NieR Automata x Amazarashi’s “Deserving of Life” Reflects Your Psychological State

Back in February, Amazarashi released a collaborative song with NieR Automata titled “Deserving of Life”. Hiromu Akita, the vocalist songwriter of Amazarashi, is actually a NieR fans and immediately accept Yoko Taro’s invitation to create a track for NieR Automata. Akita said that he created the song with the theme of “What is important enough to make you throw out life” which is a common theme to the NieR series and amazarashi.

The music video was created with a deep psychological background in mind. It features 200 dolls that getting destroyed to pieces by machines. Even though the story was based on Yoko Taro’s draft, the video direction was created by a creative team. Since they wanted to create a video that will impact deeply in the viewers’ mind, they invited an expert social psychologist, Hiroshi Kawashima, to the team. 

Hiroshi Kawashima explains that the video was designed to reflects the viewers’ psychological condition. It’s possible to diagnose a character of a person by identifying what kind of reaction a person have after viewing the video. Kawashima said that there’re 8 patterns of personalities that can be identified after watching the video. Feel free to join the personalty test bellow.


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What kind of impression did you have after watching the Music Video?
Please choose one of the answers from 1 to 8 which is closest to yourself.

  1. “I can not forgive the action of destroying a beautiful doll”
  2. “I felt an unbearable emptiness” 
  3. “I felt a ray hope in the middle of desperation”
  4. “I felt a beautiful thing somewhere in the ruins”
  5. “I felt a bit of excitement” 
  6. “I thought that the soiled beautiful dolls were erotic” 
  7. “I thought of the dolls were a poor thing” 
  8. “I thought that it was cruel and disgusting”

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Happy AkuRoku Day! ♥ I actually wrote a completed one-shot for you guys this time! All fluff and afterlife feelings, so I hope you enjoy!


They didn’t go out and watch the latest superhero movie. They didn’t make a reservation at that one restaurant they both like, which didn’t always have the best entrees but always had a decent bread basket and that sea salt cheesecake they could never say no to. They didn’t do anything the couples magazines told them to do–flowers, jewelry, scented candles, a new dress and suit, some ludicrously expensive gold-leaf and champagne infused candy from that one store that opened downtown.

They were both thankful for that.

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Recruiting For the Following Positions

If you’re an experienced editor, writer, animator or news journalist, we’re looking for your help.

Our vision at Psych2Go is to be the go to site for helpful and reliable content around psychology and mental health. This is the next phase of our content direction.

If you’re interested in being a part of our team, email us with the following:

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If you’re someone who’s passionate about mental health, psychology, media, journalism, we would love to have a quick chat!

Email us here with the subject line: The Role Name (Editing, Writing, Animation)


By: Oct 30

Midheavens- Sign on the Tenth House Cusp.

Aries- Law enforcement/forces/Protecting vulnerable people/anything active that causes adrenaline.

Taurus- Finance/economics/business/gardening/conservation. Then on the other hand, anything creative such as writing/art.

Gemini-  Creativity/Humour/Languages/Communications/Media/Journalism.

Cancer-  Healing/psychology/creativity/vulnerable people/children.

Leo-  Could go into entertainment, theatre, working with vulnerable people, law, humanitarianism.

Virgo- Any serving job/healthcare/assisting/something where patience and care is needed.

Libra- Law/mediating/communications/creativity/aesthetics.

Scorpio- Psychology/Criminology/researcher/journalism/therapy.

Sagittarius- Teaching/Comedy/philosophy/science/researcher.

Capricorn- Business/economics/politics/finance/collective causes.

Aquarius-  Science, engineering, philosophy, politics, humanitarianism, law, yet they can also seek unusual status paths in life.

Pisces-  Metaphysical/healing/spiritual practices. Or anything creative actually.

Have You Heard of the Taipei Slasher Attacks?

In 1956, local press coverage of random attacks by an unknown person with a razor created two weeks of widespread fear. At least twenty-one victims were reported. The media’s reporting of the victims and their suffering caused a panic to grip the city. Parents were afraid for their children to school, families were afraid for their loved ones to go to work.

Then the police announced: there was no slasher. Of the twenty-one reported injuries, “five were innocent false reports, seven were self-inflicted cuts, eight were due to cuts other than razors, and one was a complete fantasy.” This had just been a case of mass hysteria, inflamed by the press coverage. The Taipei Slasher was dead.

Thoughts #2: Forcing Happiness/Positivity?

I think it is so ridiculous that at this time of our lives, expressing sadness and vulnerability through social media is considered bad.Not bad.. More like, cringey, laughable, childish, unprofessional, or rather, disgusting.So many people gave up pouring their heart out and their true feelings to this free-speech platforms because they are embarrassed that others will laugh at them, or unfollow them, or even just getting no likes on that post. They prefer to google some poetic-sounding quotes or song-lyrics to put it as their Instagram caption or LINE posting. Those words will be written with no citation or even a quotation marks, as if those are their own words. And finally, they are hoping their followers will ‘get the message’, that they are currently, and actually… Unhappy.

