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I don’t wanna say “fuck customers”, because I understand why people do the thing I’m complaining about… but really, it’s annoying to see people purposely misplace “gendered” items, ie boys clothes hanging up in front of the girls clothes.

So, I get the message. People want boys’ science-y shirts (or sport themed, etc) for girls, vice verse. Personally I don’t have a problem with that. If I see a boys’ shirt that doesn’t have something similar for girls, I just buy the boys’ shirt for my daughter. My issue is what I feel is ignorance towards the employees you’re creating more, and mostly unnecessary, work for.

These people think they’re sending a message straight to corporate. Managers, and their bosses above them, aren’t gonna get this message. The message they’ll get is that their employees “aren’t doing their jobs.” This could result in negative consequences (harsh store meetings, hours cut, raises withheld, etc) for employees, because hey that’s retail.

The most effective thing you could do is contact corporate directly. Post on their social media, visit their website and click on that “Contact Us” link. I feel these aforementioned techniques work because a lot of stores will listen and work toward catering to this clientele (like Bullseye removing gender signs for their toy section, the Place for Children playing up the brains instead of beauty message for girls, etc).

Don’t be the type of person who misplaces stuff on purpose because you think you’re sending a message. 😓 I get what you’re trying to do, but it affects sales associates - not corporate.


Did you know you can create drawings and share them via social media? It’s true! Just visit the mailbox in Inkopolis Square. Your drawings may be viewable by other players, so don’t go posting personal info or inappropriate content, knuckleheads! These drawings may be displayed as signs or graffiti in Inkopolis Square.

You know what I fucking hate? I fucking hate how Taylor never gets a rest. She is CONSTANTLY getting dragged by nearly EVERYONE. Not to mention she was slut-shamed for many years, Kanye and Taylor’s VMA moment, Ellen constantly showing pictures of men Taylor dated on the screen every time she visits, the media manipulating and fabricating stories about her, being bagged for her head-banging during the All Too Well Grammys performance despite the fact she’s done that for most piano, acoustic songs she’s performed on tour, how people dragged her for being surprised cause Random Access Memories was announced instead of Red for Album of the Year, how she wrote an album for a message to younger generations to find themselves and live freely only to be accused of being “pop trash” or accused of not writing all her songs despite the fact she writes all of them, and people accusing her she can’t sing, calling her anti-feminist cause she wrote Bad Blood about how she’s a victim in a friendship’s betrayal, called fake because she has many friends and a squad, called racist cause of her Wildest Dreams video, told she “can’t get over Harry Styles” when she released Out of the Woods when clearly the message was that she found herself, how Adele can remove her music from Spotify and no one bats an eye but Taylor does and everyone loses their minds, how Taylor stood up for (undiscovered) musicians by writing a letter to Apple but was called “money-hungry” and “selfish”, how she’s accused of being greedy for trademarking a couple terms whilst other artists trademark other ridiculous terms and no one says anything, how she sued someone for SEXUAL HARASSMENT and it became a SUING MEME and how she forgave Kanye, wrote a song for him years back to forgive him, presented the VMA Vanguard award for him and now he repays her by being misogynistic and apparently “making her famous”. I don’t know how Taylor has kept her cool but for Christ’s sakes, give this fucking girl a break.

On your Easter Bonnet

Ostara tossed the once beautiful white hat, now torn and stained, at the feet of the New God.  “You have your hat, now leave.” 

Media’s gaze never left her own, not even when her appearance glitched. In the blink of an eye, the New God’s hat and hair were restored to their former impeccable glory.  

“I thought we were friends.” Gone was the breathy voice from before, replaced by a husky timbre Ostara had been privy to during their more private outings.  

“Your definition of friendship is as twisted as the people who worship you.” Ostara glared at Media as she continued, “Friends help one another. They don’t lie! You gave me empty promises, Media. You squawked and squawked, but ultimately you failed to deliver. I’m nothing more than a glorified bunny!”

