media poison

sometimes i see those gotham city sirens instagram edits and they always make ivy’s account look so pretty and polished

but let’s be real—ivy’s account (plisley180) only has one photo on it and a little bit of her finger is covering the camera lens. it’s probably captioned something like, “i’m not really sure how this whole ‘instagram’ thing works, but here is a picture of me and my plants” and it’s taken from that awkward mom-angle that makes your face look like you moisturize with pizza grease. 

it was posted three years ago and got two likes—one from harley and one from selina. no comments. she hasn’t posted since.

More Than Meets the Eye

Today someone paid for their weekly duck eggs from my farm with 50 cent pieces and the first thing I thought was “Are they bugged? Dipped in poison? Contain an encrypted message? Who does this person work for, what does this mean, and are these pieces more than meets the eye?”

I may need to take a break from popular spy media… Then again… how many people do you know that would pay for 6 dozen duck eggs using 50 cent pieces… and who needs 6 dozen duck eggs anyway?!?! I know for a fact that they’re just a family of 4 and don’t own a bakery or anything…




please watch in HD, small screen with headphones.

What can I say ? I watched this show in like two days and end up broken in tears and haunted by it. I made this in a hurry but I can’t stop thinking about this story, it’s so powerful and meaningful, it’s really a huge clap in the face.
These two deserved so much better and I’ll cry forever about them.
I’m french and I’m so glad I grew up in France just before enough from the social media because it’s just poison at this age.

Anyway, you can always reach help, don’t forget, it’s always worth the try.

nolachasity-blog  asked:

how do the dads react if dadsona hated their weight?

Joseph: it upsets him a lot, that MC could think of himself as anything less than a beautiful individual. He sets aside whatever he’s doing and pulls MC into a passionate kiss, pouring every ounce of love he has into it. He continues until MC is flushed and breathless, then proceeds to tell him how beautiful he is to him, and how he never wants him to think such things again.

Craig: he doesn’t say anything at first; he just invites MC to work out with him more often. After a few workout sessions, he begins to compliment his bro on how good he looks and what great shape he’s getting into. It’s a slow, steady process, but Craig is patient, and he makes sure that MC doesn’t adapt any unhealthy habits, like working out too much or skipping meals.

Brian: he gives MC his best “are you serious?” look, and gestures to his own body. He may not be skinny, but he’s in great shape, and that’s enough for him. When MC tries to make the excuse that he makes it look sexy, and MC is just fat, Brian has had enough; he pulls him over to the couch, gathers him into a warm bear hug, and proceeds to tell him how handsome he is, listing every feature of his body as he goes along. MC’s face is a deep shade of red by the time he’s done, but at least he isn’t upset.

Mat: it worries him a lot; his mind immediately jumps to eating and exercise disorders, whether there’s any evidence pointing to such things or not. If MC skips so much as one meal, he sits him down to ask if he needs counseling. Whether or not his suspicions are confirmed, he keeps a careful eye on MC’s diet and exercise habits.

Hugo: he goes on this incredibly long rant about how the media has poisoned people’s minds, making them think that being anything other than a male model body type is “fat.” This doesn’t really help MC though, so he switches tactics; he begins complimenting MC, but never mentions his body. He talks about how much he loves the color of his hair and eyes, how his smile always makes the room that much brighter, etc. and he will do this every chance he gets until MC is convinced.

Damien: he understands being insecure about one’s body, and takes MC’s complaints very seriously. He sits him down and asks him exactly why he hates his weight, and discusses different ways to help him feel more secure. He constantly reassures him that he has nothing to be bothered about, that he is most certainly not fat, nor unattractive, but he supports him if he makes effort to lose weight. Everyone deserves to be comfortable in their own body, after all.

Robert: he listens to MC’s complaints in silence, his expression blank. Then, without a word of warning, he pulls him into a firm embrace. He begins to softly kiss MC’s neck, all while lovingly touching the areas that MC feels the most insecure about.  When he’s finished, he simply murmurs “bullshit” into MC’s ear, and walks away. He does this every time MC complains or looks upset while looking in the mirror, never mind any witnesses.

Okay so Eddie Redmayne has been stalked for five years and people in comment section on british newspaper online see it fit to comment on him and his wife being unattractive? That they would have understood the stalking if it had been someone hot? What the hell is wrong with people? Wow. Humans never stop to disgust me. Bravo. No wonder why Eddie wouldn’t want any social media. Internet is bloody poison.