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↳ the three people who take better care of the foxes than they do of themselves. 

It’s been exactly three weeks since I vowed to effectively quit* social media.

As a reminder, I say effectively because I am not getting rid of my accounts. But I am trimming my social media use to such an extent that, to a good approximation, I am not using them at all. So no, I have not quit this blog and I will not quit this blog. At least not anytime in the near future.

Thanks to those who have stayed along for the ride. Immediately after I made my last post three weeks ago I lost a handful of followers. But I just checked my activity feed and my follower count has apparently still been growing in my absence haha. It hasn’t gone down at all (though the slope has decreased slightly). Which is interesting. My content has a life of its own on this site, I suppose. That’s great.

But anyway. Let’s get to the good stuff, here.

My good friend @rudescience and I just Skyped after a small while. I Skyped him a couple times and we sent each other emails about once a week. Which was a huge change because, for over two years, he and I used to text/snap almost all day long, every single day. No exaggeration. It was hard to get used to, for both of us, but we actually prefer it this way. We’ve each become less dependent on each other and more present in the everyday life in front of us. But I mentioned him because he just reminded me during our conversation that I really did accomplish a lot over my three-week hiatus.

Obviously, quitting* social media was a big part of this. You might be surprised to know that such a seemingly small gesture had such an impact on my life, in only a few weeks.

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FAQ: Where do I edit my photos? 

Have you ever spend hours just editing one particular photo? Are you being too OC when it comes to your instagram feed and it frustates you whenever your photos do not look cohesive together? Do you aim for that #FeedGoals but always end up revamping your IG feed every once in awhile? If you answer yes to these questions then we’re on the same page! 

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name a more iconic duo than lightning farron and lesbianism. i'll wait.

i promised a post on how the lightning saga games highly imply and most likely intentionally imply lightning farron to be a lesbian, and here it is!

this will be prefaced with a brief note on the way lgbt content is handled in japanese society and media, which is essential to understanding all of this. in japanese society, acceptance of lgbt issues is tenuous in a strange way. while lgbt people are accepted in theory, in japanese society you are often expected to be at least relatively closeted, especially if you are in the public eye. business marriages between lesbians and gay men are not only common but are what is largely expected. this attitude is less common with younger people, but it is very prevalent in japanese media, especially video games and anime. the concept of “q*eerbaiting” in discussion of japanese media even gets complicated due to the fact that in much of japanese media, subtext is looked at the way that most of us would look at confirmed lgbt characters in western media.
due to the complicated nature of how lgbt characters are handled in japanese media, the common western media argument of “this character is not lgbt because if they were they would be shown in a relationship with a character of the same gender or it would be directly mentioned” is not very valid in discussion of japanese media.

after that, now i will move on to actual discussions of the games themselves! 😊

-Final Fantasy XIII-
-much of the proof in the first game of the lightning saga is the things always pointed out in discussion of evidence for the fang x lightning ship (flight, fangrai, whatever you want to call it). the difference in lightning’s interactions with fang and her interactions with every other character in the game, the romantic undertones there, the looks they exchange, the way that lightning’s pupils dilate when she looks at fang, pretty much everything about lightning’s interactions with fang. i have seen very few people in the final fantasy xiii fandom who try to argue that lightning is not at least sexually attracted to fang.

-in final fantasy xiii, there are two characters who are the personality archetype lightning would be attracted to, and those characters are fang and snow. fang and snow are both the same
heroic protector type of character. lightning is obviously attracted to fang, and obviously not attracted to snow, even after she has accepted him as a friend but before she has accepted him as family. a scene in particular i will point to here is the scene in the estheim house where lightning talks to snow after he wakes up after being injured (before the fight with the psicom airship). snow is shirtless and is what most people who are attracted to men would consider to be extremely attractive at least sexually, and lightning does not notice or acknowledge this in any way, and as i have pointed out before, snow is precisely the sort of man lightning would be interested in if she were attracted to men, because in so many ways snow is male fang, and is the hero archetype that would be lightning’s “type”.

