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You know what I fucking hate? I fucking hate how Taylor never gets a rest. She is CONSTANTLY getting dragged by nearly EVERYONE. Not to mention she was slut-shamed for many years, Kanye and Taylor’s VMA moment, Ellen constantly showing pictures of men Taylor dated on the screen every time she visits, the media manipulating and fabricating stories about her, being bagged for her head-banging during the All Too Well Grammys performance despite the fact she’s done that for most piano, acoustic songs she’s performed on tour, how people dragged her for being surprised cause Random Access Memories was announced instead of Red for Album of the Year, how she wrote an album for a message to younger generations to find themselves and live freely only to be accused of being “pop trash” or accused of not writing all her songs despite the fact she writes all of them, and people accusing her she can’t sing, calling her anti-feminist cause she wrote Bad Blood about how she’s a victim in a friendship’s betrayal, called fake because she has many friends and a squad, called racist cause of her Wildest Dreams video, told she “can’t get over Harry Styles” when she released Out of the Woods when clearly the message was that she found herself, how Adele can remove her music from Spotify and no one bats an eye but Taylor does and everyone loses their minds, how Taylor stood up for (undiscovered) musicians by writing a letter to Apple but was called “money-hungry” and “selfish”, how she’s accused of being greedy for trademarking a couple terms whilst other artists trademark other ridiculous terms and no one says anything, how she sued someone for SEXUAL HARASSMENT and it became a SUING MEME and how she forgave Kanye, wrote a song for him years back to forgive him, presented the VMA Vanguard award for him and now he repays her by being misogynistic and apparently “making her famous”. I don’t know how Taylor has kept her cool but for Christ’s sakes, give this fucking girl a break.


Repost @chakabars If you can repost this please do :) Africa is a continent, don’t just believe the bullsh*t hype that western media spouts about Africa. Visit the different countries and see for yourself. 
Yes there are problems, but you see on this planet there are problems everywhere. 
If DR Congo was so bad, why is it many of the palaces and mansions I saw were owned by European western businessmen, mining company execs and “Charity workers/founders. 
The Chinese are also buying up the land. Congo has some of the most fertile and Arable land on the planet. An acre is on average about $3000. What does that get you in the west? See how deep the rabbit hole goes… European western media spreading misinformation and deceitful propaganda through omission of a wholistic representation of countries, cultures, people and A whole continent, at the same time as their wealthy "Greedy” are buying up land, retiring with their families in Africa, having holidays and continuing with the colonial attitude that made parts of Africa poor in the first place and keeps parts of Africa in poverty. While funnelling the wealth back to the west, through theft and “trade” tax avoidance and hiding behind the polices of the IMF, world bank and western “aid” that is keeping the countries crippled… What I say to you is this African of Diaspora, go and invest in your homeland. Africa for Africans. #chakabars

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Why I Support a One State Solution

Published on Mar 10, 2017

Faith Goldy is on assignment in Israel for Visiting the Jewish state changed her mind on one important issue…


Happy birthday to George of artistic duo Gilbert & George. Tour their studio in this video

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this has kinda been my big year in being queer + fil am identity (even tho it’s only april) i’ve started actually coming out instead of letting people assume and having active convos about what it means to be a minority ignored on all fronts in the media. i’m supposed to be grateful for “asian” representation or queer representation, but i’m “asking for too much” when i want both? nah, man, nah. i’m sick of being told i’m both “not asian enough” because of my brown skin and “not queer enough” because i don’t consume (white) queer media. 

i’m visiting the philippines in late may, so pray that i can manage to hide my tattoos and less visible piercings from my old-school “body mods are for criminals” parents!

Indian Hindu-centricism in a Nutshell

Anna Hazare goes on hunger strike against government oppression and corruption in 2011: Media attention, reporters visiting, thousands turn up to support, global solidarity through social media, deemed a national hero

Bapu Surat Singh Ji Khalsa goes on hunger strike against government oppression and corruption in 2015: *crickets chirping*

Moreover, anyone seen supporting Anna Hazare was seen as a social justice activist, but anyone who shows support for Bapu Ji, who is raising awareness about ACTUAL PEOPLE who are being kept unrightfully behind bars, is seen as a “dirty agitator.”

The anti-government activism of one is seen as heroic, while the other’s is seen as “problematic” or “divisive.”

One ended his strike after 13 days and the entire country was in an uproar of support, the other has been fasting for 190 days while being force fed, all while people are silent.


Last year I went to San Francisco as a guest of the Alternative Press Expo (APE). While there, I was invited to visiting VIZ Media, publisher of some of my favourite manga (like Monster and Fullmetal Alchemist), which was really exciting. I enjoyed getting the chance to get a peek into one of my favourite publishers, especially a manga publisher. VIZ filmed me chatting with Mark de Vera about making comics, manga, and other (hopefully) interesting things. The video is pretty short, about 12 minutes, hope you guys enjoy it. (If I say so myself, my hair looks amazing, I should straighten it more often. ;))

We won the Shorty Award for Best Fan Site in Social Media tonight! 

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