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Niall never followed Liam in the first place I'm 100% positive, he wasn't following when I checked last year and in 2015 and 2014 cause I would sometimes check periodically to see when he would finally follow him

Uhm, this makes more sense than him unfollowing Liam today (”sense” in the typical 1d twisted fashion, obviously), thanks.

I don't think people understand how demanding being part of the kpop (or really any) fandom is.

I spent every free waking moment checking hashtags, checking new news, looking for new debuts. And especially having multiple social medias, oh god. You have followers to uphold, you need to be active and on top of things. Lord help us. I never chose this life and now I can’t escape it

  • idw transformers 2013: hey we have a new concept for transformers its called.......*whispers* conjunx endura............
  • idw transformers 2017: we're making robot marriage a staple of this fucking comic franchise and hasbros not stopping us. get on the love train shitbags, we're inserting the existence of conjunxes and amicas as many times as we can before we run out of script.