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Another fuckin jikook au. Jimin is an up and coming Youtuber and Jungkook is a fanboy 4/?

The idea that Taylor made a strategic business decision solely for the purpose of being petty ignores everything we know about how she had built her career and her reputation as one of the most admired business minds in her industry. Industry publications (tech, business & music) have all been speaking on the Spotify issue in the past few months. Taylor'a future actions have prominently featured in many of those articles. Talk of an impending deal have been wide spread. This was going to happen.

In true Taylor fashion the rollout would be done to showcase her return to Spotify the way she wanted it framed. She was not going to be seen “crawling” back to Spotify. It wasn’t going to go down as just a foot note. She was bringing something to the table. She took a strong well-reasoned stand against their unfair treatment and her return was not going to be seen as some type of capitulation to the inevitability of streaming.

Instead she waited till changes and reparations were made by Spotify. She waited until she had unassailable proof that she won the “game of chicken” against Spotify and everyone that said her decision would adversely effect 1989 on sales and charts. She waited till she had the numbers to show and the certification announcements. She waited…possibly…till the timing was right for an impending new album release. Timing was perfect. Then she framed it as a gift…a thank you to her fans. The ones who came through for her by buying her music. I think this was her primary strategy.

If thought was given to her return coinciding with Katy Perry’s album…and I think it is naive to assume it wasn’t part of the discussion…I don’t think it was an issue of being petty/passive aggressive that was the dominating thought. I think talk would have centered around how do we make sure Taylor’s return to Spotify is triumphant. They would have wanted her return to be viewed as significant to Spotify. To accomplish this they needed the fans to stream in mass. They needed the media frothing at the mouth to discuss. They even needed social media to make it an event. What better way to do that then piggy backing off of Katy’s ill-conceived marketing strategy to drag Taylor into her own album promo.

Seems to me she used her impressive body of work to be her “on the record” comment/response to Katy and then let everybody else let their petty hearts run wild and have fun with it creating the big buzz. It’s was a good strategy and it was well executed to maintain her reputation and standing in both the music and business world in my opinion.

Why am I bitter about NBC canceling Timeless?

Let me count the ways:

Forgetting all the “OMG I LOVE THIS SHOW” stuff, which exists, there are other reasons, too. Forget, for a moment, the chemistry that the cast has and the storylines that are unfinished - we’ll get to those.

Financially speaking, why would you cancel a TV show that has a cast, a crew, a set-up, and  a fanbase to start over from scratch, hoping that whatever you pick will do as well? This isn’t the first time that NBC has even done this - any Revolution fans wanna stand up and be counted? Thanks.

The storylines that come from new shows will have to be rebuilt; right now there is a story, a myth-arc that exists, and a compelling reason for fans to tell other (potential) fans why THIS SHOW needs to be watched. Busy and non-contemporary lives mean that people DVR or stream when it’s convenient and those ‘numbers’ aren’t always available for networks to focus on when it comes to revenue - at least at first.

Word of mouth, social media (twitter, facebook, tumblr, etc), and the like all play a pivotal role in helping fans communicate with actors, crew, writers, and each other to talk about plot and converse about what the show has upcoming. Following those trends would help a network/creators know more about their fanbase and what should be available to them in the future.

Generalities aside, Timeless had more for the New Fan than most shows:

  • women in power
  • women of color
  • women of color, in power, that are gay (I LOVE YOU AGENT CHRISTOPHER)
  • Malcolm Barrett as Rufus Carlin, a black man, willing to travel through history while openly acknowledging that there was 'nowhere in history’ that was safe for him
  • Jiya - a woman of color who was smart, educated, and learning to pilot the machine that made the series go. ALSO? A strong love interest for a main character.
  • Lucy - the woman leading the team (and ships Rufus/Jiya like it’s her job)
  • Wyatt - who’s, you know, not ugly

This show explored the past in a way that was more true to life than what we hear in most classrooms, give or take a few things, but was also fun to watch. Also, talked about Katherine Johnson at NASA before Hidden Figures came out! :D The writing on this show was INCREDIBLE.

Basically, NBC did wrong. Way, way wrong. And I knew I was wrong to get invested in a show on NBC again, I knew it. But I’d hoped. And now I know better.

… but I still really love the Carlin/Logan/Preston callback to Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Also, Agent Christopher. ♥

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im hugely inspired by the way you draw anthro bugs, and i was wondering how you go about simplifying mouthparts? I'm trying to simplify a domino roach's mouthparts becauase that's my favorite species of cockroach, but cockroach mouths are really hard to simplify. Any advice?

Oh gosh, thank you! I do pride myself in my bug mouths, actually. It’s not only hard to find good reference for arthropod mouths, but basically all cartoon bugs in media have humanoid mouths, so i had to figure out how to draw and simplify them from scratch.

Anyways, I couldn’t find any specific references for a domino roach, so here’s my best shot using german cockroach mouthparts:

Roaches have pretty typical mouths for chewing insects, but for general reference, here are some other typical arthropod mouths simplified:

That’s all i have the energy for right now. Hope this helps!

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Everybody is saying they're engaged but i cant imagine they would be. Especially w/ her merching, big fat mouth, media games, nutcase family...i just cant imagine the Queen being okay with any of it. What are your thoughts? PS. I LOVE your blog. Dont ever leave. Please.


Now for the rant.

OF COURSE everybody is saying they’re engaged. Miss Thing told E! she was getting a ring waaaaaaay back in July. Let’s take a little trip down memory lane so we can laugh our booties off. 

