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I really can't buy that Yuuri had NO idea how he acted at the banquet! Sure it makes sense that he got too wasted to remember, but how could he not find out later from social media or the internet?! His phone would have been full of messages the morning after! Dudes suddenly stripping on a pole (am I also the only one wondering how the pole got there, too?) would definitely have ended up in several gossip blogs. Especially if skating megastar Victor Nikiforov got involved in the fun! Idk

At the beginning of YOI, we see Yuuri looking up news articles about his performance, even with Celestino actively encouraging him not to.

Not long after this, Yuuri goes off to the restroom and breaks down into tears. 

As a sensitive person myself, I can say I’ve experienced painful moments like this in my own life. You eventually hit a point where your brain rejects any additional input because it’s protecting itself. If you see something else that makes the pain hurt even worse, it’s very normal to have a “NOPE” reaction and do everything in your power to avoid that additional pain.

We see Yuuri having another “NOPE” moment after his viral video gets posted.

He doesn’t read the comments on the video or look himself up on social media. Yuuri literally drops his phone and shuts himself off mentally from the world. 

He’s not emotionally equipped to handle anything else. His brain rejected that information in order to protect him.

I do think it’s possible Yuuri never found out through others what happened at the banquet, though it would require work on his part to avoid it.

Maybe people did try to point out posts about it, and he just chose not to look. Maybe he shut his phone off and stopped logging into social media for a while until the news quieted down. Maybe Phichit or Celestino tried to mention it once, and because Yuuri got so upset and sensitive about the topic, they never brought it up again.

That “NOPE” feeling is awful when you get there. It’s an overwhelming sense of “I cannot handle anymore” and you just shut yourself off.

So yes - I do think it’s possible.

Can we stop the idea that fanfiction is just a niche and has zero effect on its readers whatsoever and that it’s okay to use and promote offensive tropes in fanfiction? I know I’m not the only one who mostly reads fanfiction rather than books, it’s shaped the way I perceive human relations and sexuality more than I care to admit, it’s a fucking huge part of the lives of many young people and especially teenage girls. Fanfiction should be treated like any other media and we shouldn’t drop all standards when it comes to judging fanfiction.

Anatomy of a Tweet Fest......

Well last night’s little twitter love fest was interesting, wasn’t it?   And I’ve seen lots of people commenting on what they thought it meant.

 Was it Sam and Cait giving a big FU to fans?  

 Was it Sam and Cait letting fans know they’re still together?  

 Was it Sam and Cait getting giddy and silly because of a night shoot?  

 Let me tell you exactly what last night’s little twitter love fest meant……it meant that sometime in the last 48 hours a couple of people got their ass chewed by a PR exec.

 I’d heard yesterday that Outlander’s social media numbers were down, not any specifics just a general comment from our statistician who knows I love the show and books.  At the time, I gave it a “Humph” but after last night I have to wonder and may check just how “down” they were.     This is major for a show that won’t be on the air until September, social media is all they have right now.   And let me tell you - if you don’t think that Outlander/Starz PR has people out there perusing social media to keep a handle on the temperature of fans, I’ve got some swamp land in Manhattan I’d like to sell you.  

 Last nights “Tweet Fest” was a PR move pure and simple.  Think about what they’re filming right now.  Why on earth would Sam and Cait be tweeting each other when they were filming together on the same set?  If they wanted to tell each other how tired they were, all they had to do was talk to each other, LOL!  Not to mention, the JustJared story coming out mere minutes after the tweets started.   Come one people have you never heard of subtlety?

 Somebody told them to get out on social media and remind the fans why we fell in love with them in the first place.  It’s what we call “corrective PR”.   They weren’t trying to say “FU” to the fans, they were trying to woo us.

 Did it work?  Who knows.  But if it did I’ll expect them to keep up the social media love for a day or two then just go back to old habits.

 What if it didn’t work?   Well now if the little twitter fest didn’t get the numbers back to PR’s liking – I expect two things:

 1.      I expect a candid pic of Sami and Cait enjoying time together over the weekend.   Maybe a selfie or a fan pic (and if you don’t believe fan pics are staged sometimes – got some more of that swampland…)


2.      I expect MM to fade into the woodwork – at least for a while.

 Now I know what you’re thinking…. this means that Starz has been playing us all along with the whole Sam/Cait couple thing.  Sam’s with MM, Cait’s with Tony, and we’re all just a bunch of fools.    No, it doesn’t mean the afore mentioned is true – doesn’t mean it’s not.  It simply means that PR knows what makes fans happy and statistics jump.   This was crisis management and it followed one simple formula.

 Event (Cait’s pic) = Outcome (dropped social media stats) which yield Counter Event (Twitter Fest) and these Counter Events will change, escalate, and continue until social media numbers rise to acceptable thresholds.

 Whether you fall for it or not– well that’s up to you.