Media leveled her own fierce glare at Ostara. “The world the Mortals inhibit has never been a pleasant one, Ostara. You’ve been witness to their victories and failures longer than I have. When they feared something, they prayed to the Gods. When they needed something, they prayed and sacrificed to the Gods. Now, when they fear something…when they need something… they reach for their phones and laptops. When they don’t understand something, they turn on the tv or research it. They turn to religion when there are no roads left to take.”

Ostara’s hands curled into fists. “Some still believe.”

Media laughed, but the humor in her voice was as dry as the land Ostara had stripped. “I’ve kept you relevant in a society with little left to believe in. That in itself is no small feat.”

Ostara uncurled her fists, feeling drained despite the adrenaline pumping through her. “We shall see what humanity turns to when all else fails. When the cries of their starving children keep them up at night.” She squared her shoulders. “I’ve chosen my side and you yours, the line has been drawn. The veil lifted.”

Ostara thought she saw a glimmer of pain in Media’s eyes, but it was gone too fast for her to be sure. “In all the time we’ve known each other, I’ve never lied to you. Not once. I wasn’t lying when I called you a friend and I wasn’t lying that night in the field when you made me lay in the grass to look at the stars.”

Without another word, Media climbed the steps that lead to the front of her home. 

Ostara waited 3 minutes before following after her, absorbing everything Media had said. With a deep sigh, she went up the stairs. The last thing she needed was another fight on her property. As angry as she was with Media, as angry as she would always be, it didn’t mean she wanted her to be hurt. 

The scene that met her eyes when she reached the top step almost changed her mind. 

The sight of Media kissing Laura Moon in front of the bunnies, Mr. Wednesday, Shadow Moon, and Mad Sweeney left her speechless. 

With an audible sigh, Media pulled away from a now glitching Laura. Before the others could shut their mouths, Laura’s “I’m dead look” changed drastically.  Her skin tone regained its once healthy color, her hair shone with life, and the flys surrounding her vanished. Laura Moon looked very much alive. 

Media brushed a strand of hair away from Laura’s shocked face. “Am I…”

Media chuckled, “This change is temporary dear. It doesn’t mean you are back amongst the living. I just gave you a touch-up. In a world where image is everything, I thought it best you look alive. You will need to be intact for the war after all.”

Shadow Moon stared open mouthed back and forth between Media and Laura. “What the Fuck?!”

Mr. Wednesday crossed his arms. “What is the payment you require for such a… generous gift?“ 

Ostara tried to appear nonchalant as Media gave Laura a once over before replying. "The kiss was the payment.” Ostara felt her blood boil.

“Remember Laura, it’s only temporary.” With a final glance at Ostara Media, glitched out of sight leaving Laura, Shadow Moon, and Mad Sweeny stunned, Mr. Wednesday suspicious and Ostara jealous angry. 


Q: I wanna get into the donation you made at the beginning of the year. A lot of things were said about that, PK. One of them being, you know, PK had political motivations in making this donation to the Montreal Childrens, that he wanted to ensure himself that he’d be a Montreal Canadien for the remainder of his contract, that he could be the captain of the team if he made something like this happen. How do you deal with that kind of perception?

You know, when I made the donation, I didn’t think I’d be taking heat on anything that had to do with that. I mean, was my story with Alex Shapiro, was it fabricated, you know? When you have a relationship with a kid who you develop over time, you get to know he and his family and then, he … you know, he passes away and you see that. And now, I have to explain that to a reporter who wants to tell me that I want to donate to help kids because that was my experience or the fact that I want to put a letter on my jersey?
Digital Spy Spoilers

Tuesday 14th March - Liv and Gabby bunk off school for an afternoon of drinking with Josh and Jamie. Soon Josh and Gabby start to kiss, Liv’s unimpressed when Gabby invites Josh upstairs into Laurel and Ashley’s bedroom. Having discovered Liv is skiving, Robert goes round to Mulberry, followed by a distraught Laurel.

Wednesday 15th March - Robert feels out of his depth when Liv’s expelled from school for hitting Josh. Liv was defending her friend Gabby after Josh bullied her via social media. 

After a visit to the prison, a concerned Robert tells Bex he’s been unable to see Aaron because of some sort of incident.

