Let’s Speak English #78!

Pizza here is like, twice the price for half the size. It’s buttzone. We don’t even have a regular pizza shop out here v__v

At first it was weird to me that nobody has larger dogs out here in the country, but then I realized that nobody here has yards. Even though there’s plenty of space where I live! It’s just not something people really think about including in houses, I guess. So even though we’ve got plenty of fields and such, it’s all shibas and dachshunds and chihuahuas. I miss my golden retriever son~~


This moved me to tears, such an important message.


The truth is, you only know part of Syria’s story.

Syria is the country where 18,000 civilians have signed up to be volunteer first responders to rescue people from daily barrel bomb attacks, where doctors risk their lives in underground field hospitals to save patients from chemical weapons, and where people play music on piano as the government starves their neighborhood in austere siege policies.

These people are ‪#‎MoreThanFaces‬, and this is a humble contribution to them.


One more sneak peek!

Official 'Shadowhunters' Website Launches

The Official @ShadowhuntersTV Website Has Launched!

ABC Family has launched its official website for Shadowhunters, its adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s worldwide bestselling books. The website features information about the show, social media information for the cast and crew, as well as exclusives, including a first look video at the weapons room of the Shadowhunters set. You can watch that here. If you check the Fandemonium section you might…

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Another sneak peek of The Fosters