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How would Boyd react if Vivienne was killed? Would he care? Would he go on a rampage and take out whoever was responsible?

I think probably no matter the time that would happen in his life, it would upset him. The time of his life might affect his reaction if it (had) happened–whether he just shuts down and gets depressed, or whether he tries to do something about it like track down who did it, or whether he lashes out at the moment it happens, or whether anything else. I’ve thought about it a lot, though.

Actually, there was a thing (not death but another thing) I really wanted to happen to Vivienne in ICoS and originally it was my plan for her to end the series in that situation. In fact, for years I planned on her story ending this way in the series (not ENDING-ending like she dies, just ending in the manner of “the last time we saw  her she….”) but when we worked on the plot together it just didn’t quite fit by the time we got to the part where it would have come up. Which is sad because I thought it would be really cool to explore. Maybe because I wasn’t able to do that ending for Vivienne that I really wanted to do, I have a lot of thoughts about different things to explore if we ever were to write a sequel. And one of the things I would like to look at is the Beaulieu dynamics in terms of how they think about each other by that point in time.

That’s probably all I can say without giving any potential spoilers.

But anyway yeah I don’t think there’s a time in his life where he wouldn’t have cared–even when he was furious with her in early Fade, he probably still would have had some sort of reaction to her being killed. He’s always been the sort of person who was more loyal to her than she was to him.

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i kept tweeting mark waid about ace/aro jughead & then he blocked me so i'm pretty sure he doesn't give a crap.

This is what Mark Waid does. And why I don’t trust him or Archie Comics until they get a writer who can spare us a fucking tweet saying “Don’t worry, he’s still aro ace.” Erica (an old artist/writer?) didn’t tweet a lot about asexuality but without prompt has tweeted this:

I trust Erica, but I’m done giving people and media companies my time if they can’t do the bare minimum. Someone compared this whole Archie Comics to a queerbait as switch. And I’m not saying this the worst thing in the word, but that feels really accurate. They made an effort, we showed, and now they are like cool so we ignore you again? 

  • What Mainstream Media Companies Think "The Kids" Want: A gritty, poorly written and acted version of the Archie Comics
  • What "The Kids" Actually Want: Pseudo-philosophical dark reality featuring animals gods with bizarre eating habits and poor self-control.
No fights, sorry. What’s funny to me is that everybody wants us to fight. You didn’t see the Chili Peppers fighting STP when they were on tour. Or Matchbox Twenty fighting 3 Doors Down. But in the pop world, there’s only room for one, I guess.

JC Chasez about the feud between *NSYNC and BSB from Rolling Stone interview (2004)

How Michelle Phan Built A $500 Million Company
Michelle Phan may have got a humble start on YouTube, but she is well on her way to helming a billion-dollar unicorn: her subscription beauty sampling business, Ipsy, last month raised $100 million to value the company at over $500 million.
By Natalie Robehmed
What I actually understand they mean every time the Jared haters...

…start talking/writing about how awful he is for publicly “shaming” people for providing bad service:  “How dare he act like he’s just a normal guy!  How dare he act like deserves fair and competent service!  Doesn’t he know he’s a celebrity and he’s not entitled to be treated well?  How dare he use social media to let a company know there is something wrong with their service?  Those accounts are there for normal people to communicate with a company!  How dare he think he’s just a normal guy!  How dare he!  He should know he’s supposed to just tolerate being treated poorly!  How dare he act like he’s no better or no worse than I am!  I mean, the gall of that man.  He’s so awful.  He’s so hateful.  He’s so immature and thoughtless.  He’s so selfish.  How dare he act like he’s just a regular person.  I can’t believe he’s so horrible.”

My affection and respect for Jared Padalecki increases every time he acts like he’s just a regular guy.  All y’all haters can go take a long walk off a very short pier.  Until Jared actually does something wrong, I stand with Jared.  He may not be perfect, but I love that he doesn’t see himself as any different from me and you.  I love that he doesn’t think he (or anyone) should just swallow being treated poorly.  Fuck any of you for thinking differently.  

