Our uni has a bookbinding workshop, so I’ve saved up all my scraps and learnt how to bind them into pocket-sized notebooks. Perfect for writing down observations at art shows! I might try to befriend someone from the letterpress department to get these monogrammed.


If you are going to do any kind of freelance work, or be a professional in general, it is important to brand yourself well on the web. So here is an article about personal branding that is worth a look. 



If you want to look at my personal website to get some ideas, here is one I made for myself in WIX.


100 Days w/o Fear – every day for 100 consecutive days, School of Visual Arts student Michelle Poler is trying one thing that terrifies her, from changing a diaper to panhandling to leaving her iPhone at home. The project is part of the annual 100 Days Project initiative by the SVA Masters in Branding program chaired by Debbie Millman, which assigns students the task of envisioning a creative operation, performing it for one hundred consecutive days, and documenting the ongoing process publicly.

Meanwhile, one of Poler’s classmates is using the project for a very different take on human psychology, illustrating the everyday realities of living with mental illness.

Little update

So my blog has mostly been inactive hahaha. well hay what can i say havent really had time.

I study at a school called Media Design School. my course is Digital creativity.

The course is a foundation course. first we did digital media, then we moved on to 3D and now we are onto web design.

My Favorite subject so far has to be 3D and that is what i plan to study next yeah.

If any one has question please feel free to ask.

On other comments i HATE internet providers, capping the internet to such a slow speed is unberable and mean. so images will be slow.


Four weeks ago I started my 11 month program at Media Design School (  My specific course is called Digital Media and it covers how to build and design websites.  Class runs from 8:30-12:30 Monday-Friday and requires a few hours of work after class each day. It is like a full time job.   

Here are a few details about my class:

  • 20 students
  • 60%-40% : Women-Men
  • Ages: 18 - mid 30’s
  • Countries represented (# of students): New Zealand (8), USA (1-me), South Africa (1), India (2), South Korea (1), China (4), Sweden (1), Japan (2).  Needless to say, being the only American in my class is a little different than my last college experience at Miami University.

As you’ll notice in the pictures, the Sky Tower (the building that looks like the Space Needle) is half a block from the school.  Despite being only 60 stories tall, it dwarfs every other building in the city.  At the top of the tower there is a platform where people can bungee jump.  It’s technically not a true bungee jump - it’s a “controlled descent” with guide wires on both sides and from above - but crazy nonetheless.  Since I have class on the 15th floor we are entertained throughout the day watching people jump.

The last picture shows the view of the harbor as you look down Albert Street.  I walk that route each day.  It is fun seeing the cruise ships in the harbor as I’m coming home from class (never had that in Minnesota!)

All in all class is going quite well-  I enjoy the subject matter, the instructors are great and learning with people from all over the world is a unique experience.   


Weapon Summative

Here is my concept art for the weapon I wanted to make. It changed a bit in realization, but overall kept the same design feel, in my opinion. Here are the texture maps I made for it.

Diffuse Map

Specular Map

Normal Map

Ambient Occlusion Map

LOD0 and 1.

LOD0 is 5184 Tris and LOD1 is 1948.

Some shots of the sculpt from Maya because ZBrush hates me right now.

This was pretty much done over the last week when we were given four, hence its shoddiness. 8D

As it was due for submission today, it decided that that was clearly the best time to break. As such there are nasty black stripes down some bits, and one of the bits down the back (the ridgey bit?) went missing.

I don’t think it’s too bad for a week’s work, as I have no intention of being a Hard Surface modeler. I mean sure it’s awesome to know stuff for the sake of being a generalist, but focusing on it seems relatively pointless. It’d be nice if we had texturing exercises so I could texture some things that I didn’t model… Oh well. Animation soon! :D


Um curta baseado em The Walking Dead, só que com um toque de humor/romance, foi um trabalho de conclusão do curso de produção em 3D do Media Design School.


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Born & bred in Hong Kong, the multifaceted Artgerm wears different hats as an illustrator, designer, concept artist, creative director & instructor at 3D Sense Media School - Concept Design & Illustration Program.

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