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This is a compilation of just about every bit of new Classic Sonic art that has been posted to the @sonicthehedgehog social media outlets, in roughly chronological order. It’s actually some really good stuff, accurate to what was drawn back in the day.

Some notes:

-This might not be everything, I probably missed a few.

-Any GIFs were not included.

-Sonic Mania promotional art is absent

-Sadly, I have no idea who draws any of these. Most of the art posted by the twitter and tumblr goes entirely uncredited, with the exception of some of the stuff by @rafaknight-rk. I’d love for Aaron Webber to let us know who draws all this stuff!

Just in case y’all didn’t hear/notice

Tumblr now has “best of” or whatever bullshit it’s called set to default instead of chronological order so go to your settings and turn that stupid shit off y’all

Go to global settings —> dashboard preference to switch it off on mobile

Probably the peak unintended consequence of non-chronological social media is that New Zealand candidate and party Facebook pages have had to be hidden for Election Day, because New Zealand law makes it illegal to publish anything that might influence voter choice on the day, and with Facebook throwing things around in non-chronological order if the page isn’t hidden a voter could be shown an old post for the first time. (Same for Twitter.)

Probably our election advertising laws also need some tweaking, but in short, fuck non-chronological social media. 

Future!Canon AU written by ourheartsbeatas1 & dnteverdoubtme
Jalec. Ten years after the Mortal War, Jace and Clary part ways, leaving Alec questioning his relationship with Magnus. 
Warnings: Infidelity, Angst

Entire Work: Future!Verse
*includes all chapters and media in chronological order

Per Chapter:
Chapter 1: Persistence of Memory (complete)
Chapter 2: The Path of Enigmas (complete)
Chapter 3: While the World Waits (complete, NSFW)
Chapter 4: The Profile of Time (complete, NSFW)
Chapter 5: Still Life Moving Fast (complete)
Chapter 6: Destino (in progress)

Timeline Drabbles:
1) “We Loved Like Knives” by ourheartsbeatas1
(depicts events some time after Chapter 4)

1) 5-part gif set by the brilliant Nerjaveika
2) Sed Lex Dura Lex art by ourheartsbeatas1
3) One Night art by ourheartsbeatas1 
4) Gorgeous graphic by buttheyrebrothers 
5) Future (aesthetic and mix) by witchunters

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