-Lightning Returns-
-this game fucking ramps up alot of the gay, which is not exactly part of my argument but like oh goddess this game is a goldmine of proof for lesbian lightning. nearly every interaction lightning has with anyone in this game screams “socially awkward lesbian”.

-first of all, there is a massive contrast in this game between the way lightning interacts with women and the way lightning interacts with men. in every conversation with a woman, lightning is much more attentive than she is in her conversations with men. lightning often seems nearly interested in women’s troubles, where the troubles of men are listened to in a way that is much more “this is just my job” than “i maybe care”

-there is alot more with fang here, but it has all been discussed in depth in shipping conversations. lightning and fang’s constant flirting, the “it’s a date” line before fang leaves the dunes, the fact that lightning effectively starts to ask fang to go out on a date with her before fang tells her she is going to leave, lightning’s awkward intensified shyness during that conversation, etc.

-there is literally a quest in this game where lightning only agrees to go on a “date” with a man because he says he will pay for her meal at an expensive restaurant, and she spends the entire quest until he starts discussing his backstory complaining about him trying to be romantic instead of just buying her food and letting her eat. one of the lines in this quest is “i’m just here for the steak”. this is not the reaction of someone attracted to men.

-lightning is always obviously uncomfortable when heterosexual relationships are discussed unless the relationship reminds her of serah and snow’s relationship or can be related back to serah and snow. if lightning were attracted to men in any way, she would not be so obviously uncomfortable around straight and straight-passing romance. contrast this to lightning’s visible reactions to romantic dialogue and romantic gestures between fang and vanille. lightning is not uncomfortable around sapphic relationships, but is around straight-passing relationships.

-the dialogue with the ticket seller in yusnaan during the main quest is a big thing. (some slight paraphrase in the quote here because i am pulling from memory but the idea of the ticket seller’s dialogue is there and lightning’s line i know is correct.
ticket-seller: what’s wrong? did your boyfriend break up with you? trust me, i know what a woman wants.
lightning: you obviously don’t know me.

-also, the difference in the way lightning responds to fang’s flirting contrasted with the way she responds to hope’s flirting. lightning encourages fang’s flirting, and literally threatens hope over his flirting.

there are probably some more things i am forgetting from my playthroughs of the games, but those are the key points. if anyone would like more in-depth analysis, i am planning on doing a 100% run of lightning returns soon and could take notes, and i would not mind replaying xiii in the not too distant future. all of this was mostly pulled from memory of having played through the games recently. if you would be interested in some more in-depth thoughts, feel free to ask! 😊

Like Me for Me!

I’ve been fascinated with online popularity and hashtags for a while now and how they really work. I recently went through a phase of deliberately avoiding using them; it’s hard to explain but I was caught up on the notion that they were important for ‘likes’ and retweets.

I suppose in its most basic form, I was in need of validation and a need to be liked. This feeling is one that I have carried around with me for years, probably since childhood and it’s only recently that I have noticed how it's stopping me from fulfilling my potential. If you are someone who suffers with depression or anxiety like me then perhaps taking extra caution with social media is essential. If only there was a tablet to take or a cream to apply to thicken the skin.

As I step back from my social media sphere, for a short moment it all becomes clear that the instant gratification of a like or a follow is worthless and in fact, what is important is the engagement I have with people who follow me online when I am back in ‘the sphere’ and when I am offline and living in the real world. Comments and relating well to others is good enough reason to share with the world what I want to show.

“All that glitters is not gold” - isn’t that the truth!!

How many times have you heard someone say “don’t they live a wonderful life!”? It astonishes me to think some people can be so naïve of the truth. When my ex and I split up a friend said to me; “James. I am completely shocked. You always looked so happy together, you were always out socialising” I can’t quite remember what I said back as I was in a little bit of shock to be honest. Did she really think I was going to take a photo mid-argument (there were plenty of those to choose from) or post fight? No, of course not. Is my life perfect? No – far from it in many ways but I take comfort in knowing this is extremely normal.

