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Being an artist, a writer, a musician, a comedian, etc. these things… aren’t luxuries lol, these things are just as impactful on society as most anything else. Humans have been creating music and art for hundreds of thousands of years, I’m not saying being an artist and creating art is a luxury. 

Doing what you love shouldn’t be a luxury, that’s the thing I’m trying to say. Communists wouldn’t consider you making music doing something luxurious and unnecessary, that’s literally a capitalist thing.

Capitalism views art as a luxury only for the rich, capitalism views music as a luxury only the rich can produce or have proper equipment and education to create it. 

Art should be for all, and all who wish to do art should be allowed resources for that, and education if they so need. No matter the sort of art.

26.4.17 || 5/100 days of productivity

Had a pretty productive day today despite my state of sleeplessness, and finally got around to deep cleaning my room. ✌🏻 I’m talking dusting, vacuuming, sheet washing and changing. The fun stuff. I also worked on some notes and reading for my digital media class, when I should really be writing my criminology essay. Oops?

On another note, I’m somehow less than five followers away from 10k???? WTF YOU GUYS?! Y’ALL HAVE BEEN MULTIPLYING LIKE RABBITS! I wanna host a fun lil giveaway so let me know if you have any ideas for the prize! I’m on a budget though guys so it’ll have to be fairly affordable if I’m gonna ship it internationally. *cries at the thought of shipping prices but puts on a brave face because I love you guys* 💛 I hope you’re all having a lovely week!

🎶 Hard Times - Paramore 


hurricane // panic! at the disco

15.4.17 // Everyone else is already on Easter break and I’m sitting here, working on a pesky literature review for my digital media class that is due tomorrow night - on Easter Sunday. 😔

Sexist and problematic things in K-Dramas that need to stop
  • Slamming women up against walls
  • Kissing women in their sleep
  • Forcibly kissing a woman when she clearly is trying to pull away
  • Just… kissing women without consent in general
  • Using a woman’s independence/strength/strong-headedness as an unattractive or undesirable aspect of their personality
  • Pitting women against each other because of a man
  • Only having 1-2 female characters, neither of which having any depth to their character and little to no backstory
  • Having the female lead’s mindset be centered around men or getting a man
  • Literally having no young female characters with high up job positions in companies and especially none without family ties
  • Frequently having an evil stepmother role, yet never having an evil stepfather role
  • Mothers constantly pressuring their daughters to get married
  • The gullible, clumsy female troupe
  • Making the female love interest’s problems more the man’s problem rather than her overcoming them herself
  • Over protective and over controlling boyfriends. Especially yelling ones.
  • Female characters giving up their identity or values for a man
  • Every single female character in a drama getting paired off with a guy but not the other way around
  • The women having bizarrely clean and expensive housing that is completely left unexplained and unrealistic to their economic status
  • Having the female lead be completely incompetent and dysfunctional in their work environment

Feel free to add anything I missed~!

Swhaggar is confused as to why she isn’t the one taking over the universe

literally everyone: why doesnt josh get a happy ending he deserves one

until dawn writers, confused: wwait you guys.. want to save josh??? but?? he’s a mentally ill poc??? why would you ?? want to save? him????? we did everything in our power to Literally demonize him??????? did it not work???


this is television history. they’re gonna talk about this moment in media history classes

anonymous asked:

This is not meant to be argumentative, and I'm sorry if it sounds that way, but how do you reconcile "people know what's best for themselves" (which is generally true, I think) with the fact that nearly half the voters in the most recent election voted for... this mess?

Voting is exclusionary, the majority of people didn’t vote, either because of systematic exclusion or whatever else, the people who were most likely to vote were the white upper classes, who were voting in their favor, because they need white supremacy and classism to continue keeping their power. 

Voting is so exclusionary because they know if we eliminate the majority of people from voting the upper classes will always have their way because again theyre the most likely and able to vote. 

And throw in other intersections, there are a lot of reasons why say a disabled person can’t go to a voting booth and vote, and so on. The voting populace does not represent the american populace, it represents what happens when you exclude the vast majority of people from being allowed to vote. 

Also theres the whole thing about information, our news sources are controlled by people who value white supremacy and classism and so on, so of course if their information is wrong, but they believe it to be true, they will act on said information, falsely. Which is why education is so important for all to have access to.

Calling all Check, Please! Fans-

*EDIT* I’m all good on responses, I love how many of you have been kind enough to respond, but it’s time to start actually going through the data. thanks to all who contributed!

I’m writing a paper for a media/communications class on the CP fanbase’s reaction to a story about LGBT characters getting a happy ending and being portrayed positively. I have ten questions to get my data, and if you have some spare time to fill them out and message me your answers, it would be so appreciated! **NOT REQUIRED** but if you’re comfortable sharing your age, preferred pronouns, and if you identify under the LGBTQIA+ umbrella, it would help my statistical analysis a lot. thanks in advance! Here are the questions-

1.When did you become a fan of Check, Please! (specifically, before or after zimbits became canon)?

2.What drew you in to start and continue reading the comic? Did a friend recommend it, did you see an ad online, etc.

3.What other shows/movies/books/etc do you enjoy viewing? About what percentage of your media consumption focuses on queer characters/storylines?

4.Are you currently aware of the Ngozi’s written guarantee of a happy ending for the main protagonist?

5.Do you participate in consuming the multiple platforms from which Check, Please! is told- Bitty’s twitter, Ngozi’s twitter, kickstarter, patreon, etc?

6.Is there a character you relate to very strongly or feel a connection with? Why?

7.How were you affected (or not) by the multitude of gay characters that were killed off on popular TV shows last year (Person of Interest, Orange is the New Black, The 100, Wentworth, Empire, etc…)?

8.How does the plot progression of Check, Please! compare to other forms of media with LGBT+ representation?

9.How does the character development of Check, Please! compare to other forms of media with LGBT+ representation?

10.What does it mean to you to know that Bitty has been guaranteed a “happily ever after”?