On Thursday Jay Z, Marcy Media, The Weinstein Company and Spike TV held a press conference in New York officially announcing their production of a Kalief Browder series and Richard Pryor biopic. He also spoke on police brutality and the upcoming election during the press conference.

Browder was arrested at 16 years old and was imprisoned on Rikers Island for three years without conviction, spending over 1000 days in solitary confinement with no set date for a trial. He was released in 2013, and took his own life two years later.

After reading The New Yorker’s landmark profile about his life, Jay Z arranged to meet Kalief Browder in 2014, inviting him to his Roc Nation office: “We met and I wanted to give him words of encouragement, that I’m proud of him for making it through, and to keep pushing.”

So I had an interview today with a pretty dope tech company and it went pretty well that I got a second interview tomorrow.

a caveat tho… the feedback that I got was that they felt that I may be “too junior level” for the position

… but the position…. is a …. junior level…. position..

Like???? I never understand the logic behind hiring procedures.

But anyways. I’m about to go in playing no games.
I can’t let this opportunity slip outta my hands.

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I mean, it's not a sign of quality exactly, however it does show that the Japanese fandom that goes to NicoNico has, well, Hatred for the show. And not a predetermined hatred, as there are clear spikes of 5/Bad ratings in episodes that understandably "fed up" the eastern fandom. Honestly i'd compare it more to a youtube ranking: the video mostly getting likes means little, but the video getting 50/50 with dislikes is really negative and almost all dislikes (142) means a dire reception.

It’s true anon, that’s what ratings show, which is exactly why it’s flawed logic to think:

Bad Ratings = Bad Quality

Ratings in ANY country show reception and nothing else, it’s not indicative of anything about the show, and that is initial reception because as I said in a previous post: ratings in the face of time are meaningless, people won’t care about them afterwards they’ll just think whether they liked a series or not, so whenever people try to pull the “bad/good ratings” card to me I just shrugh because ratings are subjected to several variable that have made them obsolete already at this point.

(Also, you do realize that both Youtube and Nico have a sizeable amount of trolls that vote down episodes or content they hate right?)

It’s also worth notice that most of the anime audience nowadays among the shounen demographic, dont have the most… ehem sophisticated taste but those are the ones who buy the merch so those are the ones the anime studioss tend to listen.

Reviews are more reliable IMO than ratings and those are the ones I look for when I go fishing for things to watch or read.

In fact sometimes when I look for a new series or book to read I like to read the negative reviews first to see what the main compains are about, whenever I see complains like the ones Arc V has, I give it a try because those types of complains usually mean: “I have no patience for anything at all” (I mean it happened the exact same thing Wicked Lovely and the ACOTAR series) 

So …yeah I did not meant to say ratings are completely meaningless (during airing times that is) but to used them as a meter or quality as the haters of Arc V does is a pretty foolish and short sighted thing to do, which o top of it the tend to use to shut down fans or proper criticism.

‘The Social Media Saga’

for @damiwayn and inspired by our A+ conversations [AO3]

It started like most city-wide incidents with them did. With a brag.

“There,” Dick smiled proudly, placing the framed photograph showing Gotham’s skyline on the desk in the batcave. It was taken from the top of the Wayne building, as high as he could climb on the radio mast without it bending under the weight of the Batman armour. God damn Bruce for going off world and leaving him to wear it again; he hated that thing with a passion. The weight of being Batman was even more literal than it was metaphorical, and he was eating twice as much just to compensate for having to carry the armour around. “Best view of the city. Nobody else gets that.”

It was true: nobody but those who spent the night on the city’s roof tiles got to see the city the way they did. He supposed that was why in his mind, Gotham was always beautiful. Why he defended it when his friends talked about how dark it was compared to their cities or joked about Batman’s home reflecting his personality. Why, in his heart, Gotham was home. On street level, there were grim alleys and litter torn streets and the grime the city slowly drowned in, the flood only held back by their attempts at heroics, but up there – up there, Gotham shone.

Lights in every building created their own constellations and patterns, bright and burning. Even on his worst days, when it felt like all they did was get beat up and barely sleep and then do the same again with no visible change in the city, that view was enough to give Dick Grayson hope.