Mass Effect: Andromeda — Media Embargo Drops at 6AM Pacific

Today, a number of gaming media will unveil new news on Mass Effect: Andromeda. Although the developers have stated there only should be slight spoilers in today’s info drops, if you are 100% avoiding spoilers, stay away from social media today!

All spoilers on this blog will be tagged #MEASpoilers.

I’m in a Mood.

It’s been a long time since I’ve used Count Blogula in any sort of blog format, but I’m in a mood. I went to bed in a mood, I woke up in a mood, and usually the only way I can shake off a mood is to talk about it. I’ve talked about it, and lo and behold, the mood is still here, kicking and screaming. So I’m writing about it.

I know my reputation. I’m the Cyborg Queen. I have a black soul and a mechanical heart. When you send me your questions, my answers are honest and to the point. I don’t coddle, I don’t sugar coat, and I certainly won’t tell you what you want to hear just to make you feel better. Because of this, people assume I’m cold. Fuck, people assume a lot about me solely based on my vlogs. I get it. I understand where it comes from. But a lot of it is inaccurate.

In reality, I’m not all that uncaring. I just don’t show my affection verbally. I’m not the person who will shower you in meaningless praise, because it’s exactly that—meaningless. If I’m going to help someone, it’s through my actions: favors, gifts, advice, assistance. I believe the best way to help a person is to actually help them—to spend my time doing something that will make their life easier. This, to me, is where real affection lies. Actions speak louder than words.

I’m especially passionate about this when it comes to my fellow writers. I know how it feels to be alone with your writing, to have zero support, zero guidance. I know firsthand how daunting the writing journey can be, and I know how much harder it is when you’ve got no one in your corner. So I take it upon myself to be in other writers’ corners. I answer their questions, I lend them my research, I read their material, I critique it. I do this shit all the fucking time, even when it conflicts with my very intense schedule, and I especially extend myself for people I consider friends. Maybe that’s my problem. Maybe I’m too accommodating. And I don’t know why I do this, because half the time, I regret it.

I’m well aware that this is my fault for expecting decency out of people in the first place. I’ve been in this world long enough to know that, when given the option, a lot of people will choose selfishness over kindness. I know this, yet I’m still disappointed. I have beta read a writer buddy’s manuscript, only for her to attempt to sabotage my own beta process to “get back at me” for negative criticisms. I’ve been the person more than a few acquaintances consistently come to for advice, only for them to disappear when I’m the one in need. I’ve given a free line-edit to a writer-acquaintance, only for her to send hate mail to my ask box. I’ve spent countless hours giving advice, critiques, and promos, only to be snubbed when the tables turn. And of course, I have had people try to warm up to me simply so they can go around social media dropping my name and claiming to be my PIC.

I realize at this point I’m whining, and making this post public is probably ill-advised. I’m just in a mood. When I do nice shit for people, I don’t expect to be rewarded, just appreciated. If I come around needing assistance, I think it’s fair to want the same kindness that I offered up in the first place. And at the very least, I expect loyalty.

Is there a point to this post? Not really. I just needed the release. Cliff and I have had long talks about this, and everything he’s said is right. As my platform continues to grow, my personal social circle will continue to shrink. I’m okay with that. I just wish these people would stop contacting me all sweet-like after they’ve knowingly given me the middle finger. It’s insulting.

Anywho, I apologize for this post. It’s super unprofessional, I know that. I guess I’m still adjusting to everything that comes with this platform, including the phonies.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me thus far and been in my corner no matter what.

<3 Mo

EDIT: For those who are unsure, my disappointment is directed toward writers I know in my personal life, not my fans/followers. I’m talking about former friends.

That is all. Carry on.

Kobayashi’s Maid Dragon Episode 4 Notes

These yellow hats are tsuugakubou 通学帽, “commuting to school hats.” They are required by many elementary schools in Japan; students must wear them when traveling to and from school (which most children do by walking, at least part of the way; school buses aren’t a thing) for various reasons. The most commonly cited is “to avoid traffic accidents” by making the children stand out, but others include preventing heatstroke, making them easier to spot for teachers, or differentiating which grade a student is in.

As the previous sentence implies, their design may change as you go up the grades (yellow for first graders, blue for older, as an example) or sometimes by gender. Depends on what the school wants to do with them.

Point cards are an absurdly popular way of encouraging repeat business in Japan, with lots of small business using non-electronic ones (marked by just a custom stamp). If you’re not careful your wallet will be overflowing with them in no time.

The “zuuun” sound she makes here is, as you could probably guess, the sound effect for this sort of emotional gloom or a sense of heaviness (physical or not).

Japanese has a huge wealth of these “sound effect” words, and they’re a pretty normal part of conversation—especially for kids, but also adults and to an extent even in formal situations. You’re surely familiar with “onomatopoeia” (also known as a phonomime), a word that sound like a sound; “buzz” being a common example. You may be less familiar with the words phenomime and psychomime; words that “sound” like actions/conditions of the physical world (something going “round and round and round…”) and words that “sound” like emotions/feelings/mental states (a “pounding” headache).