Thursday 16th March (7pm) - When Liv hears that a stressed Robert hasn’t been able to see Aaron in prison, she worries her brother’s been caught with drugs. After confiding in Rebecca she’s hiding a secret, Liv tells Robert Aaron’s been taking drugs. Later Robert acts casual while visiting Aaron but becomes angry when Aaron lies about the situation. He eventually lets Aaron know he knows and Aaron is crushed.

Thursday 16th March (8pm) - Robert pleads with Aaron to give up drugs but he says it’s too late. Feeling rejected, after Aaron’s said he’s no use to him, Robert swigs on a bottle of whisky and ends up trashing the room. He texts Rebecca, who’s on a date with Ross, and asks her to come round to the cottage. When she arrives he tries to kiss her but she rejects him.

Friday 17th March - A hungover Robert rues his moves on Rebecca last night and begs her not to tell Aaron. Chas senses something is up and is angry when she questions Robert. Chas is furious to learn Aaron’s been taking drugs.

prismghostpersonal  asked:

Hi there, I love your work! Your color choices are really consistently great, and your details have a lot of character! Where do/did you study art and do you have an advice for an artist fresh out of college? Hope you have a great day dude!

Hello. Thanks a lot for the kind words, I appreciate them!

As for study, I briefly studied industrial design and then switched to studying graphic design at a local university in my hometown. To be quite honest I learnt close to nothing when it comes to art in either of them. For this reason I’m not even sure if I can give you proper advice, but if it helps at all, here’s what I learnt:

• Start working in art or something as close as you can get to art asap, preferably while you’re still studying, BUT… 

• Have a way of making money on the side, and save as much of that money as you can. Learn to do your taxes, learn how to buy good, healthy, cheap food, learn to spend money only when absolutely necessary. Get friends who will understand that you can’t go partying/drinking/dining every weekend with them because you have to work and/or save your money. Why is saving money so important? Because you have to maintain the tools of your trade. You run out of paint, brush tips get shaggy, computers and tablets get old and obsolete over time. If your computer suddenly blue screens because you downloaded the wrong torrent and your hard drive gets fucked, now you can’t work. This is very fucking important, you have to have a plan B. If that plan B is flipping burgers at McDonald’s part time, so be it. Blue collar work is not rock bottom, undignified or a reason to be ashamed of yourself. Sometimes you have to bite that bullet to be able to work on art and make ends meet. I worked everything from a snack bar minion to an oil furnace construction worker and honestly it made me a better person. THAT SAID…

• Learn to deal with as much stress as you can. If you’re from the US and fresh out of college chances are you are in debt since I hear college up there is hilariously expensive. Debts are stressful. So is trying to find a job. So is getting an apartment if you don’t live with your parents. And putting food on the table. Find a way to deal with that amount of stress. Go out for runs, lift weights, go to church, scream at your pillow, fuck like a rabbit, I don’t care, just do what you have to do to relieve stress or you, my friend, are going to break like a twig. If none of this applies to you well, I guess you’re rich and this is one less thing to worry about. You still have to work super hard though, so don’t drop your guard one bit, and on the subject of having it better than other people…

• Drop your ego. Seriously, do it. Contrary to whatever your parents/professors may have told you, you are not special. You are not “destined for great things”, you are not unique or different from hundreds, thousands of other art college kids who just like you, are out and looking to make it big. You don’t get to be any of those things. Not yet, at least. I don’t care what your race, your gender, your political views, your parents or your economic background are. Only those who are more creative, who work harder and more intelligently that everyone else around them get to be successful, influential artists. Before you start complaining about Instagram’s algorithm being a dick because it happens to be owned by the psychopaths running Facebook, first examine your own work. Me and some of my close artist friends constantly talk about how we’ll hear people complaining about lack of exposure in social media and then we visit their profiles and we’ll be lucky if we even find an instagram profile where at least 80% of the content is art. Even more lucky if said art is good enough to sell. You know who gets to complain about instagram? James Jean. Are you James Jean? Yeah, me neither actually, not even close. So we have to keep working hard and making connections and posting constantly and still try to make some money to stay sane enough to work even harder and…I think you get the drift. Just be thankful you even have the chance to try and be an artist. Most of the world won’t ever get that chance. So you kill that ego. Murder it in cold blood and dump its body into the ocean. It’s useless. HOWEVER…