Behind him, he heard Damian snort. “Whatever, Grayson. Next thing you’ll be making public speeches on ‘Why I love my city’ and running for mayor.”

“Please, I’d never be a politician.”

At his mentor’s laugh, Damian hid the small smile which twitched his lips by returning to his own training, striking a high tech dummy with a sword. Without turning around, he added, “And the view from the top is even better, by the way. What? Couldn’t you get up there? Tt, Grayson. Even Fatgirl could have done it.”

The smile grew on his face at Dick’s spluttering in response.

Two days later, a different picture had been placed over Dick’s in the frame, this time taken by Damian, who’s smaller size and weight meant he could crawl to the very top of the aerial mast and get an even better view of the city. Dick’s loud curse and then even louder laugh when he noticed could be heard from in the manor from all the way down in the cave.


Steph was the first one to get Instagram. Her first post was a video of Batman trying to climb an aerial mast on top of Wayne Enterprises, the metal structure swaying dangerously under his weight. In the video, he struggled to shimmy up it, the batsuit obviously clunky and hard to move in, shown in the times he fell from his perch. Eventually, he gave up, kicking it a moment later before jumping on one foot in pain.

Batgirl gained a hundred thousand followers in a week.

Inevitably, Steph passed the idea to get an Instagram account to Cass. It was the day Batgirl’s video made the front pages of every paper and internet news website in the world, going viral. Batman’s attempts to climb the mast were analysed on tv, FOX news having a debate on how this proved the vigilante problem in America was fundamentally linked to people spending too much time on the internet and getting crazy ideas, which the two girl’s laughed themselves silly at, sitting in the booth of their favorite crappy diner.

“What was he doing?” Cass asked when Steph showed her the damage, dark eyes still laughing even when her face composed itself. She had a stack of pancakes the size of her head before her, taking a bite as she waited for her friend’s response.

Steph replied with a wave of her hand, “Oh, I don’t know. Damian said something about him not being able to appreciate the view.”

When Cassandra raised a questioning eyebrow, the blonde slurped her coffee with a dismissing shrug.

“You know them,” Steph said. “They can’t be together for five minutes without it turning into a competition. We’re lucky it was just the two of them, really – if Tim would have been there too, someone would have definitely ended up falling from someplace stupid.”

“Boys,” Cass snorted.

“Exactly. Who needs them?”

“You do.”

“Well, yeah. But not those idiots.” Steph laughed, sharing a conspiratorial look with her friend. “I mean, I’ve been there, done that – not again. No thank you. The trouble gained to pleasure ratio was too off kilter, I’m staying 5,000 feet away from the Wayne boys from now on.”

“You realise you’re talking about my brother, right?” Cass asked, but there was a laugh hidden in her words, stifled by more pancakes. Steph blushed red, and Black Bat chose to save her friend by changing the subject. “So now you’re hiding from Dick?”

“I’m not hiding!” Steph protested, eyes wide. “I mean, not much. It’s funny, right? Dick will laugh.”

Raising a disbelieving eyebrow, Cass nodded in fake agreement. “Right. Of course he will. And I’m sure he’ll explain it to Batman for you when Bruce gets back.”

“Damn it,” the blonde sighed dramatically. “I’m so getting fired. Again.”


Black Bat’s posts consist mostly of selfies of her and Batgirl around Gotham, sometimes just pictures of Batgirl alone sitting with her legs dangling across rooftops, or the food they ate while on patrol. She used the sides of a mirrored building to take a selfie as she swung past once, and it became her most liked pictured within hours.

Her most popular post was, however, a video. It was a minute long, taken from a patrol with Red Robin. As he knelt in front of her and hacked a computer, Cass hummed the Mission Impossible theme tune until the electronic lock flashed green and opened.

The video ended with her whispering, “We’re in.”


Dick saw himself in the paper through Damian, who was actually laughing at breakfast as he read the article, child-like joy lighting up his face in a way Dick had never seen. He was practically giggling, and that was enough for the older man to walk forward with interest – stopping in his tracks as he saw the headline.