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Here’s the quote.

Number 1: “…trying to keep her head down, work hard and stay out of the media.” 

Let’s see how that worked out. 

Remember, the interview and photo shoot wrapped up in June. Good job staying out of the media, Megs.

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Number 2: “the past few months have been difficult and had its ups and downs with the amount of attention on her future with Harry, engagement talk etc..”

Poor Megsy. It does sound har. Let’s see how she managed to tone down the engagement talk went.

Nailed it again!

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Number 3: “She’s hoping that if this is something that happens, they can keep the news private for a while before going public.”

Yeah, about that…

I am not even kidding.

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It’s all pr. She’s just leaking and hinting the same way she’s always done. It used to be spooning bananas, monogrammed necklaces, and beaded bracelets and now it’s ripped jeans and messy shirts and getting the RPO into the same photo frame. It’s the same stupid crap. 

I don’t know if they are engaged or not, and honestly I don’t care at this point. 

It doesn’t matter anyway. Everyone’s acting like we’re still living in Royaltyland where stuff like protocols and rules and formal engagement announcements matters. 

We’re not. We’re now firmly in Hollywoodland. Lol, nothing matters.

It’s Schrodinger’s Engagement. It will remain in suspended animation until the media attention starts flagging and them something will happen (emerald ring on a chain inside her Husband shirt! Harry papped a block away from the jewelers with a bag!) and the speculation will start again.

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This has been going on since December 20!!!!

We’re fast approaching the first anniversary of Meghan’s “imminent engagement” press drive. We’re going to have to throw a party.

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Don’t worry about it. Appreciate the ridiculousness of a divorced, thirty-six year old woman walking around like a fool giving engagement hints through her clothes. 

We’ve jumped the shark. Just laugh at the silliness of it all.

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Angela Merkel is now the leader of the free world, not Donald Trump
When Barack Obama revealed that his last phone call as President was to Angela Merkel, reaffirming their alliance and friendship of the last eight years, he wasn’t just saying goodbye. He was handing over his baton. The German Chancellor isn’t just the leader of Europe, she is now the de-facto leader of the free world.

The US President isn’t motivated by protecting liberal democracy or freedom, his sole ideology is Trumpism: corporate autocracy with a populist facade. And he surrounds himself with white nationalists even more hostile to liberal democracy than he is

When Barack Obama revealed that his last phone call as President was to Angela Merkel, reaffirming their alliance and friendship of the last eight years, he wasn’t just saying goodbye. He was handing over his baton. The German Chancellor isn’t just the leader of Europe, she is now the de-facto leader of the free world.

The thrice-elected, soft-spoken former scientist from East Germany, armed with a doctorate in quantum chemistry, doesn’t just carry the weight of Germany and Europe on her shoulders, but that of defending freedom and liberalism across the world.

This is not an attempt to be provocative or exaggerate for effect. Donald Trump cannot claim the mantle of “leading” the free world by default. America’s military might is not the only criteria necessary.

Donald Trump’s closest advisor Steve Bannon thinks there will be war with China in the next few years

The title also requires the President to be committed to the values of liberal democracy. But unlike his predecessors since the Second World War, it is already clear that Trump has no such inclinations. He is heading, at terrifying speed, in the opposite direction.

Do I even have to make the case for this? Since his inauguration Trump has undermined and ignored judges, even though an independent judiciary and a separation of powers is key to a democracy.

But the ban on immigrants highlighted something far more draconian. If a President can abruptly restrict the rights of US residents without bothering with lawmakers or even government departments, he in effect an autocrat. That is exactly what Trump did and will continue to do so. His actions don’t just undermine the rights of all Americans, they undermine the institutions that support American democracy.

Then there is Trump’s assault on international trade and cooperation. He is already threatening Mexico, China and now the EU. Who will be next? We can debate whether globalisation benefits people equally, but only a fool would deny that international trade is a global good. And it can only work if done on an equal, rules-based footing. But Trump doesn’t care for those, he is ripping up international agreements so he can bully smaller countries into submission. That sets a dangerous precedent for the entire world.

And lastly there is the Trump administration’s hostility towards the media. Regardless of its bias, a thriving democracy needs a media willing to challenge the government. Trump isn’t just hostile to criticism, in his warped world it must be driven by lies and vindictiveness. He is wracked by deep insecurity. When his chief aide Steve Bannon says the media should “keep its mouth shut” – they mean it. They don’t want a free media criticising them at all. These are words that dictators use, not democrats.

The controversial orders Donald Trump has already issued

10 show all
The US President isn’t motivated by protecting liberal democracy or freedom, his sole ideology is Trumpism: corporate autocracy with a populist facade. And he surrounds himself with white nationalists even more hostile to liberal democracy than he is.

Having grown up in communist East Germany before re-unification, Angela Merkel is the polar opposite. She doesn’t just recognise the sounds of autocracy, she chose to escape it.

This is why she has stood up to Trump’s bullying and bigotry, saying on Monday that the “necessary battle against terrorism” did not justify putting “groups of certain people under general suspicion”. The British government in sharp contrast has been slavish and spineless.

It’s now abundantly clear that the free world needs a new leader. With respect to Justin Trudeau, Canada simply isn’t powerful enough. It has to be Angela Merkel.

Her opponents know this, which is why the pro-Trump, pro-Putin, far-right forces are lining up against her. We know this. And she knows it. It’s time the most powerful woman in the world embraced her new role. The world needs her.