You’ll notice she says “kawaii” the first time, and “cute” the second. English is a required subject in most Japanese schools starting in late elementary school, so while people may not be able to actually speak it, they do know a bunch of random vocab words. And it’s reflected in Japanese media: you can just drop in English like this and expect your audience to understand it. It’s kind of a neat strength of writing in Japanese (and some other languages) that’s hard to reproduce in English, as there’s no standard second language everyone has to study—and not as much acceptance of randomly speaking other languages in the middle of a sentence anyway (somewhat ironically, given how many loan words English actually has).

She uses the verb 仰る ossharu here, which is a very formal/respectful form of “to say,” like how you would refer to something your boss or a client says. The impression it leaves in this case, at least for me, is like how a parent will sometimes sort of jokingly speak “humbly” toward their kid, like they’re a princess or something.

I think this is supposed to be “bud” not “bod,” but I’m not sure if it’s a mistake on Kyoani’s part or an intentional misspelling for realism, because that sort of mistake is a super common sight around Japan.

“Fancy” as a loan word in Japanese is not really associated with “expensive” the way it is in English, but is instead used to refer to cutesy decorative things. “Fancy Shop” is actually a word you can look up in (some) Japanese dictionaries, defined as “a store that specializes in selling ‘fancy’ ‘goods’.” (“Goods” being another common loan word, basically “merch” in English.) You can google image search “ファンシーショップ” (fanshii shoppu) and get a good feel for what it’s like.

Hello Kitty and that whole aesthetic is a decent example as well.

She uses another of those sound effect words here: chikachika. Basically the idea is a prickling sort of pain; it’s not just sparkling, it hurts to look at. It’s a relatively common gag line for an older person to say when looking at “sparklingly” youthful stuff, in that “I’m so old” sort of way.

That little face there is the henohenomoheji face—so named because it’s made out of the hiragana he (へ) for the eyebrows/mouth, no (の) for the eyes, mo (も) for the nose, and ji (じ) for the face’s outline and one ear. It’s a popular little doodle and you’ll see it on stuff like scarecrows or background characters in manga (when the author wants to lampshade the fact that they’re meaningless background characters).

|のの “
|  も  /
|  へ /

カンナ is Kanna in katakana, the set of kana used primarily for foreign words/names; all of the dragons’ names are written using it. It’s another way “foreigners”* are different from Japanese in Japan, whose names are written in kanji. Well, generally, anyway; some people give their kids (mostly girls) hiragana or, even more rarely, katakana first names, and often very young kids will write their names in kana anyway due to not having learned kanji yet.

*Mostly excluding people from countries that also use Chinese characters to write names, like say China—though even then you can usually tell "oh this is a Chinese name” from the choice of characters.

It’s actually a pain sometimes, as some forms and computer systems are designed with Japanese names in mind, which basically means you’ll never need more than like 4 characters each for first and last name. If you’ve got a longer name, it often won’t fit in those cases.

Did anybody miss this joke? 

The sign, as you might expect, basically says “Sweets Erasers” and “Warning: Do Not Eat”.

The sign here is pointing out that these are those “safety buzzers” mentioned earlier…which you probably noticed.

This is a play on a disclaimer(?) message that is/was common on certain Japanese TV shows: “この後スタッフが美味しく頂きました,” basically “the staff enjoyed eating it after this.” Japan suffered some pretty bad food shortages around the end of WW2 and, as cultures tend to do after experiencing that sort of thing, developed a strong norm against wasting food. Due to that, TV shows that wasted food on set felt the need to show that message, “after filming we ate this and were thankful about it; it wasn’t wasted,” to avoid blowback from angry viewers. It sort of occupies a similar spot in the culture that “no animals were harmed in the filming of this movie” does in the US. Both arise from a real effort to hold studios accountable, but are also often used as material for jokes.

The sign in the back specifies that this is masking tape, not ribbon, in case that’s what you thought it was.

“Backpacks” here is actually a very specific type of backpack, mostly unique to Japan; ランドセル randoseru, originally an old loan word from Dutch: ransel. This type of backpack is exclusively used by elementary school students—and indeed a large majority of elementary school students use them, as has been the tradition for several decades. Like a lot of Japanese school traditions it originally started as a military thing that seeped into the mainstream while Japan was feeling particularly imperialistic.

As you can see, they tend to be stupidly expensive for a backpack. The cost is somewhat deserved at least, as they are mostly handmade from quality materials and will easily endure the whole six years of a child’s elementary schooling. The hard shell that keeps the boxy shape helps keep the kids from breaking or crushing crap they put in it too, so that’s nice I guess.

They tend to have a strong nostalgic value as well, and people will often hold onto them as keepsakes (i.e. stuffed away in an attic or closet to be looked at once every twenty years or so, probably).

