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You know what I fucking hate? I fucking hate how Taylor never gets a rest. She is CONSTANTLY getting dragged by nearly EVERYONE. Not to mention she was slut-shamed for many years, Kanye and Taylor’s VMA moment, Ellen constantly showing pictures of men Taylor dated on the screen every time she visits, the media manipulating and fabricating stories about her, being bagged for her head-banging during the All Too Well Grammys performance despite the fact she’s done that for most piano, acoustic songs she’s performed on tour, how people dragged her for being surprised cause Random Access Memories was announced instead of Red for Album of the Year, how she wrote an album for a message to younger generations to find themselves and live freely only to be accused of being “pop trash” or accused of not writing all her songs despite the fact she writes all of them, and people accusing her she can’t sing, calling her anti-feminist cause she wrote Bad Blood about how she’s a victim in a friendship’s betrayal, called fake because she has many friends and a squad, called racist cause of her Wildest Dreams video, told she “can’t get over Harry Styles” when she released Out of the Woods when clearly the message was that she found herself, how Adele can remove her music from Spotify and no one bats an eye but Taylor does and everyone loses their minds, how Taylor stood up for (undiscovered) musicians by writing a letter to Apple but was called “money-hungry” and “selfish”, how she’s accused of being greedy for trademarking a couple terms whilst other artists trademark other ridiculous terms and no one says anything, how she sued someone for SEXUAL HARASSMENT and it became a SUING MEME and how she forgave Kanye, wrote a song for him years back to forgive him, presented the VMA Vanguard award for him and now he repays her by being misogynistic and apparently “making her famous”. I don’t know how Taylor has kept her cool but for Christ’s sakes, give this fucking girl a break.
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Tuesday 14th March - Liv and Gabby bunk off school for an afternoon of drinking with Josh and Jamie. Soon Josh and Gabby start to kiss, Liv’s unimpressed when Gabby invites Josh upstairs into Laurel and Ashley’s bedroom. Having discovered Liv is skiving, Robert goes round to Mulberry, followed by a distraught Laurel.

Wednesday 15th March - Robert feels out of his depth when Liv’s expelled from school for hitting Josh. Liv was defending her friend Gabby after Josh bullied her via social media. 

After a visit to the prison, a concerned Robert tells Bex he’s been unable to see Aaron because of some sort of incident.

Thursday 16th March (7pm) - When Liv hears that a stressed Robert hasn’t been able to see Aaron in prison, she worries her brother’s been caught with drugs. After confiding in Rebecca she’s hiding a secret, Liv tells Robert Aaron’s been taking drugs. Later Robert acts casual while visiting Aaron but becomes angry when Aaron lies about the situation. He eventually lets Aaron know he knows and Aaron is crushed.

Thursday 16th March (8pm) - Robert pleads with Aaron to give up drugs but he says it’s too late. Feeling rejected, after Aaron’s said he’s no use to him, Robert swigs on a bottle of whisky and ends up trashing the room. He texts Rebecca, who’s on a date with Ross, and asks her to come round to the cottage. When she arrives he tries to kiss her but she rejects him.

Friday 17th March - A hungover Robert rues his moves on Rebecca last night and begs her not to tell Aaron. Chas senses something is up and is angry when she questions Robert. Chas is furious to learn Aaron’s been taking drugs.

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“Okay, you grab a table, I’m just gonna…” Kara vaguely motioned in the direction she rushed, heading quickly toward where the restrooms were located.

Cat huffed and glanced around. Much to her annoyance, everyone was trying very hard not to stare, which, of course, meant all eyes were on her. “No one will know who I am, huh,” she muttered to herself while she waited for a young brunette who was clearly the only server in the establishment to seat her.

“Hi,” the server greeted with a tense smile. “Welcome to Granny’s. Would you like a table or a booth?”

“A booth.” Cat glanced around again and noted that all eyes were still on her. She internally groaned and checked for the least conspicuous place in the diner, which was a table in the back corner. Waving her hand dismissively, she stated firmly, “Never mind. We’re sitting there.” She pointed at the table as she made her way to it.

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Honestly one of the most stylish moments in White House history..

First Lady of the Ivory Coast, Marie-Thérèse Houphouët-Boigny and First Lady Jackie Kennedy in May 1962. Houphouët-Boigny caught the eye of the media during this visit to the Kennedy White House, and was dubbed “Africa’s Jackie”

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To give your anons a perspective is that the reason for YG Family not blasting social media or seen visiting him is because they're trying to get the spotlight away from Seunghyun, not towards him more. The man can't even transfer in peace. They're bringing the spotlight to them in hopes of distraction to the media.

yes exactly 👆 them visiting would just make more headlines. when jiyong apologized for making the fans worry the articles kept coming G DRAGON APOLOGIZED FOR SEUNGHYUN SMOKING MARIJUANA and im like 😒