Snatching the paper, Dick paced, speed reading the front page with his lips set into a thin line.

“Grayson, that was mine,” Damian complained, but there was still a hint of humour in his voice. “Give it back.”

Dick just shook his head. “She didn’t.”

“She did, evidentially.”

“She didn’t.”

“She very obviously did,” Damian rolled his eyes. “I can see why my father was the detective out of the two of you.”

Dick turned back to his Robin, head shaking slightly as his hand balled into the paper. “I’m going to kill her.”

“I don’t think father would appreciate you breaking his first rule.”

“He’d make an exception.”

“Grayson,” Damian said, smirking a little again. “Lighten up. What is it you’re always saying about Batman having to change with the times? Looks to me like people are talking about him now more than ever.”

To prove his point, he pulled out his phone, searching on twitter to find the hashtag #BatmanBlunder and handing his phone over to Dick. The older man took the phone with a pout, but his lips quickly tugged upwards as he read the messages below. Some of them we’re jokes and jibes, but a majority of the tweets seemed to be laughing with him, Gothamites defending their hero against other cities, uplifting messages about even heroes failing sometimes but always trying again leaving him with tears in his eyes.

Batman was many things, but so rarely did they see the love the city had for their hero.

Damian saw him and rolled his eyes again, “Although if you really want to kill Fatgirl, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.”

The first time Batman and Batgirl ran into each other after the video went viral, it was Tim who somehow had a phone in his hand. He had been hanging out with Steph and Cass, roped somehow into taking a picture of the two of them doing handstands on the roof of the GCPD when Batman landed silently.

Tim hit the red button to begin recording almost without thinking about it.

“We need to talk about the video.”

Not having seen Batman’s approach, too focused on trying to stay balanced on her hands longer than Cass and slightly red in the face, Steph reacted violently to the words. With a sound that could only be described as a squawk, she tumbled from her hands – off the roof.

The sound of her screaming as she fell towards the pavement was cut off suddenly, Tim running to the edge of the roof with a shaky video capturing all of this in time to see her reappear, holding on to Robin, who had caught her before she could hit the ground.

The video of Batgirl detaching herself from a four foot Robin after her fall, embarrassment visible even through the cowl as Black Bat howled with laughter and even Batman looked to be suppressing a smile was their most popular video to date.


“I’m starting to feel left out,” Jason said, and Dick jumped a mile. He had been eating a burger, cross legged on an empty crane, listening for any trouble above the city but enjoying his break. Turning, he saw the Red Hood sauntering towards him through the inner workings of the crane, plonking down beside him a moment later, legs sticking out between the metal frame. The Hood was placed between them a second later, as Jason swiped a fry.

“Hey!” Dick snapped out of his surprise, holding his meal more protectively. “Those are mine, Jay.”

“You can afford more.”

Shaking his head, Dick regarded his brother carefully. Things were better than they were between them, and the closeness which had been slowly building only increased sevenfold while Bruce wasn’t in the picture. Jason was even patrolling with Tim, last he had heard. A lot of skeletons had been put to rest, for good this time, but Dick treated his brother a little like quicksand – always cautious of where he stood.

Ignoring the fry theft, he asked instead. “What do you mean ‘left out’?”

“I didn’t realise we were all becoming celebrities now,” Jason replied breezily. He had been looking out over Gotham, but turned with a smile, more genuine than any Dick has seen in years, “Nice going, B-man. I think that mast is a fitting arch nemesis.”

“Shut up,” Dick laughed, shaking his head and knocking his brother’s shoulder with his own. Truth be told, he thought he had heard every variation of a joke about the video in the three weeks since its release, but laughed fresh that time. It was good to joke with his brother again.

Jason went on, “No, really. Excellent performance.”

“No one was supposed to see,” Dick stage whispered dramatically, earning a snort of laughter from the other man. He turned just in time to see Jay laughing, eyes scrunched up and head thrown back, the sound so light and free and like he used to be, back when he wore the Robin colors and they were brothers. Sort of. Now they were sort-of brothers again, and that was enough for Dick.

