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Have you mastered any languages other than your native tongue? Would you like to?

If the answer to at least one of those questions is a ‘yes’, this is a place for you!

I’m looking for people from all around the World that would like to share their knowledge about languages that they use daily and do it in a simple, logical and actually, the correct way, unlike the standard textbooks that people of all ages lose hours mulling over!

Why you should give it a go?

There is a great deal of reasons for learning a new language, it

  • improves your employability
  • makes you discover a new culture 
  • increases your brain power
  • is bound to impress more than a few people around you ;)
  • and helps you become more open-minded 

Also, by joining the Get Fluent! Network you have a chance to meet new people and develop life-long friendships all around the globe even before you go abroad.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this social project of mine, please reblog this post and tag it with the language you are fluent in (English counts as well!)

#43 The Gang Leader (Harry Styles)


Where are you?

The light flashed on the screen of my mobile, stealing my attention away from the class. Annoyed, I took it off the table and threw it in my bag. After class, still vibrating in intervals, I took it out.

Call me ASAP.

What does ASAP mean?

Honey, I need to talk to you now. Where are you?

Have you seen the update? I need to talk to you before that.

Okay, I think you must have seen it. Is that why you aren’t talking?

It’s been 2 hours! C’mon! I need to talk to you.

Pick the fuck up.

I picked up the incoming call to avoid answering the texts.

“Where the fuck have you been?” He yelled.

“In class! My gosh! If I’m not answering your messages or your call, I would be busy, right?” I yelled back.

“No, you’re supposed to answer my texts!”

“When have I answered texts!” He wasn’t making sense.

“Okay. Point. Where are you?” He asked, calming down.

“Just got out of class! She took a two-hour lecture. My head hurts.”

“I’m sorry, baby. Wait, Mike is right outside the building. Climb into the car, and come here.”

“Where is here? I rather go home, Harry,” I told him, already tired of the long day.

“It’s not safe right now. Come here and rest.” He cut the call, and I had to climb into the car. Mike was sitting there, smoking away, and he straightened when he saw me.

“Sorry, Harry asked me to take you back to his house.” He told me, starting the car. They worshipped him, it seems. I’ll never understand gangs.

Harry was the son of the leader of one of the two biggest gangs that ruled this city. And I, a normal international student, who came here on an exchange program and chose to continue my degree here, became his girlfriend. I didn’t know how, because I recently found out about his affiliations with the gang. I was just quite into my course, studying Media and Culture and he just was nice to me from the start.

“We are going to his house? But, that’s so far away!” I groaned.

“Don’t you have a week off, now? Festival and stuff?” Mike asked.

“At least, stop on the way to my place so I can collect my things. I’ll work there.”

“Umm, it’s not safe. We shouldn’t stop.” He fidgeted.

“Please Mike,” I sugar-coated my voice.

“Okay, you will have five minutes, though!”


I ran up the stairs to my room and took the largest bag out. Dumping some clothes, my prep kit, books, laptop, chargers, everything I could possibly need in the week, and rushed down.

Coming down the stairs, the main door was blocked off. I called Mike, “Dude, the doors shut! What’s happening?”

“Fuck! Charlie’s guys are here! Listen, climb down the back balcony, I’ll pull the car there!” He said, hurried and tensed.

“What? What’s happening! Climb down where?” I tried pushing the door open, but it didn’t budge.

“Call the Boss. We got the girlfriend.” I heard a voice claim and bang the door from outside.

I climbed the first floor and saw Mike pull the car. “Catch my bag!” I threw it down, and he caught it, dumping it in the backseat.

“Be careful. Harry will have my throat!” He said as I climbed down the pipe. Slippery as it was, I twisted my ankle as I hit the ground. But, Mike picked me up and made me sit in the car, before rushing to his side and driving off.

Hitting the main road, I turned around to get my bag, “Mike, we have cars following us!”

“Oh shit! Fuck!” He increased the speed and speed dialled Harry.

