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So I was at Midwest Media Expo this Saturday and I was looking at the background of this pic of a rad Korra cosplayer my brother took for me when

is that

Wario eating food with Azula. Thank you and good night

Do Not Attend GoDaikocon

Please please please do not give this con your money. They ran a total shitshow this year.
They had almost no panelists, forcing the maids to run the panels for no additional compensation.
They promised 3 meals a day, but the maids were NOT being fed properly, being denied even the extra snacks kept on hand for staff? We’re talking like 2 small slices of pizza A DAY.
They told the artists different things, I think one artist was told to expect between 500-2,000 attendees? They had a turnout of maybe 120.
The website advertised an open alley so the artists were expecting to be able to vend at their own hours. They then put us and the vendors into an area that was badged and also out of the way of natural foot traffic.
Artists were charged different amounts for the same table. The registration info said that the base table ($125) comes with one badge, and that each additional badge was $25. The pseudo-conchair told us at the con that our tables came with as many helper badges as we wanted, and then changed his mind and only gave $25 back to those who paid $175.
Some artists were told that they could just pay cash for their table upon arrival. I know that some Artists did this, and then were told that they weren’t on the list. The artists were given these tables only after much grief.
There was a radio silence from ALL department emails before the con. We were not given loadout information. Artists who emailed requesting confirmation did not get any replies. It turns out that the entire staff got into an argument a few days before the con…which lead to most of them quitting…
They worked with the Edward Village Dearborn. For those of you not in Michigan, this venue is blacklisted by every reputable convention head. They forced Youmacon’s sister convention, Midwest Media Expo, to cancel by demanding full payment for the venue up front THE WEEK OF THE CON. This occurred about 3 months before GoDaiko, which means that the conchairs SHOULD have had the time to react and rebook another venue.
The badges were the lowest quality I have ever seen. I’ve seen better made badges at an annual anime picnic, guys. These things were cheaply laminated and shoddily cut. Half of the artists didn’t even have vendors badges. Most of them were peeling apart by Saturday.
On Saturday, they made one of the maids pass out shot glasses to the artists. I think this was their equivalent of an extra hour in the ball pit?
They had no set layout for the artists. It was literally first-come, first-serve BUT NOBODY KNEW THIS BECAUSE THERE WAS NO LOADOUT INFO. Because of this, everyone who came on Friday for setup got stuck in the back.
Almost none of the artists broke even. And they weren’t failing due to mediocrity. The artist lineup in the hall was diverse. There was almost no competing art for the same fandoms. They were failing because they were stuck trying to reach a goal of $125-$500 (for those with commute and hotel) with a total turnout of about 120 people. Several artists had to leave on Saturday night because they couldn’t afford to stay another night at their hotel.

I think its awesome that creators and fans/aspiring creators can connect better with social media and conventions, but I theorize that cartoons especially shoot themselves in the foot due to this and not knowing when to lay off. 
Once you overstep the boundary as a creator, you feel responsible for the fans, and they feel entitled, which creates an unhealthy relationship that gets your show on the one-way train to disaster. And I’m not talking about asking what the fans would like to see diversity-wise or something (because that can be important due to the entertainment industry typically being an echo chamber).
I mean that it’s crucial to not steer away from your creation and goals to please audiences.
And the biggest reason for failure that I’ve seen is just creators getting too involved in fanbases. Like someone who worked on su got run off of tumblr due to entitlement problems. Even putting your toes in the waters by providing simple fan service can lead to disaster if not handled well. It creates this unbalance and unhealthy relationship where creators do anything to avoid making something different than what fans asked for, because it comes across as if one deliberately ignored what fans said. which leads to a bad time and probably a shitty show/game and a shitty fandom lmao 

A post to say THANK YOU

Every time I have done a post like this is because I was tired and sad about something that happened to me in the SwanQueen fandom. Well this time I want to do it to say thank you, because I think you deserve this.

As all of you know, I had to leave SwanQueen fandom due to all the hate I got for long time. And if I have to be honest, I know it was because I didn’t want my fanart was reposted and used that way.
I didn’t mind at the beginning because a lot of people credited me but i dunno what happened and I had to read words like “This is on internet, is free, so I do what I want with your videos and your fanart”. I have also seen how people sent my fanart to Lana or Jen, saying they made it or they sent it to contest saying they were the owners of my fanart. I also have felt so used in this fandom and I have been there seeing how people stole my fanart only so that the actresses faved it, yeah, for attention, spaming them so so much with my work.

It’s true that, I have lived good things in the fandom. Not all has been hate. I have felt lot of love, a lot of people defended my fanart and me, I have lived beautiful moments with Swen at conventions and I will never forget all of you guys (you know who you are). But I said “this is enough” by february. When I got lot of anons saying that I was the one who has copying another fanartist (not true at all… but well…i can’t do anything about it) and I had to be there, seeing private messages about certain people spreading hate about me in chat groups, saying I am mean, I am a diva and stuff like that.

