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Mikayuu Week:Day 7: Free day: Proposal

This is for multi occasions( belated Mika’s birthday/early Yuu-chan’s birthday/ Mikayuuweek2017)…it’s finished…also… a gift to all the nice people i’ve met in the fandom. THANK YOU <3 <3 <3 <3. ( and inspirations from them and their works) [Mostly from husband Rin and Vix and my craziness)




Their tattoos!!

Some pics from the background

Actually, these were inspired by many fanfics i have read and imagined.

From maid Aus, historical Aus, fairy tale Aus ,morden Aus like school Aus, Boy loves coffee, idol Au, sport Au to Alien Aus, BDSM Aus and many others 

I often read fanfics from Vix @vixenfur​​ , her fics often have things like make up…(n this is in the dressing room) so i decided to add some makeover stuff and accessories/jewelry …

“My love is more than words” , the note behind those lipsticks ….is from Unwritten by Vix ^_^

.Ok Now the Stairs.

This is from Restraint! from Rin…@rindartist’s doujinshi. I just love the quotes so much.

We will always be together. Even if we are not humans anymore”

“I’ll be with you forever. It’s maybe a twisted love. An Imperfect, sometimes selfish love….(i messed up the words a bit accidentally)

“..But it cross any boundaries…like race and hatred…Even Death…”

“Will Yuu Marry Mi?”

“I Do. Yuu Do. Mi Do”

Notes from the bouquet….

“Let’s live on together, Mika”

“Abadon everything and run away with me, Yuu-chan”

Those pics above were taken outdoors. This is how it looks when putting indoors.

Progress and the tools i used:

(Applying make up lol XD)

(mixed media from drawing tools to makeup stuff, nail polishes and stickers, tattoos…)

Gather the tools and those fail moments…(it took me around 7 months to finish cause i kept making mistakes till the end lol)

There’re still many things i want to share with you but bcs the drawing is a bit too big so it would take lots of time to go through every detail (and Tumblr has already eaten my post due to so many pics….=_=)

Thank you for looking at my drawing. Have a nice day!


today is my birthday and I’m riding high💋

In honor of Harry’s big day, I wanted to share this cute Harry story with everyone. It’s kind of long, and I’m sorry if I bore you with the detail, but the detail is what makes it interesting, IMO - so I hope you read the whole thing. 

Back in 2014 , my boyfriend, Jesse, was working as a special events media coordinator for a very large and popular venue in London. This was a cool thing because he often would get to meet the talent. He’s met a bunch of different people along the way which of course included, One Direction. 

I had just met Jesse in the early part of 2014 so we weren’t dating yet when 1D was in town. I wasn’t a 1D fan either, so when he told me about it I didn’t really care. It was only after I saw Harry on SNL later that year (I think it was December) that I actually was fuming with envy that Jesse got to meet him.  

Before the 1D show, Jesse first spotted Harry from a distance. He was walking down the hallway and peeked in to one of the dressing rooms only to see a long-limbed “skinny kid” lying on the sofa, with a woman standing over him with her hand on his forehead, as if she were gauging his temperature. Jesse didn’t know who the woman was or who the kid was (he couldn’t see because his face was turned toward the back of the couch). Anyway, the woman spotted Jesse walking by and waived at him to hold up a minute because she wanted to talk to him. She walked out of the room and shut the door behind her so she could talk to Jess in the hallway. She introduced herself (yes, you probably already guessed it was Lou Teasedale) and explained that H wasn’t feeling well and wondered if there were any blankets around, but she asked that he keep the news to himself - rather than getting someone else to find the stuff and bring it to them. Jesse, of course, was happy to provide whatever was needed (because he’s like that) and he scurried off to get it (even though this really wasn’t his job, he was happy to help and he liked the “spy stuff” about keeping it quiet).. 

When he brought the juice and blanket back to the room, Harry’s eyes flew open and he smiled, Lou introduced Harry to Jesse, except when she said his name, Harry got it wrong and thought she said Jeffrey. Harry said,  “Hi Jeffrey, thanks”.  Jesse, of course, didn’t have the heart to correct him, so he just smiled and nodded and waived and told him he hoped he’d feel better before the show. Harry gave him a thumbs up and said “thanks, you too” (LOL) and Lou smiled and hugged Jesse and thanked him, then Jesse left the room.

He assumed this was the first and only interaction he’d have with Harry, but lo and behold, it wasn’t. 

About two hours later, a completely revived Harry was bouncing around in one of the media rooms where 1D was meeting some photographers and some fans for a meet and greet type of thing. He was clearly feeling much better and had a huge cup of coffee in his hand while he was smiling and laughing and talking. 

Anyway, being that he’s Harry, he spotted “Jeffrey” across the room and walked over to him, shook his hand and thanked him again. Jesse asked him how he was doing, and Harry said he was fine he’d been struggling with hay fever but he was feeling better after  his inhaler and an hour under a humidifier mask (not sure what that is, but…ok). 