In addition to the above (which would not get me to pay that much, personally), many schools have traditionally required, and continue to require, that students use one. Some even mandate the color, though that’s not quite as common as it used to be and nowadays you can get them in a bunch of different colors instead of the traditional black or red*. Even in places where it’s not required, it’s not unheard of for people to use them anyway, again due to tradition and not wanting their kid to be the only one without (which would probably lead to both teasing of the kid by their classmates, and gossip about their parents by other parents).

*Red being a traditional color helps explain why Kobayashi reacted as she did there. In particular, black=boys & red=girls used to be a thing too.

It’s possible to get them for significantly cheaper in places (like online retailers), though those will generally be of lower quality (or at least less fancy materials; you’re probs not gonna find a leather one for 7,000 yen). Fancy designer ones can of course go for absurdly high prices, though that’s true of any product nowadays.

By the way, as you can see here, nigh on everybody carries a bag of some sort in Japan. Since you’re not likely to be using a car, it’s not like you’ve got anywhere else to put stuff you might need to have with you when out and about.

Japan is still largely cash-based when it comes to individual purchases, a fact which provides a little context to this bit. Outside of large chains, many places won’t take cards, and until fairly recently debit cards basically weren’t even a thing—they still haven’t really caught on, but at least you can get one from some of the large banks now.

School uniforms and certain other supplies are largely purchased through small local stores like this; if you’ve lived near a school you’re likely to have seen one. As Kobayashi’s line implied, they often have deals with a school so that you have to buy through them. It reminds me of how you have to buy gowns/hats/etc. for US school graduation ceremonies through a certain vendor the school (district?) has a deal with.

As you’re probably aware, this is a common and powerful sentiment in Japan, especially the more traditional areas. There have been cases of schools forcing children to dye their hair black even if it was naturally another color, which is clearly an example of taking it too far. On the other hand, there is an argument to made for fostering a sense of equality with your peers by having the whole class in the same uniform, with the same shoes, carrying the same bag, etc., so it’s not like it’s purely hard-headed attachment to tradition and conformity. I guess.

Kanna writes the na in her name with hiragana by mistake (な instead of ナ). …Or so you’d think, but she was doing a good job writing kanji earlier, so I’m not sure if it’s an honest mistake or a calculated one to appear less infallible. Especially considering the fake tears we see later.
Edit: As has been pointed out, the Ka is also wrong in the same way: か instead of カ. Not gonna lie, I sometimes make that mistake myself when writing them out by hand, since the primary difference is just whether there’s that corner dash and it’s easy to add it out of muscle memory—hiragana is a lot more common to write than katakana.

As mentioned before, handwriting is seen as very important in Japan—in particular, the specific method of how you’re supposed to write any one character (including letters/numbers). I bring this up again here because Kanna totally writes the 9 the “wrong” way.

Cram schools (塾 juku) are private “after-school-schools” that parents put their kids into to improve their chances of doing well on the all-important school entrance exams. They’re often seen as a pretty shitty experience for the kid (who wants to go to school twice in one day? or on days off?), but a necessary evil in order to make sure they can get into a good middle school, to get into a good high school, to get into a good college, to get a good job, to have a good life.

These rags, blue/pink clips, and rack are a common sight in many places in Japan; typically schools and offices where the students/employees do a basic cleaning of the classroom/office.

As you may have noticed in other anime set in schools, students tend to do a lot of the work of keeping the school clean. Part of that is (probably) to save on cleaning costs, but it’s also intended to foster a sense of community among the students and get them feeling invested in the school, as well as teach responsibility.

In many workplaces this tradition continues, to a greater or lesser extent. A white-collar worker might not be cleaning the office bathroom, but they will likely have a weekly (or biweekly, whatever) cleaning event where everybody gets a rag and cleans up any dust, coffee/tea rings, etc. around their desk for a few minutes, maybe do a little vacuuming. It’s as much a team-building exercise as it is a cost-saving technique (in theory).

Of course, it also helps establish that it’s now at the end of the school day.

This is that phrase the dude in episode two was repeating: maji yabakune マジやばくね. The maji is just an emphasis thing, very similar to “really” in English (both like “that’s really weird” or “wow, really?”). “Seriously” works too, especially considering that maji is short for majime 真面目, which is a less slangy word that basically means serious (it’s more than just that but whatever). Depending on use, it may be closer to “rly” or “srsly” instead (interneeeet).

The second word is yabai (or more specifically the negated version of it*, yabakunai, or even more specifically the slangy/slurred way of saying that, yabakune). Yabai is a slang word that’s exploded in popularity over the last several years (though it’s roots are much older). It used to mostly describe a situation that is/had gone bad, similar to something like “oh shit.” Much like “shit” though, it’s become almost a catch-all word you can use to refer to basically anything. “This is shit.” “This is the shit.” “This is my shit.” Another example you’ll hear is using it to refer to people, like “that guy’s yabai,” which can mean anything from “don’t fall in with that dude he dangerous” to “that guy’s nuts” to “damn look at that dude go, fuckin beast mode.”

It’s not quite as vulgar though, so it’s not necessarily a bad word for kids to say.