“Where the fuck, are you?” He screamed.

“Harry! We have cars following us! We stopped at my place to get my things, and they shut the door, and they said we got the girlfriend, they are catching up, Harry!” I yelled.

“What! You stopped at your place! What did I tell you, Mike! Straight home!” Harry’s voice when angry could make a grown man cry. A little harder, and he could pee in his pants as well.

Mike, increased his speed with Harry’s voice increasing.

“Jason! Tell the lads to leave the warehouse! Keep talking to me, baby.”

“Harry! What is happening?” I asked, scared now.

“Nothing honey, I’ll explain when you reach.” Within no time, we had two cars, right beside us acting as protection against the cars that were following us.

“I hurt my ankle too,” I said, watching the cars following us stop, as we enter the Styles’ Land. The car slowed down as we reached the mansion, and I saw Harry standing outside, with five bodyguards around him.

He opened my car door and picked me up. My hands went around his neck, and he placed a kiss on my lips. “I am sorry for rushing you.”

“I am sorry for delaying the plan. I wanted my stuff,” I whispered. “It’s not Mike’s fault.”

Harry nodded, “Get her bag, and keep it in my room.” He told Mike. We walked inside the lobby, where a nurse was ready to fix my ankle.

“I don’t think it needs more than a spray,” I told her. She checked it and shook her head.

“I am wrapping it up, don’t put pressure on it,” Harry grumbled, in anger.

“It’s my fault,” I repeated.

“No, it’s mine.”

“What happened? Tell me now?” I was genuinely worried now. “Where is your father?”

“He is out of the country. Will come in a week, I messed up.”

“What did you do?” I asked, pulling him closer.

“Old beef with Charlie. Raised it up, again. Family rivalry. It’s just worse this time because, we fought,” Harry sat closer to me, pulling me in his lap. I checked his body for injuries. “I don’t have any, he does though,”

“So, are we having an off because of this? The entire week is off, will it continue for longer?” I asked.

“Till everything calms down,” I sighed. “Well, it’s not my fault that our party’s ruling.” He smirked.

“Take me up.”

“Harry, you’re in the news,” I called for him.

“What?” He ran and sat next to me.

The Styles family clashes again with the Shaw’s. Is it just a fight between the big boys or will it take a political turn?

“What sort of reporters are these?” I said, disgusted.

“I don’t know. You’re studying Media,” He giggled.

“So, I can’t leave the house?” I asked.

He shook his head. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep you entertained,” He laughed as pushed me down on the sofa, and climbed on top.

“You guys fight was no reason.”

“Hmm,” He said kissed up my neck.

“You think, I can talk to Charlie? Put some sense into him, too?” He stopped and looked at me. I tried to reach his face, but he held my wrists.

Anger filling his expression, “No, you won’t talk to him.” He said, tightening the hold.

“He was my friend, you know?” I whimpered.

“I said, no.” And he climbed off me.


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I failed my semester. And I’m not sad at all, because I didn’t want to be there. I didn’t want to study this shit. Many of lecturers were just horrible assholes.

But you know what? I needed this. I needed this so much. I decided to join student radio which is placed in my campus and it was literally the best decision of my life. I went for it, gave as much as I could from myself. And thanks to that, I finally do know what I want to do in my life. I work in social media/marketing team and I really love it. My new friends are wonderful, inspiring people, we do a lot of creative stuff, we organise events and contests. I could go on and on about our tasks, really. And thanks to that, I decided to start cultural and media studies next year and until this time I will rewrite my mature exams to make sure I will get in there. Now I only use tumblr as a graphic search engine so I probably won’t post anything new.

Please, remember guys, when life drags you back it means it’s going to launch you into something great. We need failures in our life, so don’t be afraid to make mistakes and bad decisions because sometimes it’s the only way to find your true calling.

I hope all of you will achieve your goals and do something you love.