We can’t blame anyone, though. Society forced us to look, sound, and appear as if our lives are going amazingly. Being happy and positive is admired by anyone. The better our story, our achievements, or our shared-feelings, the more we get the feel of superiority. The happier and the more positive people appear on social media, the more attention and likes they get. Social media has become a game. It has become a competition of people showing off to claim “who has got the better life?”

But who are we kidding, forced positivity has always been there since waaaay before we were born. There is a reason why people shout “smile!” while taking pictures, and point us out if we appear sad. Don’t get me wrong, I love when people are happy, and I would love to be happy myself, but when happiness is forced.. It’s not so desirable anymore, isn’t it? It has lost it’s beauty and purpose. Some people say that you should tell yourself that you are or should be happy, so you WILL be happy. That statement isn’t 100% wrong. Thinking about positive thoughts that make you happy, could make you happy. Although, it wouldn’t stay like that for a long time. It’s forcing.. It creates a fake emotion. I personally still think that happiness is something that we received and feel, not made. Also, is it even healthy?

You can read more about what psychologists say about forced positivity here.

Forced positivity on social media has escalated to a point where showing vulnerability, which by the way is experienced by everyone in the world, is almost not acceptable anymore. Even my friends who follow someone who constantly “whining” or “complaining” on social media, were making fun of this person, to feeling annoyed by their posts, and eventually unfollowed them.
Have you ever wanted to just write and show people how shitty your day has been, or just how annoyed you are with your parents, but you cant because you think “people would rather not see this in my profile” or “it’s too sad, people will think I’m just whiny” or “I’m stronger than this.

So, think about this example; see, it’s hard when you just want to say “I can’t believe how bad my grades are and I hate myself for not performing as good as I should” when people that you follow are posting about how nice their holidays are, or that they just won a competition, got a great job, performed on a big stage, celebrated anniversary with their boy/girlfriend, and all those amazing life experiences.

Eventually, you chose not to show that “grey side” of your life. You chose instead to “compete” with them and chose the greatest moment of your life to post on your profile. You chose a picture of you smiling wide and look happy, maybe edit it a little for more likes. Until at the end, your image that you put on to public is this happy-go-lucky/positive personality. No vulnerability allowed. Even if you want to post about sadness, you have to put some kind of sarcasm, jokes, or funny emojis to go with it.

It’s unfair. 

We are humans, we feel down sometimes.

Sadness and weakness are what make us what we are.

When we force happiness,we hurt ourselves.

When you make people to force happiness,you hurt them.

Again, it’s not your fault. It is a collective thought. And I just wish people can be more comfortable of showing their feelings, their story (good or bad), their opinions, etc. Not only on social media, but also in real life.

Am I wrong?

“I can’t say I belong to same race as the lousy, miserable, arrogant, selfish human race! No! I have evolved one step above!”

hi there! I’m Sophie, and I have decided to make a studyblr instead of studying for exams (whoops). 

I’m a Year 12 student from Australia currently studying for WACE exams, taking literature, maths, human biology, psychology and media. I’m aspiring to study marine biology at university next year, so I’ll be posting general study/motivational stuff!

my studygram is also @jeonggstudy 

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CEN - Childhood Emotional Neglect - has been been gaining more attention due to the number of people who were fed, housed and clothed as kids and felt they had a good home, but are still struggling with issues and don't understand why. It refers to neglect generally but the term includes those who might not have considered themselves neglected in the obvious sense, but whose parents subtly neglect them... like parents who take care of you but don't accept you as you are.

Yes, child neglect of all kinds tends to be overlooked (more so in the past than it is now) due to the fact that parents are typically only seen as “abusive” if they straight-up beat their kids on the regular.  

Which is why we need more depictions of abuse in media that is psychological and emotional, as well as children overcoming it in healthy ways, so that people can be more privy to all the forms it can take.

hello everyone!!! ok so to be completely honest i’ve been on tumblr for a while now.. like 3 years i think lol but i’ve never had the energy to make one of these intro/presentation posts, so here’s mine!

about me:

  • cristina, 20, from spain
  • my birthday is november 22nd
  • studying journalism 
  • scorpio
  • intj-t


  • i took a year of sociology but i left that major since i wasn’t comfortable
  • my mother tongue is spanish but i’m fluent in english, also i can speak a bit of french and italian and a few german words, i’d love to learn finnish, japanese and become fluent in italian
  • i’m really obsessed with tv shows but i can’t get over gossip girl, i can’t find any show that i love that much except for modern family
  • i want to become a fashion journalist by now but my mind changes every month, by know i just know i love journalism and i wanna dedicate my life to it
  • i can’t wait to be a little older to get my own house, my family and an amazing job but i also wanna stay a child forever
  • i love love love christmas
  • my classes this year are international relations, history of communication, spanish, economy, sociology (during the first semester) and advertising, political and social history, psychology and media (second semester)
  • i love my boyfriend and my cat so much and i miss them every single day (also you can see tons of pictures of the fluffy one on my ‘mine’ page)
  • i’m obsessed with photography i own like 5 cameras but my favorite one is my analog pentax

favorite blogs:

@studyign @emmastudies @areistotle @studyrose @studypetals @educatier @studysection @post–grad @eintsein @samsstudygram @studyflash - i’ll keep adding more as long as i remember their names 

Hi people! Idk how many will see this but my name is Vivian and I’m kind of new to the studyblr community. I used to have a studygram called study.vibes but got stressed out about uploading my own content so that’s why I decided to make my return to Tumblr instead. I’m not the neatest person and have pretty ugly handwriting, and while I love being organized and using washi tapes and color pens, I often compared myself to others. This time around I’m reminding myself that although some studyblrs might appear perfect, that no one is and that it’s ok that my style isn’t like a lot of others. I might still upload some of my own stuff on here every once in awhile if I feel up to it. My studyblr is to keep me motivated and hype for college.

Stuff about me:
* I’m a senior in high school and I’m currently working on my college apps
* Some of my academic interests include environmental studies, psychology, media studies, and women and gender studies.
* I like being athletic and I run cross country and the 400m hurdles in track

Why this username?
I picked “study sexy” because I feel like hard work and dedication are attractive traits that in our society often get overlooked by something as shallow as appearance. Smart is the real sexy.

Studyblrs I drool over
@astrnomy // @studyinky // @academiix // @procrastilate
@oopsstudies // @juniorincollege
@mathematicool // @studentspot //
@studyquill // @studyiish // @saintlaurentstudy // @bookmrk // @petites-notes // @studyblr // @smartspo // @tbhstudying // @studycris // @emstudies
The list goes on and on! Please feel free to message me, I love starting conversations with new people ❤️

You know, I often run into people that haven’t seen me in a while, and, perhaps feeling obligated to portray a concern for my well-being, they’ll typically greet me with an enthusiastic “Where have you been?!” followed by “You never post online anymore”, as if being unable to passively observe me update my social media suggests that I’m inaccessible, or that my presence in my community, my relevance in the lives of my peers, is defined solely by the frequency of my posts online.

Unless I have a question, I’m trying to initiate a social gathering, or I feel like sharing something deeply intimate or potentially insightful, I’m probably not going to post anything. I don’t experience a compulsion to catalog trivial aspects of my daily routine on social media or feel compelled to garner sympathy for some kind of adversity or misfortunes I experience because I don’t perceive that to justify anybody’s attention.

If you sincerely value me and want to reacquaint, or more importantly, establish some kind of intimate, meaningful, co-empowering relationship, perhaps create something together, you can always IM me, text me, call me, etc, and ideally, we can organize an occasion for some measure of actual human interaction; just engage me. Directly.

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Do you mind me asking what that Netflix show you were talking about is called ?? If you don't want to say it that's okay !! 

It’s rated 26% on rotten tomatoes. That rating is well-deserved, even if you take out all the therapy-related inaccuracies.

Some highlights from reviews of the show:

“Gypsy” is filled with scenes of overwritten dialogue directed with blatant self-importance. If I was the show’s therapist, I’d suggest it stop taking itself so damn seriously. [Source]

It is bonkers to watch [esteemed actors and directors] waste their skills pretending that “sometimes people aren’t exactly what they seem” is a shocking and new idea. [Source]

It’s all fun and games until you desperately start hoping that your protagonist loses her malpractice suit. [Source]

It’s also directed by the same person who directed “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

[[Image description - Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec says emotionlessly, “This is my hell.”]]

PS - if you don’t think the title is a slur, please read some of these posts before you comment.

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so in order to get through my media psychology class i made saucy commentary in between real class notes and as i am now creating my final study guide and going back through all my notes i thought i might share some gems

welcoem to my twisted mind (tag yourself tbh)

  • “the example she gave was ‘teeth’ i want to fucking die”
  • “critical think up in this bitch”
  • “oh my god ya girl needs almonds”
  • “i really don’t want to get called on as the only american in the room to explain manifest destiny”
  • “hi thanks for checking in freud is still a piece of garbage”
  • “tag yourself i’m really this girl in the row in front of me who has been looping a shiba inu gif for five minutes”
  • “can i make this gay and marxist? yes, probably”
  • “miss me with this heternormativity pls friendo”
  • “this bitch really playing solitaire next to me”
  • “you know, personally, i would not call ‘silence of the lambs’ feminist filmmaking but to each their own i guess?????????”
  • “y this college boy have on dad shoes i can’t do this”
  • “knock knock, it’s youtube”
  • “baudrilliard is jerking off right now ugh”
  • “if the corpse bride half decomposed y she got ghost titties”
  • “can we stop celebrating white men for being edgy please”
  • “call me yr nihilist princess”
  • “the gay shoe clerk? mmmmmmmEEEEEEEEE???”