, but in fact the warfare never stopped.

Unquestionably, more women turn away from abusive men. This is a positive outcome of the feminist movement. If women turning away from abusive patriarchial violence enrages men, intensifying their misogyny, feminism is not to blame.

Hardcore patriarchial men rarely like women. Hardcore patriarchial women think like their male counterparts. And they both feel it’s natural for these two different, antagonistic groups to sexually mate with one another.

It’s clear that women who accept antagonism between the sexes as the “natural order” are happier in their relationships with men than are women who want an end to conflict.

Shere Hite’s report suggests that the vast majority of women want to see conflict end. Whether they are willing to give voice to it or not, this means that they want to see patriarchy end. As long as we live in a patriarchial culture, strife between women and men will be the norm.
—  bell hooks, Communion, chapter 11: the search for men who love

Celtic Bronze Age Helmets, British Museum, 1.8.17. Not so sure about the practical use of these helmets but it’s pretty fair to say that on a battlefield you wouldn’t be easily missed with the first one on your head. These are probably ceremonial and denote status (and possibly fashion sense!)

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This is not meant to be argumentative, and I'm sorry if it sounds that way, but how do you reconcile "people know what's best for themselves" (which is generally true, I think) with the fact that nearly half the voters in the most recent election voted for... this mess?

Voting is exclusionary, the majority of people didn’t vote, either because of systematic exclusion or whatever else, the people who were most likely to vote were the white upper classes, who were voting in their favor, because they need white supremacy and classism to continue keeping their power. 

Voting is so exclusionary because they know if we eliminate the majority of people from voting the upper classes will always have their way because again theyre the most likely and able to vote. 

And throw in other intersections, there are a lot of reasons why say a disabled person can’t go to a voting booth and vote, and so on. The voting populace does not represent the american populace, it represents what happens when you exclude the vast majority of people from being allowed to vote. 

Also theres the whole thing about information, our news sources are controlled by people who value white supremacy and classism and so on, so of course if their information is wrong, but they believe it to be true, they will act on said information, falsely. Which is why education is so important for all to have access to.

Many people complain about PSYOPs or what have you perpetrated by the fuck government but its always with the implication that if we just removed certain evil elements from liberal democracy, it would function properly and justly and we would live happily ever after. They can’t seem to grasp that widespread psychological manipulation is the natural consequence of trying to divide political authority amongst millions of people who are not prepared to or interested in exercising it. PSYOPs, false flags, biased media, “memetic warfare”…these are all features, not bugs.

On Gods of Egypt...

Why is it that “Sub-Saharan Africa” is considered so racially different than North Africa, even though its been proven that black people were always there?  Can it be….ANTI BLACKNESS?  Only colonizers and racists believe that Egypt was this tiny little island of “ pure, non-blackness”.  Racists have always depended on being able to erase the blackness of important people and civilizations, this movie is a damn insult because it is well known that people tried hard to pretend that Ancient Egyptians had no black ancestry, even to the point of grave robbing and vandalism. There is such a horrible history of anti-blackness and this movie contributes to it.  

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People who make those long “expose the race baiters” posts usually are just trying to use racist code speech to discredit whatever black people they think they can dig stuff up on and they always start with some picture their racist mind tells them “proves” that black person is up to no good. They don’t even care if it’s the right person in the picture. Someone who thinks you can prove a black person “isn’t an angel” by posting a picture of them posing probably isn’t the best person to believe in any conversation about race.

I mean they do this all of the time, same format, and they never use accurate info, they just cobble together insinuations and accusations and throw out whatever doesn’t fit the version of events they have decided to champion. And you can tell they got this stuff from some uber-conservative, right wing, racist hub because they’re making a point to just focus on “exposing” the “black hypocrisy” instead of exposing the only people who were actually proven to be liars, i.e. the women who attacked minors or the man with the actual assault record who called the cops and lied about the events. Don’t see them posting his mugshot or the transcript of his call or anything though, guess it doesn’t fit their narrative where black people rove around bullying white people into being racist against them.