*An extremely common grammar construction in Japanese is negating something and sticking a question mark after it to make a phrase similar to “Is that not ___?” in English. That’s what’s going on with “yabakune.”

So here, it’s Kanna processing the conflicting statements Saikawa made and being like a combination of “she nuts” and “danger Kanna Kamui, danger” (in a silly sort of way).

The line here technically isn’t want to be friends (友達になりたい tomodachi ni naritai or similar), but want to get along well (仲良くしたい nakayokushitai). It’s a pretty insignificant difference, but it makes slightly more sense in context for her to be saying it that way (at least in the Japanese, where both sound natural).

“Blundering” here is bukiyou 不器用, which is a common adjective for someone who’s clumsy (especially in a “bad with their hands” kind of way) or bad at expressing their emotions. If you’re familiar with the stereotypical gruff Japanese dad who can’t make himself tell his kids he loves them (unless maybe at end of an emotional story arc) archetype, this is the word typically used to describe them.

So basically the nuance here is that they’re all “you should have just said you wanted to be friends with her from the start, why’d you have to be all combative?” Which is probably something they think about her a lot.

For the curious, the words here are kurasu 暮らす and ikiru 生きる. The former is a verb for the act of “living” in a “what you do in your day to day life to get by” type of way; what house you live in, what food you eat, your routine, etc. The latter is “living” in a more philosophical sort of way, like “how you choose to live your life.” Or biologically I guess, like being alive versus being dead.

The way she words this, to me, implies less “for now, I can” and more “now, I can.” Like she couldn’t understand it before, but now she can.

Maybe a better way to put it is that the translation here seems to deal with the “now" and the “future” (she agrees now, but may not in the future) whereas the Japanese phrase used (ima de wa 今では) deals more with the “past” and the “now” (she didn’t agree with it, but now she does).

Also for what it’s worth, in the manga there’s one extra line after that: “Kobayashi-san is just that… [trails off]

Also going back a bit, this line. The phrase “骨をうずめる hone wo uzumeru” doesn’t really mean to destroy oneself. Literally, it means to bury one’s bones, and idiomatically, it means to “devote yourself wholly to something.” It is (or maybe was, when lifetime employment was still big) commonly used like “I will bury my bones at this company,” meaning you were devoted to your work at that employer (and had no plans to consider leaving for another job in the future).

So the idea here is that she had seen many of her fellow dragons who started with just “I’ll just spend time/get along with this non-dragon” and ended up becoming completely devoted to them instead (romantically or otherwise), but had never been able to accept/understand that feeling/decision—until now.

Also worth noting the “共に tomo ni” (together with) that she used with the bone-burying phrase—the same word she used twice earlier when talking about living with humans (tomo ni kurasu and, tomo ni ikiru).

So depending on how you want to interpret it, idiomatically or literally, the dragons she knew got “too” involved with a non-dragon and then either just became super emotionally attached, or died together with them.

This line is actually “いつの不良だ? itsu no furyou da?”. Furyou is one of the words you’ll see as “delinquent” a lot, and itsu is “when.” Basically the way they’re acting makes them seem like stereotypical delinquents from year 19XX, and she’s sort of reacting to both how out of date it is, plus the “delinquent” thing itself. If you were writing a similar scene from scratch in English, you might go with a “____ called, it wants its ____ back” style joke.

She’s saying “moe” here, in case you didn’t catch that. That sort of “moeeeee” squeal is pretty stereotypical (if sort of out of date) as a thing Japanese anime otaku would say when looking at something cute. When I say stereotypical, I mean that was kind of the perception even relatively normal people had about what otaku did, “oh those people who go like ‘moeeeee’ at anime, right?”

Get it he’s fat (American) and big (gorilla). Gorilla is a pretty standard jokey way to make fun of someone big and stocky. You’ve probably heard it used in several other anime/manga before (often PE teachers or judo club members, especially with square jaws like that).

The phrase here is kubi wo aratte mattero yo 首を洗ってまってろよ, the ever-popular “wash your neck and wait.” It refers to an old line from back in the samurai days, when it was a thing to wash your neck prior to committing seppuku—after you gut yourself, someone else is supposed to cut your head off, and it would be just dreadful for someone to have to cut a dirty neck, heavens me. Basically the idea is “yer fuckin dead mate.”

This is an example of a sutezerifu 捨て台詞, basically a parting line made by an aggrieved party, like “I’ll get you for this!” or whatever. In fiction it’s heavily associated with the bad guys. If you think of Team Rocket they’re a perfect example.

The phrase for picking a fight in Japanese is “selling a fight” (and “fighting words” can be “selling words (urikotoba 売り言葉)”, as here). Then if someone takes you up on it, they “bought” the fight.

Specifically she has no jinbou 人望, which is basically popularity, but in a “people would go out of their way to help you” sort of way; it’s not the same word you’d use to refer to a popular movie, for instance, or someone who’s “popular” but doesn’t have many friends (that would be ninki 人気).