Looking at other gay users on Instagram I see they have thousands more followers than I do, but at what cost? - yes, perhaps they did pay for the followers, but when every (other) photo is a selfie or a carefully (painfully) set up shot of them – rippling muscles, six packs or big hairy chests – yes, I am sorry to say this is what it’s like in the “gay world” a part of me dies inside. I get it, they look visually appealing and want to share but there is a limit surely on how far to take it before people lose respect. If like me, you feel like you don’t belong in that ‘class’ of society it can be pretty lonely.

Now I am in my early thirties I have matured and realised that it is all superficial. The followers I have are ones who have chosen to follow me and appreciate that I am not in every single photo, I am not on Instagram to show off, and those who know me, know over the last few years how much I have suffered with my self-esteem and depression. If you don’t like me for me then that’s fine, I know who I am and what makes me a good person.

My place and where I feel most comfortable is behind the lens looking at the wonders of the city I live in and capturing it in my own unique way. I have decided not to give up using hashtags, they are my way of perhaps introducing myself to new potential Instagrammers but I won’t take them half as seriously as I have in the past and neither will I be embarrassed of their presence under my photograph.

Honestly, I HATE when people portray lesbians in media as butch alphas, essentially the equivalent of a “macho” male. It’s even worse when they have an ACTUAL male play a lesbian. Watching Malcolm in the Middle, and seeing a man play a gay girl, was a fresh slap in the face to me, as a lesbian.

So, how is it okay NOW, for Disney, producer of family movies meant to entertain and inform children, have a gay man be the butt of the joke? Have the audience laugh at the character who is not meant to be taken seriously? Have his sexuality made to be something to poke fun of, rather than something that is to be respected?

I missed “Beauty and the Beast” because of homework. But my friend just told me that during the fight scene, three men were trapped in a wardrobe, and when “the closet opened” again, and the three men were shoved out in dresses. The “straight” men all hated it and Le Fou loved it (and yes I had to look up his name, because everyone keeps referring him as “the gay guy”) Like…what century are we living in? Why is this still a thing? Sure, gay men can love dresses. They can love high heels. They can love BEING THEMSELVES. But that scene was clearly something you were meant to laugh at. Sure, you can be yourselves. Just everyone else will laugh at you.

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it's a shame the x-men were only a METAPHOR for stuff that actually matters, maybe then people wouldn't be so comfortable with progressiveness in media essentially going completely backwards. I haven't read a comic since 2012 and i don't miss it, it's the western version of anime with old guard writers who desperately need to stop.

I don’t think the X-Men being less metaphorical could have saved them from whatever Marvel’s doing. What’s more literal than Magneto, a mutant who is also a Jewish concentration camp survivor? And guess what’s being done to him right now.

I personally don’t feel like anime/manga is any more progressive than comics (speaking as a fan of both). But it definitely helps that getting into anime doesn’t require memorising 75 years of character history only for a subpar white dude writer to completely destroy all of those 75 years for his white supremacy wank fantasies

Essena O’Neill is a virtual Panhandler.

I saw about 500 different articles yesterday on facebook, buzzfeed, instagram, and tumblr about some girl named Essena O’Neil quitting social media to live life in the real world. I guess this girl was “instagram famous” and companies would pay her to post pictures wearing their clothes or drinking their tea or whatever product they wanted her to endorse. So social media was essentially her career. 

Apparently, Essena had some eye-opening experience that made her realize that she based her self-worth on followers and likes, and that social media is all a facade or “not real life” as she says over, and over, and over, and over again in her 3 youtube videos she made about why she’s quitting social media. She goes on and on for like 15 minutes about how social media isn’t real, she won the genetic lottery, and that people need to get off their phones and live in the now. “Hell yeah! What a great message!” i thought to myself as I watched, but then she completely ruined it for me by closing her message with a pathetic plea for her followers to give her money because she can’t afford her rent. 

