media equity

the role of the social worker is, at best, encountering people who have a fundamental right to access services, and denying them access to these services unless they talk about their experiences, and answer questions “properly.”

in this way, the social worker is often placed as a gatekeeper, on the front line in dehumanizing people who need to access services. meanwhile, they are paid for dealing with marginalized people, unlike most marginalized people themselves, who frequently deal with each other as a part of their own community.

social workers and paid service providers often end up creating top-down systems, when organizing within marginalized communities. even funding given to “not for profit” organizations corporations frequently gets spent most on ensuring that there is still a resemblance between the paychecks of graduates working with a masters of social work, and graduates working with a masters of business. meanwhile, the community so often doesn’t see this money.

while the fundamental reason most social workers enter their field is to help people, they are doing so as a component of an oppressive system. like riot police hold back a crowd, social workers are fed by capitalism to hold at bay those whose needs are not met, frequently even with a social worker’s support.