“Explosive” here is actually the kanji for explode/explosion and heart, so it’s more like “Exploding Heart/Spirit.” It’s actually also the word for ground zero/the center of an explosion, though usually it has another kanji added to the end when used like that (爆心地 bakushinchi).

The ability to just toss whatever kanji together like this to create words that don’t necessarily have an actual meaning, but invoke a sort of emotional response, means you see this thing in titles and taglines and fiction (think attack names) a lot.

The phrase used to say “on a different level” here is ものが違う mono ga chigau. Chigau is different, and mono can mean many things, including “things,” and also including a euphemism for boobs.

She uses juurin 蹂躙 here, a fancy word for basically trample. It’s not a super common word, but it’s often used when talking about things like “trampled human rights” in news stories.

Another sutezerifu, and a particularly stereotypical one. Kobayashi doesn’t say “he’s beat up,” she comments on how absurdly stereotypical he sounds (こってこてだな).

Lucoa uses the first person pronoun “boku,” which is typically used by boys/men. Japanese has a bunch of words for “I/me,” and most of them are gendered to some extent or another; some common ones are ore 俺 and boku 僕 for men, atashi あたし and watashi 私 for women—though watashi (or watakushi) is used by everyone in formal/business environments.

Interestingly, the Japanese language is very gendered based on the speaker, but not so gendered based on the subject. So like in English it can be hard to tell someone’s gender online sometimes, but at the same time it’s useful information to know for pronoun purposes. In Japanese it’s easy to tell someone’s gender online (unless they specifically write to hide it), but at the same time you don’t even really need to know, for pronoun purposes anyway.

The phrase here is 姥捨て ubasute, an ancient (and possibly mostly mythical?) practice of abandoning elderly people (particularly but not exclusively women) in the mountains or elsewhere in the wilderness to die in times when food was scarce and the extra mouth couldn’t be fed.

You have to remove your normal shoes and change into indoor shoes (like slip-ons), when entering schools in Japan. In middle/high school you’ll typically have a shoe locker to keep those in, but in elementary school you often are required to have a bag to keep them in; hence the “slipper case” here.

Basically the same is true of physical education/gym clothes, hence the “gym clothes case.” The “gym cap” is basically the same deal as the commuting hat, but worn during gym/PE class. They’re often red and white (also reversible), and so sometimes referred to as kouhakubou 紅白帽 (red/white hats; “kouhaku” is a common word, as the red/white color pair has a lot of cultural significance, especially in relation to Shinto).

Bathrooms in Japan don’t have paper towels, so a handkerchief is an important item to carry when leaving the house.

The “pencil board” (下敷き shitajiki) is a thin plastic board placed under paper to provide a better writing surface (such as when writing in a notebook, which would otherwise have more “give” to it). Possibly due to the relatively intricate nature of kanji (look at this shit: 憂鬱), clean handwriting gets a lot of focus in Japanese primary education—calligraphy lessons, with brush and ink and all, are a regular feature of class—which I guess is where the mandatory status of these boards comes from.

The safety buzzer (“crime prevention buzzer”) is a common piece of equipment for kids to carry, so they can ring in case of kidnapping or similar crime; basically the “I need an adult” alarm. Since kids are generally walking to school unattended and there have been a few high profile criminal cases related to that, it makes sense schools would want to make sure these are something students are carrying.

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you can answer this in tags if you want because i'm not saying this to cause drama or be an asshole at all i'm just genuinely curious and trying to wrap my mind around everything- but if harry is getting "reborn" or presenting a "rebirth" to everyone then.. how does that coincide with him going back to 1d ever? like that feels a lot different than niall who was like "hey i did a tune, hope you like it!" that feels like superstardom. (again, not being sarcastic or snappy i'm feeling very :/ rn)

Niall was reborn as a solo artist when he increased his visibility and social media presence and dropped a song and one mic video out of nowhere. Louis was reborn as an EDM artist when he dropped his collab with Steve. Liam will be reborn as an RNB artist it seems. Harry is just being more literal and artistic about it.

They all have gone about things a bit differently but none would go back to 1D as the same artists they were before. Not even as the same people. Why is it only Harry striving for success (as they all are) that’s a threat to people?

  • Johnny Depp: *works voluntary for the Make a wish foundation*
  • *visits sick children in hospitals*
  • *donates millions to charity*
  • *works for free as a favor for friends*
  • *helps his friends and family in any way he can*
  • *is super sweet and generous with his fans*
  • *stands up for lgbt+ rights*
  • *has helped countless of people with his work*
  • *gets accused of something, it doesn't get proven and charges are dropped*
  • social media: omg he is pure evil, why do people still support him??????

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I'm not even saying this to shade Harry and Jeff/FSM because I don't think Harry is this kind of person but like.. I'm unfortunately not shocked this is how they're running with his marketing? The Harry The Illustrious Rock Star vs Those Other 3 Randoms is something that's been set in motion since 2012, and something that's never been stopped. And unfortunately most of this fandom and the general public eat stuff like that up. I hate it with every fibre of my being but like.. I'm not shocked.

