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What You Should Do at a Concert

If you’re at a concert, you’re going to want to take some pictures, maybe a video or two, and that’s OK. Go ahead, take some shots, maybe you’ll get an amazing one! But when you’re constantly on your phone absorbed into social media, texting or even taking pictures and videos, are you really enjoying the show that you paid to see? Are you showing your (possibly) favourite band that you are really into their music?
In my opinion you should maybe take a few photos and one or two videos but the rest of the set you should be dancing around with your friends, (or alone even though you technically have a bunch of people there for the same reason you’re there), maybe making a fool of yourself because you get so lost in your favourite song that you just jump around freakishly (and that’s okay, I do it all of the time), and even just belt out the lyrics along with your favourites. That’s what a good concert is, people having fun, enjoying the moment. So maybe I’ll change some minds, maybe people will hate me, maybe people will agree with me. But I CHALLENGE YOU, as a concert goer, as a fellow music fan to put down your phone for a concert and just be.

Feel the vibrations of the music move through you, hear the voices, instruments and cheers from the surrounding area, and just be. I promise you won’t regret it.