media and communication history and literature

The Sherlock Conspiracy Theorists on this website are literally having the most fun anyone has ever had watching a television show. We are decoding puzzles on multiple media platforms by cross-referencing plot lines from stories written throughout the last 130 years all while building knowledge of literature, math, music, coding, history, geography, chemistry, and television production. We are playing The Great Game in real time. I only wish more people could’ve joined us here because we won’t find another game this intricate in our lifetime, and everyone who finds this later will always be a few steps behind.

I hope everyone realizes this Conspiracy community is not about us being right – it’s about us pushing the boundaries of our intellect and having fun in the process. It’s been an honor playing The Great Game with all of you.

Hetalia characters' college majors
  • Italy: fine arts
  • Germany: mechanical engineering
  • Japan: industrial and product design
  • America: astronomy
  • England: English literature
  • France: culinary arts
  • Russia: nuclear engineering
  • China: alternative medicine
  • Canada: nursing
  • Prussia: military science
  • Austria: music theory and composition
  • Romano: art history
  • Spain: horticulture
  • Hungary: developmental and child psychology
  • Switzerland: military technologies
  • Sweden: interior design
  • Finland: medical assisting
  • Iceland: geology and earth science
  • Norway: communication and media studies
  • Denmark: marine biology
- ̗̀new studyblr! ̖́-

Hey everyone! I deleted most of my social media the other day and made this separate studyblr in the hope that it would help me focus better for my upcoming exams in May. I wasn’t planning on using this properly tbh but I’ve been so in love with the community for well over a year now I decided I had to introduce myself!

My name’s Natalie, I’m 15 (turning 16 in a month whooo) and currently studying for my GCSEs starting this May. Fun times. I’m taking bio, chem, physics, maths, english literature, english language (all compulsory) and then also history, geography, computing and german!

I’m a history nerd but I’m secretly also in love with the sciences deep down. I’m working rlly hard on being kinder to myself atm so any tips would be appreciated ha. In my free time I listen to a Lot of music (my favourite artists are twenty one pilots and the Lumineers atm!), binge-watch b99 and friends and generally attempt to keep my life together. Oh and I’m a thriving lesbian.

A few of my favourite studyblrs are (everyone’s acc so inspiring this is impossible) :

@cleonotes @focusign @joolshallie @studyign @academla @studyplants @etudiance

Hopefully I’ll get to know more of you guys soon!

(Confession) My personal dream is to have a bookstore that is mostly filled with black poets,black authors,black history,black musicians,sci-fi with a black girl or boy as the hero,books about black people/teensfalling in love with each other(including black queer people),books about homosexuality in the black community(also trans black people),books about how to take care of natural hair,teaching young black kids to love themselves more,just books about BLACK PEOPLE PERIOD.No white people(because like honestly you can get a book about white people being the hero,falling in love blah blah blah) and I was thinking about including people of color but I feel like most of them are so anti-black so hopefully one day I will open a bookstore with only black people