media worm

Pen Pal Megan

Name: Megan Age: 25 Pronouns: She/Her Country: USA

Looking For: Friends, a mentor, anything!

Method: email is, otherwise contact me on tumblr at justgagging

Requirements: Must speak English, must be in your 20s

Witch Stuff: I’ve been practicing on and off for about 4 years.  I’m really big into home and hearth witchery, and green and gardening witchery.  I love wortcunning.

Extra: I love cats and reading! I’m a total book worm.

Social Media: justgagging on tumblr, ourladyofcats on instagram

media-worm  asked:

I would pay good money for a short marvel one off with the Avengers and co. gathering at Tony's place for an end of Summer BBQ. Bucky and Sam being introduced to the rest of the team, Thor showing off his lady love, Clint and Bruce coming back from their adventures in the wilderness or w/e. Rhodey and Steve getting chummy while Natasha grills burgers to utter perfection. I want it Blu, I want it bad.

Fury and Nat take turns at the grill, Nat doing the meats, Fury doing the corn and kabobs, and later that night, the ribs.

Can it please just be the 4th of July I want it to be Steve’s birthday and for there to be Tony choreographed fire works and he only gets tiny gag gifts from everyone because the BBQ is his gift–he gets to spend his birthday with people instead of just some anonymous asshole watching a publicly organized light show, or making appearances as The Captain in full uniform, shaking hands and kissing babies. 

I am Steve centric and I’m not sorry