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Dylann Roof: *Rocks out to Opera music.*

if anyone is interested here’s a short list of movies based on real serial killers/murder cases

1. Dahmer (2002) . Movie about the cannibalistic serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, played by Jeremy Renner. 

2. True Story (2015). Movie about the accused killer Christian Longo, played by James Franco. 

3. The Snowtown Murders (2011). Movie about the killer John Bunting and his “colleagues”, played by Daniel Henshall. 

4. Citizen X (1995). Movie about the Soviet serial killer Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo, played by Jeffrey DeMunn.

5. To Catch a Killer (1992). Movie about the american serial killer John Wayne Gacy, played by Brian Dennehy

the thought of female Sangwoo looking like a fucking supermodel and being a fucked up serial killer is so damn good because usually in media female serial killers are weird looking or outcasts and I just really like the idea of her primping in the bathroom about to take some instagram photos while there’s muffled screaming coming from her basement 

OK so what if in S1 Caitlin HAD been affected by the particle accelerator and then took off soon afterwards? Cisco doesn’t know wtf is going on but he has to stay at STAR Labs to take care of some comatose guy and can’t look for answers on what happened to his best friend

 After Barry becomes The Flash he then runs into a metahuman who keeps terrorizing a chemical plant. What’s her name?

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Serial Killers and Their Media Appointed Names

Richard Angelo, “Angel of Death”

Martha Beck and Raymond Fernandez, “Lonely Heart Killers”

David Berkowitz, “Son of Sam”

Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono, “Hillside Stranglers”

William Bonin, “Freeway Killer”

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, “Moors Murderers”

Harvey Louis Carignan, “Trailside Killer”

Richard Chase, “Vampire of Sacramento”

Andrei Chikatilo, “Mad Beast”

Reg Christie, “Monster of Rillington Place”

Douglas Clark, “Sunset Slayer”

Carroll Cole, “Barfly Strangler”

Dean Corll, “Candyman”

Jeffrey Dahmer. “Milwaukee Cannibal”

Theo Durant, “Demon of the Belfry”

Albert Fish “Moon Maniac”

John Wayne Gacy, “Killer Clown”

Carlton Gary. “Stocking Strangler”

Ed Gein, “Plainfield Ghoul”

John Wayne Glover, “Granny Killer”

Vaughn Greenwood, “Skid Row Rasher”

Belle Gunness, “Lady Bluebeard”

Fritz Haarmann, “Vampire of Hanover”

John George Haigh, “Acid Bath Killer”

William Heirens, “Lipstick Killer”

Gary Heidnik, “Sex-Slave Killer”

Dr. H.H. Holmes, “Chicago Bluebeard”

Keith Jesperson, “Happy Face Killer”

Edmund Kemper, “Coed Killer”

Paul John Knowles, Casanova Killer"

Peter Kurten, “Monster of Dusseldorf”

Pedro Lopez, “Monster of the Andes”

Richard Macek, “Mad Biter”

William MacDonald, “Sydney Mutilator”

Earle Leonard Nelson “Gorilla Murderer”

Thierry Paulin, “Monster of Montmartre”

Jesse Pomeroy, “Boy Fiend”

Heinrich Pommerencke, “Beast of the Black Forest”

Richard Ramirez, “Night Stalker”

Melvin Reez, “Sex Beast”

Angel Maturino Resendez “Railway Killer”

Danny Rolling, “Gainesville Ripper”

Charles Schmid, “Pied Piper of Tucson”

Lucian Staniak, “Red Spider”

Peter Sutcliffe, “Yorkshire Ripper”

Coral Eugene Watts, “Sunday Morning Slasher”

Randall Woodfield, “I-5 Killer”


Poem by Australian Serial Killer,Robert Wagner.

I’m a CFS man- my uniforms swank
and iv'e never been to a snowtown bank
yet bodies in barrels-hey i wonder who’s there
peadophiles i’m told so who really cares

See so many people are murdered each year
yet just how many answers can you find around here
plus everyones listening to the media hype
A psychotic killer-hey do i look the type

Now in months to come it’s my judgement day
you can be sure i shall have my say
and i will not ever be held in contempt
for everyone knows my time was well spent

See you know i only provided a service that’s needed
for just like your gardens our street should be weeded
so fuck off judge Chester in your silly white wig
we only make the streets safe for all our kids

Now can anyones say whats really what
for i could be innocent-Then again maybe not
go fuck all the media and fuck the police
for i know where you live just incase i’m released

Now my poem must end with thoughts of my life
where did this start-what caused all my strife
and if my life reads like a Stephen king thriller
you know i’m not a bad guy….
for a serial killer

-Robert Wagner

more positive and accurate portrayals of psychosis in the media

less “psycho killers”. less use of psycho/psychotic/delusional as insults. less portrayal of psychotic people as scary and dangerous. less demonizing of a disorder that is very rarely violent in nature.

more characters whose psychosis isn’t their defining trait. more characters being supported by friends during psychotic episodes. more characters who are loved and cherished and shown understanding despite their psychosis.

better psychosis representation. please and thank you.