“Does this mean I get to make one too?” Jason asked, “I mean if Batgirl, Black Bat and Robin do, surely it’s only fair-”

“Wait, wait, wait,” Dick backtracked, using his hands for emphasis. “Damian has one too now? That’s it.” With a huff, he pulled out his phone, sending off a quick text. He sighed, turning back to Jason. “I’m the one left out, now. I can’t exactly make Batman an Instagram, I like living too much and Bruce is already going to flip when he gets back.”

At his brother’s pouting face, Jason shrugged. “So? You have more than one suit, you know.”

“What do you mean?”

“I know he’s away doing I-don’t-want-to-know what and asked you to take up the mantle, but that doesn’t mean Nightwing can’t still have some fun, does it?”

Jason’s grin was infectious, and Dick found himself smiling deviously back, the world opening at his feet.


Red Hood’s first video was ten seconds long, and the first one directly calling another one of the Batfam out in the caption, which simply read: ‘Putting the other Robin in his place #ThatsForStealingMyColor’.

It showed him landing on a rooftop and sneaking up on Red Robin who stood at it’s edge, yelling “THINK FAST!” before pushing the other vigilante off the roof.

As he falls, Red Robin’s words can be made out on the video as Jason put the phone over the ledge to track his movement, floundering just in frame.

“Fuuuuuck! Hood!”

Red Robin had grappled out of his fall and swung back towards the attacker he named, the video cutting out to Jason’s manic laughter as he began to run away, back across the rooftops.


Nightwing’s Instagram was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

It was harmless enough, consisting mostly of selfies – at least five a night, by anyone’s count. Then came the trend of posing with villain’s after he had defeated them.

It started with Mr. Freeze. After a fight which left Gotham First Bank in a thick layer of ice, he posted a picture of himself with the villain being lead off my police in the background.

He posted it with the caption: ‘Just dealt with this cool customer. Luckily the boys in blue are here to put him on Ice! #Freeze #ItsThePolice #IceIceBaby’.

Second came the Riddler, who’s cane Nightwing spun in his hands in the photograph as the outraged villain could be seen raging in a trap of his own creation behind the vigilante - ‘This word can mean a boy in blue, but equally a metal too. What am I? #RiddleMeThat #TheAnswerIsGonnaBeHereInFive #SeeYouNextBreakout’

After that was Ivy, who was out of frame for the picture, but the devastation she had left in her wake evident behind Nightwing. Even he bore the affects of the fight on his face, a deep cut below his lip and green streak across his face from a spore she had created.

This time, the caption said: ‘I was going to ask her for a selfie for my Instagram, but I think she’s more of a Vine person #ShameThat’

Penguin was the latest, and most atrocious, victim of his Instagram puns. The Iceberg Lounge shone as Nightwing took a selfie, the villain unconscious and tied to a beam beside him. The caption was his worst by far:

‘Waddle I do now you’re out of my hair? I’d worry about you flying the coop, but, well … #BirdsOfAFeather #JustChillin #HappyFeet’

Sitting at her computers on a rare quiet night, Barbara was laughing at his posts, reading through them with only a hint of secondhand embarrassment. She shook her head and winced at the last one, sucking air between her teeth.

“Hunk Wonder, that is bad.”

“Not you too,” Tim’s voice sighed; she turned to see him sliding down her roof hatch, landing deftly and looking slightly exasperated. He walked over, nodding to her screen. “They’ve all gone insane. This is madness.”

At his mild hysteria, Barbara just nodded towards the coffee pot he had been eyeing up on arrival, giving him a minute to grab a mug and a chair before she spoke. “Come on, they’re not hurting anybody. It’s kinda funny.”

“I’ve been pushed off four buildings this week.”

Barbara was barely able to disguise her burst of laughter as a cough, unsneakily averting her eyes back to the screen and scrolling through a few more of Dick’s posts. In the selfies, he mostly smiled, face lit up like a Christmas tree as he beamed at the camera. It warmed her heart, just a little.

