media beauties


This is so unbelievable. We need to be shutting down ABSURD bisexual stereotypes/misconceptions (like the article above). 

It’s hard to believe the media can be THAT uneducated, when it’s the role of journalists and reporters to be educated ENOUGH to report on issues – or maybe they are just ignorant to the truth and the reality of what bisexual means? 

Either way, we need to keep fighting for our bisexual community, no matter who we are or what our job is. 

Start reading up about sexuality. 

Research what it means to be bisexual before you make a ridiculous article that is offensive to many bi people (especially youth). 

What if the roles were reversed?

Growing up I used to always wish I had shiny, straight hair like the white women in all the hair commercials. As a child I would drape a towel over my head to pretend I had flowing, long hair. If there had of been women on the tv that looked like me, I would have loved my own hair a lot more. And I know I speak for many little girls of color when I say that. Representation truly does matter.

cool new concept: instead of romanticisng self harm, let’s romanticize acne. literally everyone with acne in movies or tv shows are the nerds, the bully victims or some gross unimportant charactrer. how about a main character with acne? like I am a literal pizza on my back, why not let the main character be that too,. show people that acne can happpen to anyone, that acne is beautiful and totally natural. instead of those teenage girls in the media who freak out over one single pimple. their skin is inhumanely clean, are normal people too ugly for hollywood or what?

this is for all the darkskin black girls who never get praised on social media. who don't fit the social media standards of beauty. who see everyone screaming about how they love black girls in all shades but yet see themselves and girls like them still getting no love. this is for the girls who are hurt seeing every other black girl getting hella notes and attention on here but are still wondering what's wrong with them or why they're not pretty enough.

your darkskin is beautiful. your hair is beautiful. your features are beautiful. don’t let social media standards of beauty get you down because that will kill you inside. you’re absolutely worthy and someone (if not more!) will realize that. 💕