media misogyny

I hate to be the one to break this to you, dude, but as a general rule, women don’t pretend to virulently hate men they’re secretly in love with as some sort of elaborate courtship ritual. That’s a trope we made up to justify why the male protagonist always gets the girl in the end even when it’s starkly at odds with prior characterisation. In real life, if she acts like she thinks you’re a creep, it’s because she thinks you’re a creep!

Ever think about the fact that when Konan died she was literally erased from the whole narrative? She wasn’t brought back by Edo Tensei like the other members of Akatsuki, in fact she wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the 4th war. Obito doesn’t mention her, neither does Zetsu, Madara doesn’t ask, Naruto doesn’t think about her at any time, not even Nagato takes a second to angst about her. In fact it’s possible Naruto doesn’t even know when, where, and how she died. It’s possible he doesn’t know she died at all. I doubt Nagato or any of the other reanimated Akatsuki members knew, since they were all already dead when it happened and no one mentioned anything about her. It’s possible no one knows about the sacrifice she made, about the ideals she died defending, her legacy. No one remembers. No one cared. It’s possible no one even retrieved her corpse, she decomposed at the pitch dark bottom of the sea as if she were nothing but garbage. After being denied a family, a happy childhood, a healthy relationship, a stable adolescence and adulthood. After being denied so many things her whole life she was also even denied a proper burial alongside her childhood friends. She died like an animal. Worse than an animal. She was completely deleted from the narrative, as if her character had been completely useless and her presence had never affected anything in the story, as if she had been nothing but a cheap plot device that lost it’s purpose after Nagato had a change of heart. Every male character that died in the series, no matter how important or unimportant they were to the plot, left a legacy and were remembered after they died. Why couldn’t Konan get the same respect and honor? Why did the story continue on as if she had never existed?

The paper angel deserved better.

Fuck you kishimoto.

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Konan should have won or at least survived the fight against Tobi. She had the strength, wit, abilities, determination, and had spent years studying him. That thing where she filled the whole ocean with billions of explosives should have killed and rekilled him and the explanation as to how he survived was absolutely bullshit. Her being defeated and dying (In a unnecessarily cruel way, btw) didn't serve no purpose to the development of the story, she already had her whole character reduced to support for Yahiko and then for Nagato, the tvtropes page explains it quite well (Satellite Character: Take away Yahiko and Nagato's influence on her and what do you have left? A near-emotionless woman with paper powers who likes to do origami.) And ok i get it that Obito & Madara were some of the ultimate villains and had to have their own arc where Naruto defeated them at the end but Konan could had survived her fight against him and become a extremely powerful ally to Naruto and the shinobi alliance during the fourth war arc now that she was free from the shackles of Yahiko/Nagato/Pain she could become her own character with her own desires and motivations instead of being decoration for male characters, and the fact they decided to kill her almost immediately after Nagato/Pain died confirms that the mangaka only ever saw her as an extension of a male character instead of her own individual character and that's terrible. She deserved better. Every single female character in this franchise deserved better. She was so powerful but we almost never see her fighting or doing anything interesting. The fight with Jiraiya was a huge opportunity for her to show off her abilities but Nagato/Pain just had to step in and take the spotlight. We never get a chance to see her character develop emotionally, girl was forced to hang around the corpse of her deceased boyfriend who was possessed by the soul of her chronically ill childhood friend and yet her feelings about this bizarre situation were never acknowledged. Not to mention this hell fandom still reduces her to "the group's mom friend" and "pain's wife" or a "bitter old bitch who gets in the way of the yaois uwu" and completely ignores all the potential she has to be so much more. And I'm still pissed about all this. I'm still pissed!

I just can’t fight for black men anymore. I’ve tried to be loyal for so long, and each time I was left for a non black woman and ridiculed on Facebook. When I thought I finally found the “one” he threw me out of my own home and moved in his Filipina side chick, then told Facebook I was pushy and unbearable and that the monkey was finally off his back. I did my best to ignore ashy niggas comments online who agreed with my ex, but it still hurts me. I’ll be a “traitor” because my fight is over.

  • guy: its unrealistic to have so many women fighting dragons
  • guy: i mean im sure historically there were many brave women but not enough to merit such a large amount of female characters fighting dragons
  • me: a couple things. dragons arent real my buddy my pal my dude ...
  • me: theres no dragons in history
  • me: theres nothing historically accurate about dragons
  • me: dragons themselves are unrealistic
  • me: i dont even need to address this any further because your entire argument is that bad.

me on Tumblr: imo hating men, white & straight ppl isn’t better than hating women, poc & lgbt+ ppl
Tumblr: um??? lmao we r just venting bc all str8s & all men & all crackers r our abusers. ur an evil abuse apologist yikes™ lmao bye

me on any other social media site: tbh I think treating women like objects sucks
other users: omg are you triggered sjw?! maybe you should drink some male tears against your period cramps

Today in psychology we learned that men who are repeatedly and regularly exposed to erotic and sexual images of women will find their wives/girlfriends less attractive.

