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Call for workshops, tabling, affinity groups to come outside of Mens Central Jail in downtown LA and support the nation prison strike on that day with a resource and food share for released prisoners followed by an action.

We are seeking speakers, affinity groups, organizations to join us. There is a planning meeting August 31st Wednesday at 3201 maple avenue.

The full call to action can be read at

We are for the Abolition of police and prisons and seek to coordinate a strike against police and state terror.

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26/08/16 || Kind of the last day of studying for this exam, I revised the last couple of things then I’m gonna take this weekend off and relax. I don’t know what I’m going to do on Monday and Tuesday, maybe a little bit more of revision.
I’m so happy this is nearly over and that I’m gonna be free in less than a week, also my Girlmore Girls dvds came yesterday and I couldn’t be happier.


A white man asked a black C-SPAN guest how to fight his own racial prejudice. Her answer was perfect.

When Heather McGhee, president of the public policy group Demos, got a question from a caller during her appearance at C-SPAN, it was not about the progressive ideals her group is known for. The question, instead, was about a different issue — directed, seemingly, at McGhee’s race (she’s black).

The caller presented a surprising, open admission of racism on national television — and, even more surprisingly, it came with a request to help address that racism.

McGhee thanked the caller for his honesty and question. Then she explained how all Americans of all races can help solve the subconscious racial biases that study after study have found almost all of us have.

My parents approved of my double major with Graphic Design & Media Communications!

So, what’s going on is that I’m taking both Graphic Design & Media Communications classes this semester and apply for film internships this summer. If I like my film internship, I’ll keep on pursuing it. But if I don’t, I’ll just do graphic design and graduate on time. Win-win. Anything is possible with God!

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Hi guys! I’m new to the Studyblr community, but I’m really loving the place. You guys are awesome, so please do me a small favour by re-blogging this if you:

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Thank you so much, loves.
Have a great day ahead. :)

-Viridian Rain

How Grand Theft Auto portrays men Vs. women....

Why is this sexualisation acceptable ? 

What does it achieve?

Do we really need to stoop to this level in todays society?

Is it purely for marketing? Directed towards their target audience? 

Why is degrading women to a sexualised object alluring to the consumer?

Why is the man fully clothed and portrayed as a strong, menacing figure whilst the woman is scantily dressed in a small bikini whilst taking a ‘selfie’? 

so… why do you use #hashtags? 

  • Social traditions
  • Emotions 
  • Followers
  • Live TV
  • Trending Topics
  • Movements
  • Branding
  • Events

or for some entirely different reason ? Or are you the type who would not get #caughtdead #doing #hashtag #anything ??

Personally, if i were to use a hashtag (and yes i may have once or twice on insta!!!) It would be in someway related to my post. For example if my friends and I went on a day trip and i decided to commemorate the day by posting a picture to my instagram, an example of a hashtag I may use in this situation would be the location… e.g.  #Sydney, #BondiBeach etc. I’m definitely not the type of person to hashtag #likeforlike or #f4f (follow for follow) !!!