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I must be strong, yet fragile.

Smart, yet pliable.

Tough, yet beautiful.

Pure, yet sexy.

Intelligent, yet inferior.

Working hard, harder, hardest

But only getting some credit                                                                          

Always watching

For people to take advantage.

Either prude or slut.

Either doormat or bitch.

Either eye candy or needs to care more.

I know I don’t make sense,

but how do expectations of me

make sense to you?

Please read until the end.

Earlier this week I was playing with a group of pre kindergarten kids during their recess. All of the kids were running around as kids do, and I saw a pair of girls that looked like they’re playing make believe. The girls run past me, and I hear one say to the other ‘come on, we gotta go, we’re the ghostbusters!’ I thought this was adorable, so when they wandered back to the area I was in I said, ‘I overheard you two are the ghostbusters, is that true?!’ one of them smiled and giggled and said, ‘yeah, we’re the ghostbusters, but ya know, we’re the girl ghostbusters.’ 

This my friends is why female representation is so important. It doesn’t matter if the movie was good or bad. What matters is that those four year olds saw badass characters that were played by women! They saw them and thought, hey we can be as cool as them! 

It just goes to show how impactful representation can be. Had the characters been portrayed by men the role of ‘ghostbuster’ would have never crossed the girls’ minds as something accessible to them, but rather they saw strong women ruling the movie, and said to themselves, hey maybe we can be like them. 

Why Girls get so Insecure about their Bodies

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The time came where having a thigh gap became sexy and having plastic surgeries became beautiful and hot. Girls wake up everyday like they’re suppose to eat less because they can’t gain more weight. Some guys would look at a girl with disappointment written all over his face because she has no boobs or a flat tummy. We walk out the door and see billboards and posters with models so skinny with their perfect bodies and it’s scary how people love it. They love it so much that we all unknowingly threw away the appreciation of natural beauty, giving no attention to girls who still choose to show how they really are. If there were no edits, no filter, no likes, would people even bother to look at the picture or just keep scrolling?

It’s a chaos when a number of girls call each other out especially on social media. Re-tweeting, sharing, commenting laughing emojis on a girl’s public post just because she had the nerve to show how she really looks like. We have let ourselves idolize Victoria secret models walking on the runway so flawless with their wings on, Kendall and Kylie, the Kardashians, when we all know they paid money to look pretty. Its okay, it’s their life and they can change their body if they want to as long as it helps them look good and feel good about themselves but we shouldn’t let this get to us.

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From magazines to photos being posted every single day, we see a girl in a bikini and we see no flaws which makes us think she has it all. Its too perfect that it makes us forget its edited. This made us all install apps to edit our photos before posting it because the society have told us that we should look a certain way. They’ve made checklist full of qualifications of what a girl should be and we even get a pen to help them fill it out instead of tearing up the paper. We get criticized for flaunting our bodies when in fact, no one has the right to point out our flaws that we already are aware of. You see, insecurities are so powerful, they wait for us, when we’re all alone in our room to mess up with our mind and it eats us. No one, not even the prettiest girl on earth is safe from it.

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It’s so dangerous how losing weight became a trend that it leads to girls having eating disorders. Do people even know how much we think of the calories of the food first before eating it? Those late night cravings where we stop ourselves from eating a slice of pizza because we’re afraid to get fat. How about the fries? Even though we want it sometimes we hesitate to eat it. So how do we stop these insecurities when we started it? We’re so full with the Photoshop, we’re so full of the body everybody wants to have. It’s so cliche how everyone would agree and say every girl is beautiful in their own way when no one sees it and they don’t even choose to see it.

We need to start undoing
ideas of what girls
should and shouldn’t be.
Unravelling conceptions of
based on the aesthetic of her body.

And instead
instill the power to take back 
what was stripped away from us
in the first place.

The very notion of being enough.


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Onslaught, the latest video from Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty, has been making the rounds recently. 

The premise is simple - demonstrate in 2 minutes what an average girl sees during her adolescence. 


Shake It Out by Florence And The Machine - LGBTQ mash up

A tale of queer empowerment in the face of hatred, fear, and oppression.

I don’t believe that empowerment can be achieved by merely adopting a more positive attitude, as this song suggests.  I don’t believe that we, in the queer community, can just choose to “shake it off” to improve our lives.  I think a lot of works needs to be done to get us there- to get us ALL there- and media representation helps a lot, but it doesn’t do the whole job.  

You’ll notice that violence is featured prominently in this video, and that a lot of it is self-defense.  While I am against violence, I believe that self-defense is a different matter, and it is often necessary for empowerment.