I have never said anything about this but I need to tell you this to tell you the whole story and the reason of this post.

All changed a bit when I started to make fanart and videos for the Supercorp fandom. Well, honestly? I freaked out for all the respect to fanartists. I am in a group on facebook where people defend what you do if your art is stolen or they don’t credit. And little by little the wounds were healing a bit.

I know that right now, it’s impossible to me to come back to do Swanqueen fanart because they made me this, they made me hate Emma and Regina but I guess that I need more time. But I want to be there for all the people who supported me in the past and that’s why i will go on making Swanqueen fanart and videos in the future... so my first thank you is for all those Swen who always have been there on social media and at conventions. I will never forget that guys. For you… goes all my Swanqueen fanart that i will make from now on. I will never forget the cool things I have done for this fandom, the fanart I donated for charities, I had the privilege to make videos with Fyval’s songs, I lived the most beautiful moments when Lana, Jen and Bex RTed my fanart… all the good people I met online and in person… so yeah… for you is worth it to go on.

My second thank you is for Supercorp fandom.
Oh guys… all of you… crazy people that I adore with all of me. Thanks for treating me this way, for loving what I do, for your support and somehow you make me a better fanartist because this love goes both ways. So thank you for healing some wounds that I had in the past, for being so respectful. Thank you.

And finally my last but not less important… THANK YOU. For my Clexa kru.
I started to watch the 100 so late, march 2017. So imagine… a lot of time after Lexa’s death… but I felt so inspired for Clarke and Lexa, and when I started to see all the fanart created by this fandom… wow! overwhelmed. The quality of the fanart was amazing! I was and am really amazed for it and when I decided to make fanart… honestly? I was really nervous because I didn’t know if you’d like it… hehe, yeah silly? maybe.

So… (cough cough), my kru... I have never felt this feeling. This warm feeling that you guys, are giving to me, every day.
Your comments, your respect for what I do, your fight when something happened with my fanart and although I didn’t ask anything you knew it and you did something. Not just one, three or five people but a lot of you. And I am overwhelmed guys. Because you have healed my misslane’s heart somehow and the words “thank you” is not enough to make you know how much this means to me.

I am so happy to watch the 100 (and a lot of you told me “don’t do it”) but I think this is the best thing I have done in a lot of time.

I don’t mind the number of likes, RT or views… that doesn’t mean anything at the end. It’s just fave or RT. But what I will keep forever in my heart is every single one of you. Your support until the end, your beautiful words i got every every every day. i feel so loved in this fandom, so freakig loved and respected and for me is a pleasure to spend hours in front of the computer creating things for you guys and keeping Clarke and Lexa alive.

Thank you guys. Without your support maybe I’d give up. who knows.

But what I said is true. A fave, a RT… don’t mean anything at the end. Because people forget and move on. What it’s important to me, in all the fandoms I have been is how they will remember you in 5 years. For me is so beautiful when someone from Xena or Smallville fandom tell me that they loved what I did, and this happened 9 and 12 years ago. What counts for me is when people feel something with what I do and they remember it in the future. That is the most beautiful thing about being a fanartist or vidder. Touching souls and when you told me that you feel it… this is the best compliment ever.

Love you all and I will always remember this beautiful and wonderful support from all the fandoms I have been.

thank you. every one of you.


(Previous comic about getting new client I am referring about !)

There’s a lot of place, not just galleries that I post to (Like Linkedin and soon Behance), but as a graphic designer I think I may have some sort of advantage because I did my own identity (Logo, business cards and such) without having to hire someone.

But you’re not obligated to hire a graphic designer, I think as a illustrator you can design quick business cards by yourself for you little publicity and for conventions and that will work for sure! Just as long you have your title (Illustrator, scultor, and ways to reach you. A pretty business card is also a plus!) Facebook and social media are a great way to extend your business, your family and friends can be your very first clients !

Do you ever see someone’s list of OTP’s and it’s so straight and you have this moment where you remember that not everyone delves into fandom and shipping to be submerged into the gay content you’re deprived of in conventional media


I created a Samurai Champloo Lantern with birch wood and vellum! This is a roughly 4 x 4 inch lantern I created out of 1/8th inch birch wood and sheets of red vellum! It features Mugen and Jin. I used red vellum sheets to look like the sunset and put a yellow flickering tealight inside.

I have these for sale on my Etsy.

anonymous asked:

Hi hi! How did you start your journey as an artist? I'm really inspired by your art and I'd like to get to know you more! <3

hi!! hehe that´s a really good question indeed :D

I started drawing when I was really young, you know, Sailor Moon, fantasy mum actually inspired me bc she drew Sailor Moon for me and my sis all the time. And my whole teen years were filled with childhood anime and manga so I drew a lot of that stuff!