This made me furious. Here we have this perfectly healthy 18 year old girl, an alleged straight A student, crying about wanting to live a normal life in the real world, but not actually doing anything to live her desired “normal life” and begging strangers to financially support her. How in the hell is that a step towards living a normal life in the real world? I don’t think her intentions were ever to live a normal life. In my opinion, she’s exploiting a real issue to promote her new blog so she can continue to make money by literally doing nothing, and she’s receiving praise for it. That’s sickening. 

You never quit a job when you have financial responsibilities to take care of and no source of income lined up to replace the job you’re quitting. I thought this was common sense, but I guess I just have good parents and smart friends because this is something I’ve been perfectly aware of since I started working. This girl had a job, social media, that allowed her to take care of her rent and bills without having to depend on someone else to do it for her. I find it ridiculous that people are giving her praise for being irresponsible and quitting her job, leaving her incapable of taking care of herself. I get it, her job was making her depressed and it wasn’t healthy for her to live that way anymore. Guess what? In the real world, pretty much everyone hates their job! I work in a restaurant and deal with assholes all fucking day to the point where I don’t even want to be around people most of the time, but I would NEVER quit my job and put myself in a position where I can’t pay my rent. To be perfectly blunt: that’s just fucking stupid. She is receiving so much attention and praise for something that in the “real world” she so desires to be a part of would be considered stupid and irresponsible. She isn’t accountable for her actions whatsoever, and we are just enabling that. 

So I guess no we’re supposed to feel bad for this poor 18 year old girl who quit her social media job to live a normal life where she begs strangers to support her. An 18 year old, straight A student, who is mentally stable, well bodies, and 100% full capable of finding a normal real world job, but would rather blog about wanting to live a normal life and rely on her followers to support her. Really? We’ll support an adult who is 100% capable of taking care of herself, but when we scoff, judge, and look down on homeless people that ask for spare change outside of stores or on street corners? This girl who has a roof over her head, food in her refrigerator, and clean clothes on her back is more deserving of your spare change than a mentally ill and damaged veteran who has literally nothing? PISS OFF. This girl is no different than the panhandlers you see asking for money outside of stores that eventually drive off in a car nicer than yours cause they’d rather ask people for money than work for it. If you have money to spare, please don’t give it to some girl who is more than capable of taking care of herself. Donate it to a charity, give it to a homeless person, or use it to buy food for a homeless person if you feel skeptical about giving them money. Don’t let yourself be scammed. 

And who follows this girl? What is the demographic of her fans? Well, who uses social media the most: teenagers and young adults. It’s hard enough to take care of yourself  and be financially independent at that age, let alone being responsible for someone else. I find it kind of insulting that I bust my ass trying to balance full-time school with working almost full-time, and this girl wants to beg me and other people going through the same shit as me to pay her bills. Get the fuck out of here. If she put as much energy into finding a job as she’s putting into promoting her blog, then she would for sure be employed right now. Expecting teenagers and young adults, who are most likely working and going to school in order to better themselves, to support you financially is just wrong and she should be ashamed of herself for even asking. 

Social media can be harmful, and it’s important to educate young people about the psychological harm that can happen to people who measure their self-worth in social media popularity. Everyone, and i mean everyone, tries to make their lives seem so much more interesting on social media and it’s important to recognize that and avoid comparing your life so someone’s social media life. If you find yourself getting upset because your life isn’t as exciting as someone’s life on social media, or if you get upset because your picture doesn’t get a million likes on instagram, remember than you’re so much more valuable than that! And if you get to a point where it affects your mental and/or physical health, then get professional help. Know that you are beautiful, loves, and important. I remember the story of Madison Holleran on ESPN called split image and it’s worth the read if you are intrigued by this topic. But don’t support some girl who is exploiting a real issue to gain more attention and to fool people into taking care of her financial responsibilities. We didn’t force her to become an instagram celebrity, we didn’t force her to accept money and sponsorships from companies, we didn’t tell her to make social media her life, and we are not responsible for taking care of an adult who is more than capable of taking care of herself. This isn’t an attempt to start a movement, this is a clever marketing strategy so Essena can rebrand herself. Don’t buy into the bullshit! 

