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The Perils And False Rewards Of Parenting In The Era Of 'Digi-Discipline'
In a society where black people have power, beating children and posting it on social media is just as much about performing respectability as it is punishing wrongdoing.

The videos are an infamous genre unto themselves: “Mother Punches Her Daughter Dead in the Face for Having Sex in the House!” “Dad Whups Daughter for Dressing Like Beyonce.” “Son Left In Bloody Mess as Father Forces Him to ‘Fight.’” Their images stream from Facebook timelines and across YouTube channels, alternately horrifying and arresting: burly fathers, angry mothers, lips curled, curses flying, hands wrapped around electrical chords, tree branches, belts, slashing down on legs, arms, buttocks and flesh as children cry and plead and scream out in agony.

Tens of millions have clicked “play,” becoming voyeurs of this new form of child punishment — what some observers call “digi-discipline.”

Rather than sticking to the time-honored tradition of physically disciplining their children behind closed doors, parents, many of them black, buoyed by the instant gratification and viral fame that social media provides, are increasingly uploading videos of the corporal punishment they mete out on their kids, sparking intense debate on the usefulness of this particular form of public shaming.

I can understand why Igor sanctioned Akira at the end of P5 — he didn’t really have a choice — but holy shit that kid is incredibly dangerous.    Like, to the extent that you have to wonder if Igor would ever take the chance to bring him down.  It was one thing to raise up Minato/Minako with the understanding that they’d sacrifice their ultimate cosmic power.   It’s another to unleash Akira on the general populace.

I mean:

  • Akira was so at one with his own Shadow that he never needed to confront or control it, he only needed to look through its eyes. 
  • Breaking the chains on someone’s heart causes psychosis.  Akira broke the chains on his own heart with seemingly no cognitive side-effects, other than turning Arsene into Satanael.  But doesn’t that demonstrate a cognitive side-effect in and of itself?  Akira has freed himself from conventional morality to embrace self-determination.  A gentleman thief follows certain rules of conduct and class.  The devil doesn’t.
  • Akira has no final arcana.  Satanael remains part of The Fool arcana, the arcana with infinite development potential.
  • In the course of scaling up his power,  Akira was encouraged to educate himself in gunrunning, strategy, traditional media manipulation, social media manipulation, corporate politics, mob politics and regular old politics politics.   His followers are destined to be important people in the corporate world, law enforcement, athletics, the celebrity world, the art world, and information technology. 

So what do we have by the end of Persona 5?  A walking Shadow with overwhelming charisma, incredible godkiller powers, infinite potential for further growth, and an associate’s degree from Mastermind University.

I mean, I know he’s chaotic good, but still.   There is pretty much no way he doesn’t end up as shadowy ruler of… something.

It’ll be a shame if he isn’t referenced in subsequent entries.  I kind of want an Ultimax sequel just to see how he’d fuck with Mitsuru Kirijo.

“The major media, particularly the elite media that set the agenda that others generally follow, are corporations ‘selling’ privileged audiences to other businesses. It would hardly come as a surprise if the picture of the world they present were to reflect the perspectives and interests of the sellers, the buyers, and the product. Concentration of ownership of the media is high and increasing. Furthermore, those who occupy managerial positions in the media, or gain status within them as commentators, belong to the same privileged elites, and might be expected to share the perceptions, aspirations, and attitudes of their associates, reflecting their own class interests as well. Journalists entering the system are unlikely to make their way unless they conform to these ideological pressures, generally by internalizing the values; it is not easy to say one thing and believe another, and those who fail to conform will tend to be weeded out by familiar mechanisms.”
- Noam Chomsky, Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies


if you have seen the way the corporate media, conservatives, and the centrists in the labour party have treated jeremy corbyn then this smear against bernie sanders is just another example of the attempt to vilify the progressive left. neoliberal centrists argue about unity, but they would rather throw progressives under the bus because they actually threaten the status quo (and their bank accounts).

the right-wing AND the centrists using this shooting of republicans to attack bernie sanders just demonstrates another tacky way they have both tried to undermine the progressive left and deliberately manipulate a tragedy. bernie sanders has never incited violence. he has only ever campaigned on bringing universal healthcare, free college tuition, ending poverty, and ending corporate corruption. he has a D- rating from the nra, and he remains one of the most vocal critics of trump. to equate bernie sanders and all of his supporters with this violence is outrageous and cruel. it is shameful.


What we are observing now is the necessary narrative-crafting that will “justify” our new war with North Korea.

American media is just government propaganda that exists to stifle dissent and manufacture the causes of whatever war our elites choose to engage in.

Our media has been manufacturing global conflict since William Randolph Hearst spilled ink for blood in the Spanish-American War.

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fuck capitalism and all that but arent corporate social media accounts like wendys and dennys almost definitely run by college kids for minimum wage , like its not like theyre doing it for The Good Of The Company or anything and i dont know what people expect to accomplish by hassling them