Stay positive and motivated, I love you all 💕

thekzdilla  asked:

Did you have an identity crisis before you went to college? You seem happy w your career path and I'm wondering how you figured it all out and committed to it. You know?

no i had my identity crisis During college lol i went in undecided but thinking about biology/chemistry and then i hated all the intro classes for them and got on academic probation lol. i then took a class to fulfill my lib eds that was about media analysis and thats when i realized i could do my major/career on that stuff and it kind of snowballed from there into production classes & other cultural/media studies courses. it was messy finding what i truly wanted to do but miraculously i’ll be graduating on time.

my advice to ppl who are still confused is to take your first year/semester of college to do a wide variety of subjects and try to see what elements you’re liking in the college environment and go from there. like high school chem was Way different than college chem in a bad way for me, but it could be the opposite for other ppl. anyways thats my take.

Jihadi Mourning Ritual: Despite saying they seek nothing but one of the ‘two most blessed things (ihda al-husnayayn),’ ‘victory or martyrdom,’ global jihadis do practice certain mourning rituals.  We see one of these here as Al-Qa’ida Central ideologue and leader Abu Yahya al-Libi (killed 2012) emotionally eulogizes his colleague, Al-Qa’ida military leader Abu al-Layth al-Libi (killed 2008 in Waziristan).

Hey guys! I just discovered the studyblr community and obviously got sucked into the vortex in an instant! Two years ago I graduated from the Swedish equivalent of high school, ever since I’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling around the world. Come autumn, I’m gonna major in philosophy studies, studying a program called Culture, society and media production. Until then, I’ll be posting all things preparing for my Uni studies and possibly some personal studies.

At the moment I’m making an effort in reading as much as possible, the latest book being “Moonlight on the Avenue of Faith” by Gina B. Nahai. Not too far in still managed to steal my interest from page one.

Bricolage: Lesbian Readings, pt.1: The X-Philes

Perhaps the most accessible means for lesbian representation is the reading and transformation of heterosexual images, texts, and spaces: the manipulation of existing materials to fit the needs of lesbian viewers. Video artist Marusia Bociurkiw describes this strategy: “The lesbian viewer practices what Claude Levi-Strauss called bricolage: the piece together of shreds of reflection and identity from scant sources available: the bending of meaning to her purpose.”[1] This practice is not specific to lesbians; one need only look to gay icons and iconography to see how mainstream objects can be transformed. The most obvious example is the Wizard of Oz and its star, Judy Garland.[2] Garland’s seeming double-life, one behind the scenes and one in front of the camera, resonated as a parallel to the quiet suffering and endurance of gay men in the 1960s. 

Lesbian appropriation of mainstream media has seen far less analysis, however, in comparison to its male counterpart. The straight female celebrity that courts “gay icon” status is an easily identifiable archetype. What is it, then, that creates a lesbian icon? Rather than uplifting outsiders, the lesbian viewer mines images for signs of lesbian presence. Whether real or imagined, these signs are amplified in an effort to provide visual pleasure to lesbian audiences. To begin this series, I’ll take on the example of The X-Files, and, more specifically, the character of Dana Scully, who had been claimed as a lesbian icon long before actress Gillian Anderson came out as bisexual in 2012. Sarah R. Wakefield’s “‘Your Sister in St. Scully’: An Electronic Community of Female Fans of The X-Files” considers what it is exactly that draws women to the show and Scully in particular, analyzing the Order of the Blessed Saint Scully the Enigmatic, or OBSSE. What I call bricolage, Wakefield calls “textual poaching,” borrowing the term from Henry Jenkins by way of Michel de Certeau: a practice in which “fans take, break, and reassemble a text to reflect their lived experiences.”[3] Within the context of OBSSE, Scully is claimed as a saint of many titles: “She Whose Eyebrows Arch Like the Vaults of Heaven Itself,” “She to Whom We All Look Up, Even Though She Be an Economically Packaged Five Foot Two,” and “Our Lady of the Latex.” Beyond her sainthood, Wakefield argues, Scully also exists as the everywoman: “the only constant in a sea of masculinity”.[4] While Wakefield points out that many of the women on the listserv identify with Scully as a heroine and “fellow sister” - a fictional character who can “[embody] the dreams and fears of her devoted followers,” - Scully also plays another role within female fan culture as an object of lust. For fans looking for a more feminine heroine, this is a subject of contention. Wakefield notes the dissent amongst OBSSE members regarding Scully’s remarkably bland clothing:

Mock-serious posts express concern about the preponderance of black in the saintly wardrobe, or the unthinkable suggestion that Scully wears synthetics: “There are so many wrongs that I could go on for days. But I shan’t; for the unbearable wrongness of accusing She Whose Blazers We Are Not Fit to Button of stooping so low as to wear polyester – well, that shocks me to my very marrow!” exclaims a post that came at the beginning of a discussion on the merits of lycra, microfiber, and 100 percent cotton. […] It’s silly, true, but the focus on appearance can be read as a way of reclaiming Dana Scully as “feminine” in a rather stereotypical American-cultural sense. Many critics of The X-Files classify Scully as the logical and therefore the more masculine half of The X-Files partnership. Her career is not usual for a woman; up until the end of the show’s seventh season, she was unable to be a mother and had no obvious lovers, although fans fiercely and freely speculate about the character’s sex life. With these typical signifiers of womanhood ruled out, the OBSSE list identifies her femininity through attention to fashion.[5]

Wakefield poses the eternal lesbian dilemma: “Do, do the women of the OBSSE want Agent Scully in a sexual sense, or do they want to be Agent Scully…?”[6] 

None of this begins to definitively answer the question of why Doctor Dana Scully occupies such a saintly position in the lesbian canon. There are many television shows with beautiful women, intelligent women, women who attract both admiration and desire. There is something specific about The X-Files, a show written primarily by, about, and for men, and its emergence as a lesbian text. More on that next time. 

1. Marusia Bociurkiw, “Territories of the Forbidden: Lesbian Culture, Sex & Censorship,” Fuse 11, no. 5 (April 1988): 27-32, 28.
2. Some have suggested that there is a connection between Garland’s death and the Stonewall riots, and while this is a dubious claim at best, the fact that this urban legend exists points to Garland’s cultural significance within some gay circles. 
3. Sarah R. Wakefield, “‘Your Sister in St. Scully’: An Electronic Community of Female Fans of The X-Files,Journal of Popular Film & Television (September 2001): 131.
4. Ibid., 132.
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Join Max Read of New York Magazine (formerly of Gawker), along with faculty from the School of Information, Humanities and Media Studies, Social Sciences and Cultural Studies, and the newly formed Social Justice Minor for a panel discussion on the problems of fake news and social media, democracy and the internet, and the role that libraries can play in counteracting these effects.

Date: Wednesday, April 5th, 2017
Time: 6:00-6:30pm - refreshments and mingling
6:30-8:00pm - presentations and discussion
Location: Alumni Reading Room, Pratt Institute Libraries, Brooklyn Campus
Sponsored by the Pratt Senate @prattsenate and the Pratt Institute Libraries

Max Read, New York Magazine
Jessica Hochman, School of Information
Jon Beller, Humanities and Media Studies
Ann Holder, Social Sciences and Cultural Studies, Coordinator of Social Justice Minor
Moderator: Debbie Rabina, School of Information

Gill, R. (2007). “Postfeminist media culture: Elements of a sensibility.” European Journal of Cultural Studies 10(2): 147-166.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm taking a class on pop culture & creative practice for my master's course, and I was wondering if you have any reading recommendations? I've been given a decent reading list that covers a lot of info, but most of it seems pretty general (Mythologies, The Culture Industry, Brooker's Cultural Studies, and some other similar things relating to broader themes). I love the Idea Channel vids, they're part of why I took the class!