“That’s because Jason’s an asshole,” Barbara replied, to which he grunted.

“And Damian. And Steph. And-”

“They’re all assholes,” Barbara amended, but he smiled back at her with the concession. “But I mean,” she nodded towards the pictures on the screen. “How often do we get to be proud of what we do? I know it’s for a cause and noble and all – but we give a lot to this city. We sweat and bleed and hurt doing what we do, and how often do we get to smile at winning?”

Besides himself, Tim found himself begrudgingly nodding back. She was right, her enthusiasm for what they do consistent, but her appreciation of the moments in between more refined than any of theirs. He knew she missed it. Even for the few short months when he had quit being Robin it was almost unbearable, the itching at the back of his mind always telling him to be out there doing something.

Barbara looked at him curiously, “You’re the only one not on the web now. How come? You’re in some of their videos anyway.”

“Plausible deniability,” he answered. “When Batman comes back and sees all this, I’ll be the only one not grounded until I’m forty.”

Oracle inclined her head in his direction. “Point.”

“Well,” he said, standing. He shook the empty cup in her direction and received another nod in response to his silent thanks; he liked to hang out in the clocktower when everything and everyone else got too loud, and they could talk without needing words more often than not these days. “I’d better get going. I want to check nothing else has been set on fire shooting those stupid videos.”

“See you next Tuesday!” Barbara called over her shoulder as he left, eyes returning to her computer screen. He left as quietly as he sat as her eyes returned to scanning the pictures – only for her eyebrows to hit the roof as she came across a picture of a shirtless Nightwing wearing only his mask, hashtags about working out and thousands of likes and comments from pretty girls lasting for miles beneath the post.

If she knew it meant anything, she would be jealous, but Barbara just chuckled. None of the others would dare to go that far, but he was used to taking risks without a net.

“Only you, Dick. Only you.”


Robin’s most popular video, before it got taken down, was of him driving the Batmobile through a fast food drive through. In the passenger seat, a giggling Batgirl captured both the tiny driver ordering their food in a gritty impersonation of the Bat, and the drive-thru workers stunned expression as they pulled up.

She barely kept it together during the filming, the slight shake of the camera attributed to the pressure of trying to laugh silently, not shoddy film-making, thank you very much.

Robin, for his part, kept a straight face throughout. Coolly pulling in, he ignored the face of the worker, looking dead ahead with his hands on the wheel as he began to order. “I’ll have two double burgers, fries, lemonade and an orange juice.”

It was then he turned to the employee, who still hadn’t mustered up the will to even talk, hand frozen over the till. Robin looked the girl dead in the eyes.

“And make it quick.”

Suffice to say, their food arrived in less than a minute, the girl not even wishing them a nice day in her scared stupor as they zoomed off, Robin loudly slurping his soda as the video ended.

When the Justice League returned to Earth from their mission, it was almost four in the morning. Batman went home without checking the news, falling into a dreamless sleep well into the next afternoon.

He woke to a silent house, walking down the hall and finding his kid’s rooms suspiciously empty – which was strange considering for the first time in years, there should be four of them under the same roof. The thought was oddly comforting, and he had wanted to spend some time with Dick, Damian, Tim and Cass before they inevitably went their separate ways again, forced apart by missions or teams or life outside of the mask – some days, it felt like all any of them did was leave.

Even Alfred was absent, which in itself struck as fundamentally wrong. Bruce’s steps grew quicker and more frantic as he closed in on the kitchen, wanting to check for any signs of life before he got worried and went to the cave to call them all in.

In the kitchen, he found a note from Alfred saying the butler was out shopping – not on his usual day, which meant something, Bruce wasn’t sure what yet. Next to the note was a cup of coffee, a plate of toast, and a newspaper facing down to the table.

With caution, Bruce sat, feeling something was wrong in his stomach. It was centred on the newspaper, he was sure; slowly, trying to settle himself, he calmly drank the coffee and ate the toast, waiting for the explosion he knew was coming.

Bruce turned over the paper and read the headline.

