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Okay, so for a while I’ve been thinking about how important it was that A Different World featured a plot on a character (Terrence) discovering islam and converting to become Muslim. It was a subject a lot of Black Americans knew but it was not really talked about in the main stream media. And with seeing this episode and watching Terrence grow as a character and gain the support form his father is an important narrative that needed to be seen/ portrayed. The fact that Islam was being discussed on a tv series in a positive outlook is very uncommon. I was just always surprised I’ve never seen a post on Terrence or this subject so I needed to post it to show my support and allow others to be aware of it’s importance to the Black & Muslim community. 

A Different World - S04 E14

So people are dying in the Middle East, but the global media do not give a shit about Arabs unless we are involved in any “terrorist” related news. Two days ago a terrorist attack occurred on a busy shopping mall in Baghdad, that ended up killing at least 200 innocent people, followed by terrorist attacks today in Saudi Arabia. I don’t see the Iraqi/Saudi flag all over the social media, I don’t see the “pray for <insert a white country here> “? 

If the world doesn’t look at us and see us as the humans we are, then fuck you all 

“Trump won because Democrats were too disdainful of Trump supporters! Too intellectual! Too snobbish about them!”

Let’s get one thing straight:

Trump didn’t win because Dems called Trump supporters “ignorant racists.”

Trump won because Trump supporters were, in fact, ignorant racists.

Or,  if they weren’t, ignorance and racism wasn’t a dealbreaker for them. And it should have been.

At some point, you have to call a spade a spade. America’s Democrat party are flawed as hell, but they didn’t force 40 million+ people to vote for a fascist mad man, did they?

They don’t have that power.

Sometimes shitty people are just, well, shitty people. There are no excuses.

No one in this world gives a shit about the feeling of regretful Trump voters. If we’re honest.

“Well, he said he would build a wall!”

*everyone else*

“Cool, guys. Meanwhile, the rest of us (no, literally, the whole world) are terrified because he is a rambling, unhinged mad man with nuke codes who is going to start World War Three and end existence as we know it. But, sure. You got pissed about a woman’s fucking emails and José the gardener and feeling like you were left behind. You doomed us all.”

When you make your bed…but everyone else is forced to lie in it too.

Good advices from Shaun King. Please share it!

We should be a part of events - not apart of events.

And when you read news please check the different sources. Some mainstream media depicts everything in the way which is profitable only for the government. not for country.

I relate to Charlotte Church turning down Trump’s offer. Then again, if Trump asked me to sing at his inauguration I almost certainly WOULD show up.  Then, before singing the song, I would make myself throw up on stage as billions of viewers watched.

Maybe Charlotte missed an opportunity here?

Bro, if I wanted to clean up a turd, I’d be working for Donald Trump’s PR team. 

I accidentally clicked on the trending Black Panther tag on Facebook to discover that once again white males are ignorant and privileged and closed minded and frankly, just assholes.

Ryan Coogler, the director of Fruitvalle Station and Creed, missed out on directing the Black Panther movie, but still thinks it should be directed by a person of color.

“I think that there is a potential for a greater truth when a filmmaker comes from a particular culture that they’re dealing with. That’s not to say that a filmmaker can’t work outside his or her cultural space. But I do believe that the opportunity for the film to have more nuance will come when you looking at filmmakers that bring a little bit of that from their personal experience.”

He even says that if he was in the position of making the first Wonder Woman film he would do his best to find a female director.

White men across the world then went on to lose their minds.

“Does it matter?” they ask themselves. “Maybe only a white person should direct Captain America,” they say attempting to play devils advocate and ignoring the fact that most of the major comic book hero movies have been directed by white men, including that’s right, Captain America. “Skin color is irrelevant,” they say. “Saying that the Black Panther should be directed by a black director is racist!” a white man explains racism to all POC who would dare tell him that the world needs diverse voices.

Black Lives Matter is inexplicably thrown into the loop as if the simple statement that yes our lives matter is a poison spreading through the world causing unwanted diversity and conversations that shake their dominance as white men, because of course they are all that truly matters. “But, the black panther was created by two white guys,” they loudly crow as the last few hundred years of history goes over their heads and they continue to think that simply being white males makes their opinion on everything including movies more relevant than that of a black man who is actually a director.