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U keep goin on about how u don't want to do controversial stuff on social media bc of future employers, yet u flash your boobs on insta. Honestly

I “flash my boobs” because I believe in equality, I believe that we as women shouldn’t be forced to dress modestly just because of the connotations our bodies have. I “flash my boobs” because it’s a point of vulnerability that I’ve been able to come, it helps me feel comfortable in my own skin which as I’ve talked about on here before has previously been a struggle for me. I “flash my boobs” because I want to desexualise our bodies, which is not something we see often if everyday media, so we can walk a round in peace n fucken quiet without people harassing us,
Hell yes I’m gonna flash my boobs

I hope you guys realize that the Stranger things kids are still very young and haven’t matured all the way yet and they’re probably at some point going to do some things that aren’t so great and say things that aren’t so great and when that happens I hope you guys don’t ridicule them or tear them down because they’re still learning just like we were at that age

Scientific topics receiving prominent play in newspapers and magazines over the past several years include molecular biology, artificial intelligence, artificial life, chaos theory, massive parallelism, neural nets, the inflationary universe, fractals, complex adaptive systems, superstrings, biodiversity, nanotechnology, the human genome, expert systems, punctuated equilibrium, cellular automata, fuzzy logic, space biospheres, the Gaia hypothesis, virtual reality, cyberspace, and teraflop machines….Unlike previous intellectual pursuits, the achievements of the third culture are not the marginal disputes of a quarrelsome mandarin class: they will affect the lives of everybody on the planet.
—  John Brockman