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“[Alexandre Bissonnette] didn't wake up in the morning and say, 'Hey guys, instead of going to have a picnic or watching the Canadiens, I will go kill some people in the mosque.' It doesn't happen that way. Day after day, week after week, month after month, certain politicians unfortunately, and certain reporters unfortunately, and certain media were poisoning our atmosphere.”

- Quebec City Imam Hassan Guillet extends empathy to mosque shooter in moving eulogy


The Difference Between Medicine and Poison Is In The Dose (Demo Version) | Circa Survive

I want a Gotham City Sirens game or film so bad

One in which Catwoman, Ivy and Harley aren’t useless sexual objects like they are so often portrayed (especially Harley don’t get me started on that)

But the actual competent and complicated characters they are. So Harley is the dangerous and humerus character she really is and not just Jokers girlfriend.

I don’t want the story to be about how they are all hung up over guys. Show how these three can fuck up Gotham and how strong the bond between them is and that they are actual threats and not just a fan service.

Show how they clash and all have different views and morals and how they overcome this as a group.

Acknowledge that Harley has come closer to killing Batman than most characters, that Ivy has an inner conflict between her nature and her humanity and that Catwoman walks the line between hero and villain frequently.

I want a story about three kick ass females fucking up the system and showing the new generation to comics that female characters shouldn’t be overly sexualised objects but actually fleshed out and interesting as the males.

I know it will never happen because it won’t be viewed as commercially successful without being marketed as a “girl thing” and heroes/villains are “boy things” so they won’t do well in that market (which in the biggest crock of shit).

The main issue would come from misogynists who would say how “women are ruining superheroes” and “they’re wearing too much clothing” and all of that shit.

But honestly I would love this to happen especially because when I was little watching the batman movies or the animated series was so exciting for me so imagine how amazing that would be for a little girl to watch strong female leads.

Like should I start a go fund me or something so we can make this a reality because I want it and I know so many others do too.


The DC Super Hero Girls special that I worked on is available March 19! Here’s a trailer with a bunch of my coloured backgrounds!

“Professional critic’‘ 

’'Not using your brain somehow leads to people not caring that JonTron is a Nazi”

“Compares voicing one’s opinion to warning someone not to eat poison, despite that opinions can differ greatly and in most cases don’t harm anyone (especially over geek related media) and poison…well, it’s fucking poison now isn’t it?”

Didn’t think I’d wake up to this…

Peets complains about Avatar LoK and JonTron.

Gonna need some of the heavy stuff today because lord knows I’m already sick with a cold…

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