it really is wild how nowadays cops can murder black bodies on live social media and the justice system still has the audacity to say “nope! found nothing wrong with that!!”….. all cops can literally wear 5 cameras on their uniforms, kill black a black person for no reason and the courts still wouldn’t count that as a crime…., the reason we are outraged over this is because we don’t matter to them, it doesn’t matter how many people witnessed the murder, or what proof was posted on social media, they don’t give a fuck. they never will. 

i’m not gonna sugar code this situation and say that it’s police brutality against “poc”, this is strictly police brutality against BLACK PEOPLE.. a cop can be any damn color but if the victim is black, they can get away with murdering them with their damn eyes closed. the system does this shit on purpose so that cops can get the future “ok” to shoot us up like we’re nothing. I’m tired. 

What they did before they came to National City

Kara Danvers: Was about to enter the Science Guild of Krypton like the prodigy that she is

Lena Luther: Was literally trying to cure cancer

J'onn J'onzz: Was fighting  to protect his people from genocide

Alex Danvers: Was looking out for her sister and trying to become a doctor

Cat Grant: Was building a media empire that promotes justice and feminism

James Olsen: Was a hardworking journalist that helped Superman fight for justice

Maggie Sawyer: Was a cop that risked her life to protect people

Mon El: Was a spoiled slave owner


Uh yes A.V Club, it totally looks like she is pissing fire?

“Besides making us squirm uncomfortably in our seats just looking at it—seriously, Diana, you should probably get that checked out—the poster raises a number of questions. Did a single woman look at this poster before it was released? Did anyone look at the poster, for that matter, or is Zack Snyder just throwing these together on Photoshop in his spare time? Why, oh why, did it have to be orange?”

The fuck is wrong with the media?

I’m bored. Let’s make a list of people and things that the social justice side of Tumblr once worshipped and then quickly turned on for being “problematic” or “oppressive”:


Lin Manuel Miranda

Benedict Cumberbatch

cis gay men (especially if they’re white)

Taylor Swift

Lady Gaga

memeufacturing (though this one is understandable)

Joss Whedon

The official Denny’s Tumblr

J.K. Rowling

Pepe the Frog

John Green


Let’s talk about Renee Montoya for a minute.

She’s a character that was created for the Batman animated universe and first appeared in Batman: The Animated Series in 1992. It’s traditionally the fate of characters created in expanded universes to just fade away once the piece ends, but Detective Montoya joined the relatively small list of characters (like Harley Quinn, Mas y Menos, X-23, and Phil Coulson) to make the tough jump from expanded universe to the original comics.

First, she started guest starring in Batman and other comics related to Gotham City before becoming a major character in Gotham Central, a comic series that focuses on the Gotham police department. In that series, she is outed as a lesbian in an attempt to discredit her. She gets disowned by her religious parents and eventually quits the force out of disdain for the corruption she sees.

Then she becomes a major character in yet another comic series, 52 where her sexuality is NOT erased, her interracial lesbian relationship is shown and furthers her own character development, and she befriends The Question, a prominent DC superhero. Eventually, he passes on the torch and moniker to her and she becomes The Question.

So there we have it. A queer woman of color became The Question after starting as a side character in a non-canon animated television show.

How fucking cool is that?

I just….hate that Taylor Swift is trending, again. With how liberal this site is, I’d expect more people to be against her. But then I gotta realize that the main brand of feminism on this website is white feminism. Like in light of the racism and injustice that pocs have been slammed with in recent media, seeing her headline almost…everything is just very telling of our white media.

It’s like you cant escape this shit.