Repost @chakabars If you can repost this please do :) Africa is a continent, don’t just believe the bullsh*t hype that western media spouts about Africa. Visit the different countries and see for yourself. 
Yes there are problems, but you see on this planet there are problems everywhere. 
If DR Congo was so bad, why is it many of the palaces and mansions I saw were owned by European western businessmen, mining company execs and “Charity workers/founders. 
The Chinese are also buying up the land. Congo has some of the most fertile and Arable land on the planet. An acre is on average about $3000. What does that get you in the west? See how deep the rabbit hole goes… European western media spreading misinformation and deceitful propaganda through omission of a wholistic representation of countries, cultures, people and A whole continent, at the same time as their wealthy "Greedy” are buying up land, retiring with their families in Africa, having holidays and continuing with the colonial attitude that made parts of Africa poor in the first place and keeps parts of Africa in poverty. While funnelling the wealth back to the west, through theft and “trade” tax avoidance and hiding behind the polices of the IMF, world bank and western “aid” that is keeping the countries crippled… What I say to you is this African of Diaspora, go and invest in your homeland. Africa for Africans. #chakabars

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Keep in mind that some people can't control what they like and dislike. Or even why they like or dislike something

i Don’t. Care. you dont have to act on it. like yeah do what you want behind closed doors i cant control that shit BUT these cgl fuckers are doing shit in public where everyone can see, posting shit about their kinks on social media sites, etc. 

i visited a blog belonging to a FIFTEEN year old who cgl ppl were harassing because they were telling the cgl ppl not to post their kinks EVERYWHERE because you cant go into a “pink” or “princess” or any tag like that without seeing their posts!! even on safe search sometimes ! 

its sad that 14-17 year olds on this site are exposed to shit like this. (also: autistic teens and adults have to post unremovable captions telling these shitheads not to rb their pics/vids of their stim toys/clothes/blankets etc because they reblog it and add their own captions pertaining to their fucking cgl kink) theyre exposing themselves to CHILDREN. they are harming KIDS who have possibly survived sexual abuse. I’ve seen it happen. CHILDREN be triggered and have breakdowns and panic attacks because of this problem. 

So here it is, first place! The story ‘Bewitched’ by @all-i-need-is-destiel!

Wow! I’m a big fan of witch!Cas, that’s no secret, but this story was truly wonderful and enchanting! Aside from fluffy, it was cleverly funny, and of course the amazing friends-to-lovers trope was the cherry on top!

I’m not following you yet, which means that aside from this promo, you will get a follow back from me! Everyone who’s interested should check out more of your writing; there are links on the sidebar of the blog to both a masterpost and AO3, so that people can easily navigate. 

Thank you so much for sharing your story with me, and congratulations on being the winner of the promo contest! 

It’s not easy to be friends with a witch.

Dean learned this the uncomfortable way when he entered Castiel’s home for the first time, totally oblivious and naive, and immediately got cuddled fiercely by the coat rack while the portrait of some bearded Shakespeare dude on the opposite wall watched with a gleeful expression and warned Dean at the same time in an amused voice to keep away from the refrigerator, since it tended to eat people wholly and only ever return the shoes of its victims.

Castiel, however, didn’t appear to be impressed by any of this and reassured Dean that Shakespeare was fond of lying simply out of boredom, and that the refrigerator only occasionally liked to nibble at people, not eat them.

Dean just took it with a dumbfounded face and asked for some coffee, hoping against all odds that the coffeemaker wouldn’t like to chat or grope him as well.

(Futile at last since that stupid machine told Dean just two minutes later that he was a “pretty boy”, and tried to smack his ass with its cord.)

Dean recalls quite vividly how overwhelmed he had felt back then. Granted, he heard about witches and their crazy powers, but before that, he didn’t encounter quite that many. Only the nice lady with the herb shop around the corner who offered everyone her stale cookies, and a family from the edge of town that liked to stay by themselves.

And then Castiel moved into the house across the street with his talking furniture, his ugly car, his cat familiar named Douglas and – most importantly – with the bluest eyes in existence.

And from that moment, everything changed.

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DC: 6000-3598-8531

Initiate Pripyat³! I’ve been looking forward to visiting this town ever since I’ve seen a few posts from Airen on the acnl tag. It’s also the 2nd cybernetic town I’ve seen besides my friend’s. I really like it when people are dedicated to their town themes, even better when they develop their town’s backstory.

I hella love cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic, psychedelic genres in media. I visited Airen’s town right after watching Brazil, which really reminded me of Pripyat in a way, it’s the maddening vibes, the garish colours and a sense of neglect that seems to hold itself together. The designs are so well crafted, ohman how do you even put everything together it’s crazy… my appreciation just sank in when I followed the wire lines and the signs. I imagined wires poking out of an artificial ground. I love the idea of getting fresh air at the town hall, it felt very melancholic and hopeful, haha. The rooms are hilariously absurd and enjoyable to check out (PFFFT the University is my favourite lmfao). Airen seemed to be a friendly emperor, he was hanging out at the main room, probably planning his next rewiring session or drinking absinthe with pop rocks.

I didn’t expect other residents, and they were very interesting to talk to. Rodney gave the best summary of all. I drank coffee(?) out of a tin can and went fishing at the radioactive beach. One thing though, is the way Airen crafts his stories for his town, I enjoy his storytelling and humour. I always like reading up on the progress of his town, his villagers really suit the vibe of Pripyat.

