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  • the actual moral of Ready Player One: Media like video games, TV, and movies shouldn't consume your life, but they also give it meaning so you shouldn't ignore them either. It's all about finding a balance.

Google quietly discontinues the Nexus Player

The Nexus Player may have been the best TV media player no one ever bought. Google and Asus introduced the Nexus Player back in November 2014. It was one of the first Android TV devices, and a more-than-capable device. And yet, despite Google’s weight behind this device, it hasn’t been a mainstream success, especially when you compare it with the Chro Read More
chris “francis ocean” breaux

maybe frankocean doesn’t want to release the album bc his fans aren’t understanding his aesthetic process. if you’re a real fan you would have done your hw:

1) disregarded the Spotify release bc Lonny Breaux is old and you should have already listened to it

2)disregarded the Southpaw “new Frank track” bc you should have known that Wise Man is old and was actually supposed to be in the end credits for the Tarantino movie Django Unchained

3)Know that Boys Dont Cry is more than likely NOT even the name of the album bc he specifically stated a print release called Boys Dont Cry and an album release…(no name)

4)Have the idea that Frank Ocean has been following this trend of focusing on different forms of media/technology (nostalgia= mix tape*sounds of a cassette player; channel orange = tv station theme *sounds of flipping through different stations) meaning the next album focuses on magazine print…maybe itll have sounds or theme of flipping through his magazine

5)Have carefully listened to unreleased tracks performed at concerts(Feel Cali, Brave, It’s All Good) and looked into artists he’s been wanting to work with to prepare for the new album(like Tame Impala, King Krule, etc)


Im just ranting bc if im not the biggest fan, whoever is - can be my best friend bc there’s no other artist I put up there than this guy…

hahaha Frank where you at I hope you’re okay LOLOLOL

So I’v been thinking about this recently.  A key problem with much of what passes for video game criticism, especially that from the feminist camp(Anita Sarkeesian et al) is that they are working with theories that were developed for non-interactive media(especially movies and television).  Theories which do not consider player agency and assume that viewers are passive consumers, as opposed to actively engaging with the media in question.  Pretty much all of the criticism of Sarkeesian that isnt about her sex-negative view really boils down to these points.  

So I wonder:  Is this why these critics are so quick to denounce games for not being more like movies?  And why the ‘innovative’ games they love are the ones that are most similar to movies in structure(Gone Home, Telltale games, etc)?  Could it be that they find it easier to denounce games for not fitting their theories than to try and develop new ones?  

I’m actually genuinely curious what my followers think about this.  I mean its just a random thought that popped into my head, but it seems plausible.  Or is it just dumb?  

elizabethcomstock  asked:

Hi Ally! If I remember right you and Jack were in this long distance relationship, correct? Well if so then do you have any tips on handling ldrs? Thanks :)

First thing’s first: Don’t over think it. When Jack and I first started dating, everything seemed fine, but after that six-month mark hit, I began to fret. I thought that we’d never see each other or that he didn’t want to see me as terribly as I wanted to see him or that the distance would eventually get the better of us. If you begin thinking like that, don’t hold it in. Communication is so important in any relationship, LDRs included. If you have doubts, talk to your partner about it.

Another thing is you should never let the distance get in-between you two doing something fun. Jack lives in England and I live in the United States, but that doesn’t stop us. We are at an advantage because we have games, of course, but I encourage even non-gamers to try it out. Download Steam! You can find loads of F2P games through Steam. Or if you have a bit of money swag and don’t mind dropping some of it, buy a fun co-op multiplayer game! And it doesn’t even have to be multiplayer. Jack and I play through loads of single-player games together.

Don’t like gaming? You’re good. WATCH ALL THE TELEVISION. How do you watch TV together, you ask? Simple! Download a media player (I recommend VLC), then download your show, open the file, countdown from three, and then press play at the same time and voila! You are officially watching television together.

Jack and I have watched shows that I truly believe I never would have watched had I not been in an LDR. Some have been bad, sure, but even that’s fun because it gives you something to laugh about. And the good ones give you hours of conversation. Jack and I could talk about our Game of Thrones theories for day on end without getting bored.

If you like anime, then thumbs up because there is enough anime out there to keep you busy for years. Don’t like anime? Give it a shot. It’s fun and gives you both something to do.

Jack and I have recently started reading “together” before we go to sleep. An hour-ish before he’s about to knock out, I grab my Kindle and I just read to him. We’re currently on Mockingjay. Afterward, we are moving onto the Divergent trilogy. Again, much like TV and anime, books will keep you occupied until forever.

Start a blog or a webpage together, help each other learn another language using online resources, take free online classes with one another, take pictures of everything that happens in your life and share them so that you create a feeling of living close by, take *ahem* advantage *ahem* of Skype’s free video calling.

There are so so so many things you can do with a long-distance relationship. The best advice I can offer is that you should never let distance get between you two. If you both want it to work out, it will.