Me either…Here’s the deal with me. Harry solo music: HELL FUCKING YEAH GIVE IT TO ME
Solo Harry media after he drops his songs: HELL NOOOOO
We all know how the media is gonna talk about it and I’m already pissed off
AND ITS NOT HARRY’S FAULT let me be clear before some of you come for me

OK so what if in S1 Caitlin HAD been affected by the particle accelerator and then took off soon afterwards? Cisco doesn’t know wtf is going on but he has to stay at STAR Labs to take care of some comatose guy and can’t look for answers on what happened to his best friend

 After Barry becomes The Flash he then runs into a metahuman who keeps terrorizing a chemical plant. What’s her name?

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“Vote for me if you want strong and stable leadership,” cries the Prime Minister who just bold-facedly and shamelessly u-turned on a manifesto pledge literally 4 days after releasing said manifesto.

I’ve met half-broken deck chairs who were stronger and more stable than this woman, and she wants us to trust her with the most crucial diplomatic negotiation of our generation?

I don’t know if the fact she’s obviously lying makes it any better or makes it worse. Because it’s not a u-turn, not really. It’s a placating move to the media to make them drop the subject and stop talking about it just long enough for her to sweep to a large majority whereupon her government will just go ahead and introduce the policy anyway, probably at the moment it’s calculated that it’ll be the least noticeable.

EXO Emergency #I’llBeHome4Christmas...

Suho: Okay guys now this meeting is very important beca–

Chen:*stands up* Stop! Did you legit kept us from going home on Christmas so that we could all come to this stupid meeting???

Suho: …

Baekhyun: *walks over and puts hand on Suho’s shoulder*

Baekhyun: Bro we love you b–

Sehun: *coughs*

Baekhyun: But I didn’t spend the whole year becoming the most important member just to have to see your dumb face on a Sunday at 5am.

Kai: Yes, I’m not trying to be rude but why are we up so early anyway??

Suho: *shrugs of Baekhyun’s hand* First I’m not your bro and secondly all of you guys act like it’s such a chore to spend some time together. Where is your holiday spirit?

Kyungsoo: You tell me, I was promised three bottles of wine!

*Door opens and Kris, Tao and Luhan enter*

Tao: Merry Christmas!!

Sehun: *mutters* More like 3 bodies of whine.

Tao: I heard that!

Kyungsoo: *rifles through the cupboards for soju*

Suho: I just wanted us all to gather as a family-

Chanyeol: But we’re not

Suho: -Anddd to end the year on a good note.

Chen: Lol and you invited the absentee China Line for that? We can’t even get Sehun to end on a good note, never mind the whole year.


Xuimin: So is this why you asked us all to bring a present?

Suho: *sighs* Yes! Just something small and thoughtful to give to someone you’re grateful for.

Yixing: I brought a gift for Chanyeol

Chanyeol: Thanks man!

Baekhyun: Seriously??? *Starts crossing off name on package in his hands*

Chanyeol: *rips it open* Wow!!! It’s a new hoodie!

Yixing: We all know that you’re broke after buying your car, and we all were getting tired of seeing you in that “burning bridges” hoodie.

Chen: it wouldn’t have been that bad of it didn’t smell like a burning bridge as well.

Luhan: Lol I missed you guys.

Suho: Enough to come back?

Luhan: Sure…. I’d love to give up my paycheck and million dollar home for a cramped dorm and a slave contract.

Kris: *laughs* Funnyyy!

Chen: not really.

Kyungsoo: *raised hand* Can I go next?

Suho: Sure!

Kyungsoo: *pulls out brown paper bag and starts drinking from a hidden bottle*

Kai: Is he?


Suho: D.O.! I said bring something for someone you care about!

Kyungsoo: *lowers bottle* ….but I did.

Sehun: nice.

Suho: *rubs temple* Why me?

Baekhyun: Sooo I had a gift for Yixing but since his heart now beats for Chanyeol’s skinny ass I guess I have to give this to someone else. *throws box at Chen’s head*

Chen: OUCH

Kai: Can we speed this up? Krystal and i are spending Christmas at both our parents hou–

Kyungsoo: *starts gagging on his bottle*

Kris: Why do I keep coming back here?


Chen: *opens box* Some one tell my why there’s matching bracelets that say “Lay & Bae”????



Tao: Just to be honest I forgot to bring a present.

Sehun: Just to be honest I remembered but decided I didn’t want to.


Kris: You gotta give him props for honesty…..also I opted to not give a gift either.

Luhan: Same

Chen: Ditto

Xiumin: I brought a gift!

Suho: Who did you bring it for?

Xiumin: I didn’t know that it had to be for anyone so I sorta just picked a group gift.

Kai: Sweet, what is it?

Xiumin: Just a new PS4 for the game room.

Luhan: *to Chen* You guys have a game room?

Chen: If by room you mean a side closet in Soo’s room then yeah.