At the end, the mayor sang his town tune for the emperor in the lonely karaoke room, a must for any dream tourist.

Theory: Alison killed Charlotte.

Alison killed Charlotte. And she did so to get her friends back in her life again.

Ali has been the center of this show, and these girls’ lives, since day one. First, she was the leader of their group, the one who knew all their secrets, the one who was always in the middle. Then she went missing, and for the next two years, Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna’s lives revolved around trying to find out who killed her. Once they found out she was alive, they were focused on making Rosewood safe so she could come home. After she returned to Rosewood, the girls were primarily worried about protecting her and keeping her safe. When she went to jail, after they decided that she wasn’t A, they were focused on proving her innocence and getting her out. After the dollhouse, their goal was finding out who her brother was.

See the pattern? Who is the one person who has completely dominated the lives of these four girls for over four years? Alison.

But after the Charlotte reveal…things changed. The girls went off to college. And Ali stayed behind to take care of Charlotte and try to repair her family.

I’m not trying to say that Ali never loved Charlotte or had nefarious intentions from the start. She didn’t. She was perfectly content to remain in Rosewood…at first. But five years is a long time, and over those years, she started to get bitter. Spencer was off working as a successful lobbyist in Washington. Aria was in Boston with a publishing company. Hanna was splitting her time between New York and whatever glamorous European city she was flying off to. And Emily was all the way across the country in California. From what we know, Alison didn’t have too much contact with any of them, aside from social media and the occasional visit, during this time. And it doesn’t look like she made any new friends, Elliott aside, or even changed much over those five years. Notice how she still sleeps in her exact same childhood bedroom?

Who wouldn’t start to feel a little resentful of the person tying you down to the town you’ve always hated? While Ali is being the bigger person by forgiving Charlotte and trying to start over, her “best friends” are all over the country. She is no longer the center of their worlds. They have all but left her behind, forgotten her.

So when discussion opened up about Charlotte’s release from the institution, Ali jumped on the chance to send a plea to her friends, begging them to come back to Rosewood. She didn’t just want their help. She wanted them back in Rosewood, back under her influence, like they’d been for so many years. So she used that letter as a ploy for sympathy.

But her plan didn’t work as she’d hoped. Sure, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily all lied for her, as she’d asked. But her sphere of influence clearly wasn’t as great as it used to be. Her friends weren’t willing to immediately comply with what she was asking. And her attempts to get sympathy for Charlotte and for herself didn’t work. As Spencer said, “We’re not on the playground anymore, Alison.”

Once again, Ali was losing her friends. They might have been back in Rosewood, but they weren’t dedicated to her in the way that they’d once been. So she went to drastic measures to get them back on her side – permanently.

She either lured Charlotte to the church that night or followed her there. That girl that Aria and Ezra saw entering the church wasn’t Charlotte. It was Ali. She killed Charlotte, then pushed her off the bell tower because she knew that her sister being murdered would both keep her friends in town and get their sympathy. And it worked.

What clues support this? Let’s see –

There are parallels between Charlotte’s death and Ian’s. They were both pushed off of the bell tower at the church. Who pushed Ian off of the tower? Alison.

There must be a reason why they showed us the purple roses that Ali was setting out before Charlotte’s arrival. What was the point of that scene other than to show us that the exact same flower that was clutched in Charlotte’s hand when she died was in Ali’s living room? Ali did love Charlotte. The rose symbolizes that.

Finally, Ali’s behavior following Charlotte’s death is strange, is it not? In the episode after her death, she shows a normal reaction to the death of a loved one. She’s crying, grieving, and determined to find out who killed Charlotte, even if it means turning against her so-called best friends. All of that seems reasonable for someone who just lost the family member she’s spent years helping.

But then Ali goes away for two episodes, and when she comes back, it’s like Charlotte’s death never happened. She’s devoted to Rollins, back on good terms with her friends, and never seems to give another thought to finding out what happened to her sister (or cousin, I suppose). Why would Alison have such a sudden change in attitude? Perhaps because she was putting on an act, the way that we know she can do. She adopted the attitude of a grieving sister for only so long, to throw everyone off her trail and continue to get the sympathy of her friends, making sure they’re really on her side.

My last point comes all the way to the 6B finale. When Ali is hiding in the church from what she thinks are the ghosts of her mother and Wilden, she tells Emily, “I knew they wouldn’t follow me here. I deserve it. This is my punishment.” Why does Ali seem so guilty? Are we really supposed to believe that she’s still reeling with remorse over how she treated people back in high school? Based on her continued selfish behavior throughout the time jump, I find that unlikely. Maybe she’s professing so much strange guilt because she’s really Charlotte’s killer.

So there you have it. Alison killed Charlotte to get her friends back in her life and take back control. And it worked. Now, I won’t say that there aren’t problems with this theory, but from what I’ve seen of Ali’s actions and behavior these past ten episodes, this is the most sound theory for Charlotte’s killer that I can find. And it doesn’t contradict anything that’s happened to her, either – including checking herself into the institution. She’s not involved at all with Mary, Elliot, or A.D. She really does think that she’s going crazy.

Let me know what you think!