His back stiffened instantly, every muscle in his body screamingly tense in a heartbeat, but aside from that and the way the whites of his eyes became more visible, there was no outward signs of rage. Almost with a forced calmness, he read the article slowly, the paper underneath his hands getting more and more screwed up as his fists closed in anger, tearing by the time he finished it.

Bruce stood, turned, and shouted at the top of his lungs. “DICK!”

Unknown to him, one of his children were watching this moment from their hiding space in a ceiling vent, videoing his reaction. From her space, silently crouched, Cassandra concealed her laughter at Bruce’s outburst, but ended the recording as Batman stormed out of the room, tearing towards the cave.

Nightwing was no longer the golden child, of that she was sure.

Cass didn’t post the video to her Instagram, knowing it would be too telling – and besides, it was never really about the public anyway. None of this was. No, she sent the video to her brothers and sisters, knowing Bruce’s reaction was something they would want to see and understanding finally that all this showboating and pranks gone wild were not to gain popularity in Gotham, or embarrass one another, or even just for the hell of it, as Jason claimed his to be.

It was about them. It was for one another, sharing memories and laughter and carving into the Gotham skyline that they were there, and they were proud of themselves, and they were, finally, happy with that.


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What does z leaving 1d media mean? Like what happens when they reunite? Unless they all leave 1d media and make another company

Hello my Anon and this is a very good question!

Let’s have a look at things: We had Zayn “leaving on March 19, 2015 and for a year, till April 4, 2016, he had full rights as well as 20% of this company (controlling the “image” and I think the money from the sales of their albums, merchandise etc). On April 4, when we had the last change in the type of the shares, (the same date that all 5 Boys stepped down as Directors and their accountant and a manager took over), we had a “redistribution” for lack of a better word of the type of shares, so Zayn only had the 10% or was it 5%???, I’m sorry, I’m too tired to check it now,) of the company.

On February 3rd this year, we had a new “redistribution” of the shares which resulted in Zayn no longer being a shareholder of this company, meaning Zayn no longer getting money from the sales of their (1D) albums, merchandise etc.

What I find veeeery interesting my Nonnie is that 1D MEdia still owns the  he EU trademark for the name “Zayn Malik.” . Do you know what this mean, my Nonnie? It means that Zayn could not drop an album, or perform, or drop merchandise in EU as Zayn Malik, without the consent (and profit) of 1D MEdia. And since an artist cannot perform under two different names (in different parts of the world), this explains how just “Zayn” (the name) was created. Do you remember all the interviews/articles about Zayn dropping his last name? here is your answer!

Zayn also remains an  equal shareholder in PPM music limited (their publishing company), so he can write and publish music with the Boys. 

Why Zayn’s shares were sold/liquified/transfered now and not last April (as it would have been more logical), totally beats me. 

Keep in mind that as the type of shares was modified last April, so it can be modified (and redistributed) again. As for leaving (you mean dissolving?) 1D Media, I don’t know if 1D Media also control their brand name “1D”; if so, they’ll have to trasnfer it to another company before they move.


On the road with Shinhwa’s trademark name since 1998.

‎Shinhwa‬ Gains Full Rights to Name ′Shinhwa′ After 12 Years. 

’Shinhwa’, it is now completely our name.
Reminiscing about the past and the difficult issues that came with the trademark problems, we believe that you have thought about just how meaningful today′s results are for all of us.
For the past 17 years, we were definitely ′Shinhwa,′ but we weren′t able to freely use the name ′Shinhwa,′ and we know that whenever frustrating and unfortunate situations occurred, it wasn′t just the Shinhwa members, but also the fans that received much hurt and pain.
At the end of this long and difficult battle, now that we have fully gained back our name ′Shinhwa,′ Shinhwa and ShinCom Entertainment will do their best to make the value of the name shine brighter and become stronger.
We thank all the fans who have sent us so much support and will have even more amazing and precious promotional activities with the name ′Shinhwa′ in the future.
We ask that the fans continue to send support, and we once again sincerely thank all the fans who have protected ′Shinhwa′ for 17 years. Thank You.”
 - Shinhwa.