media in motion


Adventures of Garbanzo: The Bean Dog

this was one of my favourite assignments c’: i wanna do more like this!


my updated demo reel is here! check it out if you wanna see some of the neat stuff i’ve been working on lately c:


After makin some changes on this after m’ critique Tuesday, here’s the first lil project I did in my motion media class! :,>

The logo itself is one I developed during my self promo class. EveNTUALLY I might try and use it in banners and business cards and other proper design stuff. But for now enjoy this lil animated booper~

a taste of something i’m working on 🚲

Hey folks, Paul here for MOTION MONDAY!

I’m excited about this one–it’s a title reveal I teased back on July 4th, and now it’s ready to show. Here are the stages that went into it:

This was mostly done in Adobe AfterEffects. Main tools included:

  • Masking: useful for the main title’s “sliding visibility” reveal
  • Layer Styles: useful for color overlays and glow effects
  • Particle Effects: adds a little pizazz to the ending flash

And again, big thanks to Caty Carlson (@catycarlson23) for the hand-drawn lightning effects! I absolutely love how they turned out.

If anyone has questions about the process, feel free to message me. Thanks for watching!