Learn to stand up for yourself. This is also very important. It’s essential, even. If you’re still in college, you might work as an intern, for many of you this will probably be the only way you’ll be able to get art-related work in the beginning. If you’re already fresh out of it, you still can find internship programs or you’ll land your first job and start pretty much at the bottom anyway unless you somehow managed to accumulate a couple years of experience working on art. Don’t be fooled by creative environments thinking everyone is a sensitive, friendly and compassionate soul who will give you a chance just because you deliver shitty coffee at Pixar or because someone from your college recommended you after you graduated. You will find everything from people taking credit for other’s ideas to outright sexual harassment, and you have to learn to put your foot down and say “not to me”. Interns are at the absolute lowest of almost any creative field’s hierarchy. Sure, most people will be nice to you (unless you’re working in a toxic environment and if that is the case, get out), but there will be people, I guarantee it, that will not see you as a human being just because you’re an intern. If you’re fresh out of college and this is your first job, you’re not going to be very far from being seen the same way at best, or even a threat to some at worst if you show promise. And if you’re scared they will fire you if you stand up for yourself or someone else, just think about this: What would you rather deal with: the temporary disappointment of going back to your parents’ house for a few months with your tail between your legs, or working extra hours and getting paid less than everybody else in a tense, hostile environment, constant condescension and maybe even some form of abuse that is likely to shatter every single expectation you had of being an artist? Think about that.   

Also, standing up for yourself means covering your ass. Learn how to charge for your work, learn how to make contracts if your employer doesn’t give them to you. Having a lawyer to help you with this is a very good idea. Learn to say “Fuck you. Pay me.” 

• Man, this sucks, doesn’t it? Everything I’ve given you is bad news. Well, if you made it this far let me tell you: It’s probably going to really suck for you for about 10 years, give or take, especially give. Unless you are freakishly good, truly creative, well-connected AND incredibly lucky (you can’t miss one of these, you have to be all four), you will be grinding it for a looooong time until you can make a living just with art alone. This is high-risk/high-reward, and honestly most people don’t succeed. Very, very few get to make a living out of this thing. In fact, trying to monetize your art is a really stupid idea, most likely headed for failure at best, complete disaster at worst. But if this is truly what you love, it is also necessary. Hell, you’re so sure about it that either you or your parents gambled on it by paying for your college tuition. So yes, it’s a stupid idea but it’s also an absolute necessity for you. Mark my words, you will die inside if you don’t do it. You’re not made for 9-5. You can’t handle repetition, you despise those micro-managing pricks sitting on your cubicle telling you how to fill a form you know how to fill already with your eyes closed and a nuclear device taped to your left nostril. So you don’t get to have a choice. You have to do it. AND YOU MUST NEVER, EVER GIVE UP. Always have hope, and temper it with discipline. Discipline is Hope’s coach. Whenever Hope is ready to give up, Discipline will tell Hope not to be a little bitch and get up and fight. To truly pursue art in any form is, contrary to popular belief, not for the faint of heart. You want to be emotional? Be emotional when you create. Dump all of your emotion, your fear, sadness, your joy, your anger, all of your dreams and ideas on your work. But on the business side of it you have to be a stone cold monster with fangs and claws and knives and fire and God have mercy on whoever tries to take advantage of you. This is a fucking job. Treat it with the respect it deserves and make the appropriate sacrifices and maybe, just maybe, you’ll make a decent living out of it.

And I think that’s all I got. As always, please take my advice with a grain of salt, I don’t expect all of it to apply to you and I don’t expect everyone to agree with me and my approach to art. Everyone is different and different things work for different people, always keep that in mind. If you want to read more about how and why I am such a draconian asshole about art, you can read these other asks and hopefully you will find something helpful there too:

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 Good night!