All that to prove a minor deserved to be attacked by grown women, and that another kid deserved to be brutalized by a grown man

The Media Is Turning Us Into Weapons, And We're Allowing Them

A thought just passed my head earlier, on how social media has become a medium to turn people into sort of a weapon. This is about a post I made yesterday showing burned people.

When people actually suggests a warlike emotion (in this case particularly about Muslims), people easily latch on.

It’s scary. But it also highlights how the value of research, analysis and thought have deteriorated. You see, people easily respond to it without even asking what the Muslims think. It’s very saddening.

And we seem to also very easily accept on person’s opinions as the truth. That perception also was very evident when a British travel blogger posted his opinions about his issues with the services in Manila. We easily latched on as if he were posting truths – when in fact, they were opinions. And sure, in the long run, they may as well be truths, but that does not discount the haziness we seem to encounter when faced with an opinion.

We immediately think that the person telling his opinions is putting his ideas on the table as absolute truths, when he clearly is not. That is a very big misconception.

Because the truth is absolutely true; opinion on the other hand is subjectively true.

What is absolutely true is what is generally accepted regardless of race, gender preference, age, intellect, place of residence, etc. It is not there because we think that it is, it is there is because we know that it is. A good example would be the idea that we are blinded when we look at the Sun directly. Everyone knows it: be it a student or a teacher; a black man or a white man; a man or a woman.

What is subjectively true can be true to some, but not true to all.

Because of this sense of acceptance for what somebody else says, social media becomes somewhat the biggest way to gain sympathy, especially for faux causes like this anti-Islamic one.

What’s worse is that people are very easily exploiting this.

But I have to reiterate though, that this is NOT innate. We can choose to research, analyze and think about things before sharing them. We can choose to ask questions about the parties involved, whether there have been any prejudices or not in the few kilobytes that we are sharing. We can choose to study and learn more about Islam and understand why things like this cannot completely be attributed to a religion. We can choose to question the social system that allows things like this to occur.

We can also choose not to share it, especially after careful inspection. We can choose not to be the weapons of ignorance.

I hate the fact that people can just harass and push people and show nothing but disrespect for them but suddenly get to be the victims when the media shows up.  Like lord forbid you not be able to bully and invalidate someone without having them react to you.  

When the media shows up its like “Oh my gosh this innocent little lamb was accosted by these mean ol’ darkies for no good reason!  They lost their job and we just don’t know why!  Bullying!  Censorship!” 

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Apparently Briana unfollowed Louis on Instagram. Could that be a good thing??

I really don’t, but I’m also not a total rude ass and I don’t want you to think I mean I don’t care about you or your question, so I will elaborate a bit. 

Whenever that family does anything (I keep their damn names outta my mouth) I’m like

I firmly believe that they have absolutely nothing to do with the bigger picture. There is no outcome to this situation in which they aren’t terrible people, so I don’t like to give them any of the attention that they are so desperate for. If anything has become clear lately it’s that they would do just about anything to exploit themselves. 

The problem with this situation is that we are seeing an unprecedented era of guerrilla social media warfare. All these IG photos, likes, follows, unfollows, tweets, even FB posts, are a contrived way to convince people that these people are actually personally doing and saying all these things of their own volition whereas I’m like   

Because we know that someone controls the social media image of One Direction. Literally it is an entire company (Rye Social Club) dedicated to managing this shit. 

Amongst people I’ve discussed this with both inside and outside of the fandom the question still remains, “Why?” And I don’t know. No one has that answer. I can think of reasons why and I’ve discussed a lot of them in great depth, but I don’t know anything for sure except that Larry is real and this entire thing is a complete charade.

So I don’t think anyone who is below the actual members of One Direction in this hierarchy of characters is at all relevant in this situation which is why when it comes to her I’m like 

It’s called babyGATE because it is literally as fucked up and convoluted as Watergate, not to mention the point of that story is just how high up that scandal went. Simon Cowell is literally the Richard Nixon of this situation, and as the quote from the film about Woodward and Bernstein infamously goes, “Follow the money.” 