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i don't think that's what p-m-w was saying..? all he said was that younger people hitting on older people makes them feel uncomfortable. nothing about victims being at fault because they flirted with older people...

i was being hyperbolic but the point is that adults don’t need to be coddled for being uncomfortable with kids flirting with them when those same kids are in actual danger of being abused. that post was basically victimizing adults and saying “boo hoo we adults shouldn’t have to deal with being hit on by kids” when those kids are probably either csa victims or are being manipulated by the media. essentially, it’s victim blaming, and considering a large percentage of said adults will actually end up abusing the children who pursue them, it’s grossly insensitive.

Need some help finding Vodou-positive movies.

So Haitian Vodou, as well as Louisiana Voodoo and Santeria (basically any Syncretic religions) are typically very poorly portrayed in popular media and are essentially always lumped together with hollywood black magic and satanism. If I ever see another movie where a Baron Samdei looking character tricks someone into a Faustian bargain it will be too soon.

What I wan’t to know is if you good folk of tumblr can recommend any media, but particularly movies, that show Vodou (or any syncretic religious traditions for that matter) in a positive light, as opposed to being witchcraft?

Ben Sokolowksi is honestly the poorest excuse for an Arrow writer I’ve ever witnessed. He’s been on twitter bragging to Olicity fans about how Olicity has way more fans compared to Lauriver due to the fact that the tweet he put up (asking Olicity fans to retweet and Lauriver fans to like) has far more retweets than likes. 

The fact that a writer, who is supposed to be professional has gone on social media and is essentially mocking Lauriver fans with his insensitive and downright mean tweets is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. 

Arrow does not revolve around Olicity. A good television show should not revolve around any ship and shouldn’t be influenced at all with the amount of followers a particular ship has. A show is not as good as it’s ship.. Yet that’s essentially became what Arrow is about. I’m surprising myself even to say that it has became more about ships than The Vampire Diaries and The Originals; at least those two shows manage to maintain strong platonic and familial relationships as well as a decent plot, fight scenes and character development, something Arrow has completely lacked for season three, not necessarily because of terrible writing in those departments but because it didn’t have the time due to Olicity taking up ½ the screen time.

A fan service relationship that clogs up character development and prevents emotional resonance and other screen time for more important characters (not necessarily important to the fans but to the story) is exactly why I can firmly say that Arrow is the worst series on the CW. And yes I’m including Reign. 

If ‘cyberspace’ once offered the promise of escaping the strictures of
essentialist identity categories, the climate of contemporary social media has swung forcefully in the other direction, and has become a theatre where these prostrations to identity are performed.  With these curatorial practices come puritanical rituals of moral maintenance, and these stages are too often overrun with the disavowed pleasures of accusation, shaming, and denunciation.

Valuable platforms for connection, organization, and skill-sharing become clogged with obstacles to productive debate positioned
as if they are debate.  These puritanical politics of shame – which fetishize oppression as if it were a blessing, and cloud the waters in moralistic frenzies – leave us cold.  We want neither clean hands nor beautiful souls, neither virtue nor terror.  We want superior forms of corruption.

What this shows is that the task of engineering platforms for social
emancipation and organization cannot ignore the cultural and semiotic mutations these platforms afford.  What requires reengineering are the memetic parasites arousing and coordinating behaviours in ways occluded by their hosts’ self-image; failing this, memes like 'anonymity’, 'ethics’, 'social justice’ and 'privilege-checking’ host social dynamisms at odds with the often-commendable intentions with which they’re taken up.

—  Laboria Cuboniks, Xenofeminism, A Politics for Alienation

oh you gotta love how the people behind alvin and the chipmunks promotional media essentially only use slight variations on the same stock render to fit whatever theyre putting out