I think when I was around 13, I discovered Katekyo Hitman Reborn (still my all time fave shounen manga tbh) and I was so in love with so many characters, I was literally obsessed over drawing them. So I kept drawing and drawing, and with every new manga I read/anime I watched, my style changed too (from super shoujo to more shounen like, to more realistic looking…). So I´ve always enjoyed drawing, but never took it too seriously. I took art and English as my advanced courses in highschool, showed it to friends, teachers and family, but that´s about it.

until I was 16/17-ish, when I started with digital art & sharing on the internet! That´s kinda a huge milestone for me, because I discovered this whole new world of art on social media, blogs, commissions, conventions, online shop, all these new opportunities..I seriously would have never imagined to be on cons or have an online store!! never ever! i remember how I was so proud to tell my friends that I had 200 followers on tumblr lol

It kind of happened one after the other…many unexpected things such as my rainy gifs getting over 200k notes, Mystic Messenger entering (ruining) my life but also leading to my first own zine…ofc I had many struggles in between too! The first time opening my store was very disappointing and discouraging, as I was full of expectations but got as good as no orders lmao but well I just continued doing my shit and it slowly expanded :D

but even now I have days where I doubt my whole existence as an artist..questioning wtf am I even doing etc but I guess that´s normal too. Idk what all of this will bring me to, which is scary but also exciting. 

wow i talked too much bye 

if u read to this point

i luv u

eisen-mitternacht  asked:

A coincidence of the literal and literary sort: I was reading through an old comic book called The Dreamery for the adventures of germanic centaur Stinz and one of the letters mentioned a certain Diane Duane. I had to go back and re-read previous issues to figure out you'd written the Ivan The Inexperienced set. (raven prince is the best prince)

(grin) I like the Raven Prince too.

I have a soft spot for that batch of work as it’s a restatement, in a way, of some stuff that happened with Peter and me on our (second)(real) date.

I’d been asked to attend a tiny media convention held in a pub in a part of London called East Sheen–secondary to being out that way for some publicity surrounding the UK version of Spock’s World. And Peter turned up at this thing and we wound up having a long talk about how he was rewriting (and rewriting and REWRITING) his second novel, and how the rewrites (off his betas’ notes: at least they’re what we would now think of as betas) were driving him nuts, as the notes changed every time and were all mutually contradictory.

So in essence I gave him an early but quite indignant and very impassioned version of the A Writer Is Not A Democracy, You Are A Dictatorship (You Can Be A Benevolent Dictatorship If You Want To But That’s Up To You Not Them) Lecture, which he accepted with (I’m pretty sure at this end of time) profound relief.

And then we kicked back and spent the rest of the evening telling each other folktales. We were delighted to discover that we pretty much knew all the same ones. And at some point the Tale Of Tsarevitch Ivan, The Firebird and the Grey Wolf  came up, and it got, well, a bit wild and woolly… because when Peter tells it, there are sound effects. (There is simply no point in my attempting to describe the sound of Peter doing the Raven Prince “striking thrice upon the ground and becoming a fine young man. “Lascivious” doesn’t BEGIN to cover the territory.  The three screeches as of heavy aircraft tires hitting the runway and bouncing are just a bonus.)

Anyway. So time went by and we got hitched and we wound up doing that comics work (he was involved in doing a space comic for Fusion), and I did the version of the Prince Ivan story that I’d started telling Peter that night. (And if I love it that my artist on these goes by the name Sherlock, surely that’s somewhat understandable.) BTW, did you know that these have since been collected? With a new final chapter added: “The Tale of Prince Ivan and the Bachelor Parties Of Doom”.)


“Every girl is gonna be Harley Quinn this year”, you proclaim

As though there haven’t been a thousand Jokers at every Halloween party since an inordinate amount of men thought they could do a brilliant Heath Ledger impression

And as though there aren’t a million guys just whipping out the suit they got for a funeral for a last minute James Bond every year

And as though every media convention isn’t infested with infinity Deadpools all trying to be the most Deadpool of Deadpools to the point at which every other attendee develops a Deadpool shaped blind spot in the corner of their eye to completely phase out the swarm of Deadpools

We don’t mention those dudes because we’re cool with it. It’s completely fine. It’s all good, we’re just like, okay, yeah, cool Joker outfit, neat James Bond, nice attention to detail on that Deadpool

And that’s how it should be, like, whatever, you bought the costume with your own money and put it on your own body, it’s entirely inoffensive and completely respectful to everybody, we’re all happy in this situation

But when there’s a popular costume for women, suddenly it’s a big deal and a terrible awful thing

And it’s like, we COULD talk about how fucked up it is that oversexualised costumes get marketed to young girls, we COULD talk about how fucked up it is that there are still completely culturally insensitive racist costumes readily available at practically any costume shop, we COULD talk about how an absurd amount of costumes simultaneously fetishize and demonize mentally ill people

But nah

Instead we shame women for wearing a costume that they bought with their own money and put on their own body, that’s entirely inoffensive and completely respectful to everybody, and we pretend not to notice the double standards at play