Don’t follow whatever bullshit they’re putting on the front of The Sun. Ask yourself why they could possibly need all these stunts and distractions while Modest is downgrading their offices from an entire floor of a building to essentially a rented cubicle. Why did 1D sign over directorship of one of their companies to their lawyers? Why did this baby thing start around the time that Louis setup his own recording company?

Something is going on that is far bigger than what they’ve been distracting the fandom with for the last year. I don’t know what it is, but I am trying to find out. What I am sure of is that starting with the lowest common denominator (what’s her face) is going to get you nowhere. That story makes no sense because it’s not real and people are deliberately apathetic towards making it seem legitimate because it keeps everyone busy arguing about things like Instagram activity and paparazzi walks.

In a couple years when everyone looks back on this they’re going to be like 

And to answer your question, I’m really not sure that anything good is coming of anything at the moment. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

White People Need Not Always Reply
  • Me: "*rolls eyes* *files nails*"
  • White person: "Oh wow, are you angry while getting a manicure?"
  • Me: "Winning!" (in reply to someone telling me something awesome)
  • White person: "What sport do you play?"
  • Me: "Girrrrrrl..." (in reply to a Black woman)
  • White person: "Okay girlfriend! Sister! I raise my fist too!"
  • Me: "Wah gwan?"
  • White person: "I went to Jamaica once! I got cornrows!"
  • Me: "About to watch a movie."
  • White person: "Well watch these 15 films, here are 7 links to my favorite TV shows, buy these 86 DVDs and I will DM you every cinema experience I ever had. Did you want my Netflix listing? Who's your favorite actor? Do you watch Tyler Perry? Halle Berry is so hot!"
  • Me: "Ashy Larry Twitter, wayment, whatchu talmbout?"
  • White person: "I am 3 of 5. Resistance is futile. Must now either degrade AAVE or use AAVE. Resistance is futile."
  • Me: "So when Black men..."
  • White person: "All men; there is no racism or specific issues for Black men. All. ALL. AAAALLLL!!!!"
  • Me: "So, fellow Black women..."
  • White person: "ALL women. Ally! You're divisive. What about feminism? Unity! Me me me me me."
  • Me: "So this particular issue in the Black community..."
  • White person: "Hey, what about ALL humans? Race is a social construct thereby racism is imaginary. [Blah blah], [hot air], [misdirection], [derailment], [false equalization], [ahistorical analysis], [anti-intersectionality], [White privilege], [ad hominem], [racism], [White supremacy], [White Tears™], meeeeeeee!"

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I want to be supportive off the new baby but I somehow just can't like I really would like them to confirm it with a dna test😕

Okay, I’m not going to say what immediately came to my mind because I have no idea how old you are and thus have no reference for your capacity to understand certain things. Which is not to demean anyone who is younger than I am, just to say that there are certain things which I know that come from years of watching LGBT history unfold in front of my eyes, especially with closeted pop stars. 

If a child has actually been born, then I think that kid is going to need all the support it can get. I cannot fathom how in God’s name, if there actually is a baby, that no one stepped in to protect it from the vitriolic hate that’s surrounded this entire issue. What happens when this child learns how to use google and realises that people believed that Harry Styles being pregnant was more likely than a baby fathered by Louis Tomlinson existing? 

Louis Tomlinson is currently the victim of a vicious smear campaign. I do not know why they have singled him out above the other members, but I can venture to guess that it has something to do with him starting his own record label amidst rumours that One Direction would be leaving the Syco label. It seems very likely that this is a kind of guerrilla media warfare to ensure that what Simon clearly could not pull off with some kind of non-compete clause he is trying to do through complete and utter destruction of Louis’ image. 

There is no fucking way that Louis ‘let’s go and make someone happy, mum’ Tomlinson would be this kind of parent. If he were the kind of person the media makes it out to be, there would be an overabundance of the opposite narrative. No one in PR markets their celebrity like that, especially not a celebrity who is ¼ of the biggest fucking band in the world. Everything that’s happened could have been concealed but this is a story which was conceived in an office and took place on the front pages of shitty newspapers like The Sun by bottom-feeders like Simon Cowell and Dan Wootton. 

The only thing that I’m supportive of right now is freeing fucking Louis Tomlinson.