So, basically we live in a society that insidiously commodifies and sexualizes women on TV, in magazines, on billboards and in movies, and that in turn makes them less attractive to the men who are being exposed to this eroticized caricature of real women. It’s a catch-22 that keeps socializing women to believe that their value lies in their physical appearance, but their physical appearance will never be good enough. The commodification of female bodies has to stop; the sexism in mass media has to stop.

flowermaddened  asked:

Death by strangulation (or hanging) for women is a trope that comes from Greek tragedy (see: Tragic Ways of Killing a Woman by Nicole Loraux) and stems from a Greek understanding of the female body where the mouth/threat and the vagina are connected inside of the body and mirror one another (see: lips/labia) When a woman is strangled in this context it is a direct attack/commentary on her (cis)womanhood (all this is from my Greek prof. who specialized in classical understandings of the body!)

holy shit this is. terrifying and really interesting.

“Have you heard about Carrie Fisher?”
I’m asked. Of course, it’s me
The token Star Wars fan
Of course I’ve heard about Carrie Fisher.

Have you heard about Carrie Fisher?
The first princess who ever felt like me?
The damsel in distress who rescued her rescuers?
The real life woman who never apologised for being who she was?

Have you heard about Carrie Fisher?
Who shared her personal stories
Of depression, addiction, being bipolar?
Who reminded us all we were more than our illness?

Have you heard about Carrie Fisher?
Who fought back against media misogyny
Who proved to the world beauty is ageless
Who didn’t stop making the world smile up until the last?

Have you heard about Carrie Fisher?
The woman who burned brighter than us all in the darkest of times
Who threw stigma out the window and told it like it was
Who connected with and treated fans like extended family?

Who lives on in the heart and bite of every single girl and woman?
Who never let the world bring her down?
Who was crass and bold and wonderful and alive?
Who never stopped fighting?
Who will never be forgotten?
Who will always be cherished with all our hearts?

Who always has been
And always will be
A hero?

“Have you heard about Carrie Fisher?”
I’m asked. “Of course,”
I say.
“But have you?”

—  Remind them how she lived.

While maybe some of the sentiment behind this is okay… This is fucking bullshit.

Men are not born to pursue women. That is how society has trained them to be. Women are “prizes” and that is the patriarchal societies fault. Not being born. It’s not human nature.

A relationship should be two way unless you like it the other way. Pursuing a guy does not mean he is not interested. It could just mean he’s not an entitled asshole. Some won’t make advances until they know the girl is comfortable with it? It’s a two way street.

Like yeah, it shouldn’t be one person doing all the stuff… On either side.. Unless both parties want it that way.

Is anyone else kind of very uncomfortable with this post? Blech. I can’t even formulate all the words to describe why this is gross. Feel free to add on.

I just really don’t like how this is acting like women are supposed to be passive.



[Image description: four different GIFs taken from the Buzzfeed video “Beta Male”

The first GIF shows a white man using a computer. He is typing into an advice forum, “22 year old beta seeking advice. How to score pussy?”.

The second GIF shows the same man, playing video games by himself. A comment from the forum, which suggests “Meet @ work?”, is displayed at the bottom. The man is then shown skateboarding, and being chased by a security guard, as his comment “Currently sans job” appears on the screen.

The third GIF shows the man using the same computer again, with another comment suggesting “Meet online?”. The man looks at the online dating profile of a blonde woman, which has the words “She likes you!” above her screen name. A message from the woman asks, “So…Friday drinks?”.

The fourth GIF shows, through the window of a restaurant, the woman sitting at a table and presumably waiting for the man. The man, who is standing outside the window, walks away without being noticed by her. Another comment from the forum, which says “Mucho Autismo…”, appears at the bottom of the screen.]

So it seems that Buzzfeed just made a blatantly ableist (and sexist) video? It portrays a autistic-coded white man who is misogynistic, socially awkward, and unemployed (almost all of the stereotypes), and the entire video seems to be a series of jokes about people like that? I couldn’t manage to get through the whole thing (the video is a little over seven minutes long), but I’m sure there’s a lot more sexism and ableism in there that I didn’t see. The link to the full video, which is called “Beta Male”, can be found on Youtube here: x

lmao passing the bechdel test honestly doesn’t mean shit, its requirements are intentionally pitiful to show how shitty movies can’t even do a decided bare minimum. succeeding at doing “the bare minimum” doesn’t mean anything? it’s not really progress lmao. its not enough. its not worthy of praise. the test isn’t rigorous, it intentionally has minuscule requirements. thats the literal point. passing it, again, doesn’t mean shit.