Oh neat! This sounds like it’ll be a really fun class! And I am honored to have any part in your inspiration to take it. :D 

I don’t know the Brooker text but Mythologies is a fave. Culture Industry is good cause it’s cranky and there’s lots of that. I liked John Storey’s Cultural Theory and Popular Culture and while it is not directly related to pop culture, I return to the Art and Its Significance (an aesthetics theory anthology) over and over and over again even for pop culture stuff. 

I also find Elliot Gaines’ Media Literacy and Semiotics to be a great introduction to that line of thinking, if that’s something you’re interested in. If Idea Channel were a class that had required day-1 reading, it might this.

If you really wanted to you could read some of McLuhan’s Understanding Media or flip thru The Cultural Studies Reader. Or read Society of the Spectacle in like, an afternoon. But I think the above provide a great starting point and they’ll get you down a good path to other texts. 

It makes a certain kind of sense to start with the above before tackling, like, Judith Butler. Or Donna Haraway. Or Stuart Hall, Bakhtin, Simmel and Gramsci (of whom you’ll get plenty if you pick up Storey’s book). All of whom are great! And interesting “starting points” in their own right, but also more complicated (sometimes significantly).

Which is so say: if you wanna just jump in the deep end, that’s fun too. :D

Websites/media/pop culture for studying

This is by NO MEANS a complete list.

-Crash Course: they’re videos, technically, but they are an awesome way to be entertained and learn at the same time. I used these to “take breaks” while studying for APUSH exams, and it relieves stress to watch something funny. Plus, John Green. Enough said.

-Animaniacs- also videos, but this is how I survived memorizing the presidents in order. If anyone ever comes across this for some reason and wants the rest of the song, I wrote the final few presidents through Obama for myself that I might post someday.

-Quizlet- Quizlet is my go-to for memorization. I love having online flash cards so I’m not wasting so much paper, and plus, they have games you can play to help yourself- the “learn” setting is especially helpful for languages, because you actually have to spell the word right before it lets you move on.

-Slader- I had no clue that Slader existed until my senior year in high school and I was so mad. Slader has a lot of answers to math problems, and other subjects as well, and it allows people to post explanations for the problems so you can solve along step-by-step. Disclaimer: DO NOT USE THIS TO CHEAT. The answers are there to help you CHECK yours, and most questions have a written tutorial to show you how to solve it, so do the work- it seriously helps you understand what’s going on. Slader is like 60% of the reason I passed Precalculus- the tutorials taught me more than I ever learned in class.

-Sparknotes- everyone knows about sparknotes, but here’s a suggestion of how to use it. I will use my experience with Hamlet as an example. When reading Hamlet, I would read the passage we were assigned, and then, the night before comprehension quizzes, I would read the Sparknotes summaries to jog my memory. Sparknotes has other great tools, such as a list of characters, in case you can’t remember who that random dude from page 3 was.

-Netflix- WAIT WHAT??
Hear me out. If you’re studying Political Science or some sort of Civics/Government class, I strongly recommend watching at least a little bit of The West Wing. Not only is this one of, if not the best show to grace television, but it is highly educational about American politics. It’s very fast-paced and hard to understand every political plot, but watching The West Wing gave me a greater appreciation for politics and history.
*someday I might try to post a list of the most educational West Wing episodes- they are very helpful for understanding concepts. For example, if you’re studying the Senate, there is a wonderful episode on Filibusters.

-If you’re learning a language, listen to pop tunes in that language. This helped me enormously with French, and I think it would work with anyone learning a new language. Find an artist you like, and become a fan!
(Fun fact- my favorite French artist came to my city twice, and I saw him live in concert 😍)
-if you’re in band or orchestra, listen to the pieces you’re practicing and learning while you do other homework. It will give you a greater understanding of how your part works with the other parts in the ensemble. I used this frequently.

-Books for language learners-
Depending on what year you are in a language, reading a chapter book in your language can help. I read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in French and really enjoyed it! Helped me a lot with vocabulary.