media misdirection

”When you write that way and use provocation deliberately in order to get people talking, it can backfire. Like it did at the massacre at Columbine High School, for which we got the blame since the perpetrators liked Rammstein and had completely misunderstood our songs. We got a lot of hate and the accusations for being Nazis, which we continually have to live with, became massive. It was a tough time but we didn’t change our artistic expression and I still prefer to let my songs and poems be up to each and every one to interpret, even if humor and satire are difficult things,” he says.
—  Till Lindemann on working through misdirected media negativity

PSA: Between the film, the leaked script of TFA, the Novelization, the Junior Novelization, and supplemental stuff, there is more evidence for mutual attraction and romantic feelings between Finn and Rey than any other two characters in the ST other than Han and Leia. 

There is actually a line in the script about how Rey “already adores” Finn.

In the scene where they exchange names in the junior novelization, Rey gets lost in thought about how attractive Finn is, and is embarrassed that she was caught staring by him. 

Finn “enjoys the sound of Rey”s name from his lips” and Rey likes the way he says her name. 

This is how the people responsible for writing the ST have chosen to represent their relationship, it’s not fanon or speculation. 

I don’t care about ship wars at all, but I feel the need to point out that finnrey has more receipts (and more concrete receipts) than everyone else combined. No disrespect, that’s just how it is. 

A Well Placed Villain

@bethaboolou and I have been talking about the war between the New Team and Old Team. And I’d like to put a theory out there. While I believe that Simon is quite possibly a sociopath, I don’t believe that everything evil happens because of him. And while I believe that Azoff will be great for our boys, I don’t believe he is some paragon of virtue. I think he’s a bigger wolf, or possibly The Godfather. Either way, you want him on your side. It’s too simple to think of them in such black and white terms. So, another hypothetical:

New Team is using the ambiguity of the moment to their advantage. Simon has proven himself to be a villain worthy of a great story. So, if you were Irving Azoff, wouldn’t you use that to your advantage now? If you needed to have the narrative play out a certain way, wouldn’t you do the things that Simon/Syco has been known to do? Shady stunts, PR craziness, etc. There’s been no official announcement of a management change. So we assume it is Simon. And he’s been the archetypal villain, so why would anyone doubt that it is?

I’m not saying I believe this necessarily, but I’m willing to think it. Nothing is simple and there’s little that galvanizes a group better than a well placed villain.

Conspiracy Theorists, Media Misdirection, AGENDA 21

I was having a discussion about AGENDA 21 with my mom and my cousin interrupts our conversation to tell me to “stop being such a conspiracy theorist." 


How about: no, you stop being so ignorant. So many things have happened in our country (US) that has gone unexplained (or given a nonsensical explanation), and that’s fact. People wouldn’t have to "theorize” about anything if we were adequately informed of said events. But we never, ever are. We’re told half-truths or outright lies by the people who are responsible for governing us, not to mention being misdirected by the media and distracted by flashy celebrity news all in the hope that we never catch on. (and look, it’s working!)


Case in point: who cares about what’s going on in Syria and Japan (heck, even in our very own country) when Miley Cyrus made such a fool of herself at the VMAs? That’s loads more interesting and relevant to our lives!!!1




And those of us who are aware of how fishy things are are called “conspiracy theorists” and made to look ridiculous. No one realizes that that’s just another ploy. By making us out to be the crazy ones they’re successfully shutting us up. Seriously, it’s ingenious. Many of us are too afraid to speak our minds for fear of being called crazy conspiracy theorists, and many more are too afraid to open their eyes and ears and recognize what’s going on because of the stigma attached to those who question how our country is being run and the direction it (and or world) is heading. 


To those of you who don’t even know what AGENDA 21 is, look it up! If you can sit through the entirety of the VMAs then you can take a half hour to read up on/research such a huge issue that will impact us ALL. Because that right there? That’s not a conspiracy theory, that’s a conspiracy fact.