Kris: Typical

Suho: That’s better than nothing I guess.

Baekhyun: Speaking of better than nothing. Suho what did you get for us to make up for ruining our Christmases?

Suho: *gets excited and pulls out a giant bag* I actually got you all a whole case of scrapbooking materials so that we can bond together and maybe even invite some friends to scrap wi–

Sehun: *raises hand* I have a question for the China Line.

Tao: What’s up?

Sehun: So is there like a process you have to go through to leave the group or is it like you just don’t come into practice and stop returning phone calls…..I’m asking for a friend.


Tao: It’s more like an unfollow off of social media and start dropping interviews every other week but you were close.

Baekhyun: Um I may know a friend who’s interested in leaving too so….



China Line:

Kyungsoo: I think my soju is gone, excuse me while i go to the store and get more…..if I’m not back in 3 days don’t come look for me *leaves*


Sehun: *to Chanyeol* Wait can we just go?

Chanyeol: I mean you don’t do much so probably

Suho: I hate this group.

Chen: Wait! so does this mean that this will be the last time we see your loser face all year??

Baekhyun: Dude…don’t jinx it! We probs will never get that lucky!

Exo + China Line: *all laugh*

Suho:*picks up bag of scrap keeping materials*

Suho: I hate you all.

Jimin had always noticed the boy who worked in the media lab of the school library whenever he accompanied his friend Jungkook to one of his recording sessions. The boy was there each time without fail, even if days had gone by since Jimin had last visited. Decked out in slim-fitting hoodies and jeans, his face was often hidden behind a hood and clunky studio headphones making him inconspicuous to the other students in the room who worked on their computers.

The only reason why Jimin noticed him was because he would frequently find the boy staring at him, his eyes masterfully avoiding Jimin’s whenever he tried to pin him down. It was a surprise to both of them when Jimin was finally able to catch his eye after almost a month of unsuccessful attempts, ending their little cat and mouse-like game. The boy froze, his fingers pausing on his computer keyboard as Jimin walked towards him.

“Yah.” Jimin tapped on his shoulder. “What do you want? Why are you always staring at me?”

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Five times Jack Zimmermann slept with Justin Trudeau, apparently

Headcanon developed in the #omgchatplease IRC channel:

Zimms/Parse fandom was at its full flower in 2009, blooming and beautiful. Then Jack overdosed and completely dropped off media radar. Fans didn’t know what to do! There was a brief “IT’S OUR FAULT, HE COULDN’T TAKE THE MEDIA PRESSURE” wankstorm and most fans dropped out and faded away, or followed Parse into NHL RPF.

But oh, the holdouts.

Jack only got into the media once in his year away, when he attended a charity fundraiser his parents were very involved in and stood next to Justin Trudeau for five minutes. A photographer from the social page in Macleans came by and they smiled and posed for a picture, which was of course published.


AUs the fandom has known:

  • The arranged political marriage AU
  • The drunken hookup in a Montreal gay bar AU that ends up with curtainy babyfic
  • The 400k Very Srs Epic where Jack becomes Canada’s leading political spouse and you can tell the author, although not Canadian, did a LOT of research. When Trudeau is actually elected she comes back to fandom for the first time since her baby was born just to flail and cry over everyone.
  • The Arthurianesque fantasy inspired-by-Merlin AU where Justin is the kingdom of Ottawa’s crown prince and Jack is his magical advisor and one true love
  • The dystopian AU where the USA has invaded Canada and Justin is the leader of the Resistance and Jack is his brilliant military strategist who goes out and dares much and is desperately in love with his leader who has to stay behind and pray Jack comes back safely, but also there’s this heartbreaking part where Jack has engineered a sabotage where his guys pretend to get captured and smuggle super secret bombs into the American stronghold, but the American base commander proposes an exchange of hostages Jack willingly agrees to to get his guys back before they blow the place and it’s happy because you thought it was gonna be a suicide mission, except at the exchange they realize the American base commander is KENT PARSON and Jack can’t, he just can’t, even if it means his country is forever doomed, but he HAS TO and he DOES and Bitty started reading it as a joke but he can’t put his phone down and it’s 3am and he’s crying so hard and he will never tell Jack about this, never.

I was asked by someone today why my existence on social media has dropped a lot over the past few years and they actually seemed offended by my answer, I don’t think I was offensive at all, I mean unless this person was extremely sensitive. All I said was I chose not to be on social media that much because it’s digressed from the original idea of it. It’s used mainly by people that want to start drama and when I originally took to it, it was an information highway between myself and the fans and over the years it’s become a place to start shit and act like you’re a high school kid again. I’m too old for that shit. To be sitting at home arguing with some sixteen year old person because they don’t like what I post so I don’t use it that much, I still use Instagram a lot just not Twitter or Snapchat. And this actually offended this person. If I said something wrong tell me you think I’m wrong don’t act like a dick man. Anyway. I’m Kellin and apparently I’m very offensive to sensitive people.