Someone  else called to Jesse from across the room, and it was only then that Harry realized he had his name wrong, that he wasn’t “Jeffrey”, he was Jesse. So Harry was embarrassed and shook his hand again and RE-INTRODUCED himself to Jesse. LOL, So they chuckled about it for a little bit and Jesse said Harry was really sweet and polite and funny. They chatted about what Jesse had done before this job and they ended up talking about a motorcycle museum that Jesse used to work at and Harry was thrilled, so they chatted about that for a little bit. 

Then Harry finally went off to do his thing and Jesse never saw him again, but I always thought it was a neat story because it just reiterates what everyone always says about Harry. He’s sweet, funny, very down to earth and easy to talk to. Jesse was impressed with him (and he doesn’t impress easily), and their interaction has been something Jesse and I talk about once in a while. He likes to use it against me, because he’s an ass-hat, but our love of Harry Styles has become one of the many things Jesse and I have in common. He even knows I have a tumblr blog about him and he isn’t disturbed by it at all.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got - thanks for reading. 

NHL!Bitty, Part VII - Cup Series: PVD vs SEA

Received an anonymous ask requesting Jack and Bitty playing each other for the cup and it turned into the Bittles and Zimmermanns dealing with the grim reality that they will have to chose sides in a big way. 

In which Alicia is intense, Suzanne is offended, and Bob is just tired.

(Part VI - The Code)

About ten minutes after the Falconers clinch the Eastern Conference title - when Jack is done with his interviews and off the showers - Coach mutes the 70″ television in the Zimmermann’s media room and sucks in a rough breath. 

“So, how ‘bout that? Our boys, facing off in the final.”

It’s not like they didn’t all know this was a possibility: the Falconers this season’s defending champions after the Schooners were dethroned the year prior; but suddenly the what-if scenario they’ve all hypothetically debated for so long is real and looming.

“Well, clearly we’ll support them both,” Alicia placates. “I mean, thank goodness they both already have rings so it won’t be as painful when the Falconers take the title-”

In a heartbeat, the atmosphere cools, and Suzanne coughs politely before scooting away from Alicia’s side of the couch. 

It might as well be a declaration of war.

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OK - so I’ve been thinking about that press conference at the end of “Spider-Man: Homecoming.”

OSTENSIBLY it was planned to announce Spider-Man as the newest member of the Avengers (or what’s left of the Avengers – Tony Stark trying to staff them up…). But the more I watch this, the more I’m not buying that.   At ALL.    

Was the press conference simply another bit of Stark “arrogance”? Because that’s not how you plan or carry out a press conference, especially one that you’d be able to carefully plan in advance, such as announcing the hiring or appointment of someone. WOULD Tony have just sprung a press conference on poor Peter, surprising him at the Compound with just moments to prepare? DID they intend to hustle Peter right onto the stage in front of a roomful of media, with his secret identity on display to all?   Would they have given him a chance to suit up as Spider-Man first??

And most of all – no, you DON’T just spring a surprise press conference on your major participant, your “announcee.” ESPECIALLY if it’s a kid, because kids can go off-script very easily and your press conference spirals out of control. You meet with that person, carefully coordinate every last detail, run through possible questions the media might ask and rehearse the answers. If your star player is young and inexperienced, as Peter is, you would probably even work with him to actually script his answers, give him a “cheat sheet” to consult if you think he’ll freeze in front of the cameras. But even IF you were just going to announce him and he’d just stand there, masked and not taking any questions – you still need to tell him well ahead of time, so he’s prepared.                                                                                                     

And what IF they’d put him in front of cameras and announced his identity? That makes even less sense. “The Spider-Man” has already been making the local news in Queens – which is actually the NYC media market, the largest in the world – so you can bet reporters are already trying to find out who he is. That would end up being the major question asked at the press conference, whether they brought out Peter masked or not. it would turn up the media heat immeasurably on Peter, a 15-year-old kid that Tony has heretofore been protecting. And IF he appears unmasked - would Tony REALLY have done that, leaving Aunt May to find out on television and Peter later to face his livid aunt?  

It makes no sense. None of it. Even if Tony hadn’t thought all that through, Pepper, who’s in charge of it, would have.  

So the ONLY thing that makes complete sense is that that’s NOT what they intended to do at all. That Tony KNEW Peter would do exactly what he did: make the mature choice and turn down the Avenger job, realizing he still had some growing-up to do. Do you REALLY think Happy has carried that engagement ring around with him since 2008?  (I mean, it’s nice to think that, but really. It’s Happy.)

No – that press conference was assembled for Tony’s engagement announcement all along.

He worked it all out with Happy.  The only one slightly surprised was Pepper (but not really…).  And it WAS just one final test for Peter that Tony KNEW he would pass.

(P.S. Tony doesn’t look all that surprised or disappointed when Peter says he’ll pass on the Avengers membership. He’s acting, for the kid’s sake. HE KNEW. Pepper doesn’t really look all the surprised at the ring, either.  She’s thrilled and over-the-moon happy, but not particularly surprised. She pretty much knew, too.)


Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Summary: After you kill the main target on a mission, Bucky can’t help but be angry with you. What happens when he finds out why you killed the target and therefore why you ruined the mission?
Words: 1835
Warning: fighting, killing, mention of the Winter Soldier book…

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