You’re fired! NBC is cutting its business ties to Donald Trump in light of his recent offensive statements about Mexican immigrants. NBC and Trump jointly owned the Miss USA pageant and the Miss Universe pageant—now neither will air on the network.

In a speech announcing his presidential campaign two weeks ago, Trump said, “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best…They’re sending people who have lots of problems. They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists, and some, I assume, are good people.”

Univision, the nation’s largest Spanish-language network, was the first to drop Trump: they pulled out of a contract to air the Miss USA pageant after his remarks.  Univision’s news anchor Jorge Ramos said Trump had become “the Hispanic community’s most hated man.”

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Naughty Boy on Zayn Malik : he is writing a“soulful record”, [the situation] will make sense soon, “no one can tell Zayn what to do, especially me”…


Censorship in Japan

A lot of things on Japanese TV bother me; the lack of channels, the lack of variety, the lack of real content, etc. All of those are mainly based around the fact that Japanese people don’t like to rock the boat too much when it comes to personal opinion. People will never outrightly disagree with you, unless you are close friends perhaps, but my Japanese friends have always used polite…

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Check Out What Happened Last Week at the BLM: June 22-28, 2015

On June 25th, a new veterans crew picked up wildland firefighting gear and headed to Alaska for a new mission. They recently became certified wildland firefighters through a partnership between the BLM and Team Rubicon. These veterans are the first group of five around the country to participate in wildland firefighter training through the partnership. The training provides the necessary classroom instruction and field experience for the teamrubicon veterans to receive their Type-2 Firefighter certification, making them eligible to be dispatched to a fire incident and paid as firefighters. Read the press release about the partnership and upcoming fire season. Follow the experiences of the new Team Rubicon firefighters in Alaska on @BLMCareers Twitter!

Last week, the BLM’s #mypubliclandsroadtrip traveled to Oregon and Washington for beautiful scenery, great recreation spots, and some cool science and wildlife.  View a multimedia journal of the roadtrip:

The weekly #WomeninSTEM post featured an interview with Nikki Moore, Division Chief for the BLM’s National Conservation Lands, about her background in science and fisheries and the meaning of the Wild and Scenic Rogue River to her family. Read the My Public Lands Tumblr post.

tumblr is a truly toxic website. And this goes for pretty much every ideology found on this website. The amount of times I’ve seen blatant lies spread around, all to further a certain agenda, is just ridiculous. Doxxing, death threats, cyberbullying… the list goes one.

This website could be amazing. A place where people can blog about what they’re are interested in and if it is debate-worthy, have a rational discussion about it.

Instead it’s a cesspool of hate-mongering, scare tactics and guilt trips. A status quo is slowly being built up, and anyone that dissents is any number of horrific things. “Racist! Sexist! Bigot!" Most of the time, that person is none of those things. They’re just someone who dares to disagree.

I only stay on this website because SOME of the content is actually really good. Some really talented content-creators, artists and writers can be found here, and that’s great to see. Hell, there are even some people who do get involved in political discussions who do so reasonably. But most of it is garbage.

Some people on this website need a fucking reality check.

Does it bother anyone else when a movie or a video game or whatever establishes that a kidnapped or imprisoned character has been locked in a particular room for days on end without significant human contact, and it’s 100% clear that the room in question has no access to a toilet?

How Katy Perry Became America’s Top Pop Export: The Forbes Cover Story

Katy Perry is part of the burgeoning batch of stars cashing in on an increasingly global entertainment landscape. As part of her Prismatic World Tour, she played 124 shows during our scoring period; 75 of them took place abroad, in 27 different countries. According to her managers, 60% of her income now pours in from foreign markets. The singer clocked a whopping $135 million over the past 12 months.

Can we talk about how the ONLY piece of discriminating and humiliating evidence the media has on Bernie Sanders was a Rape/non con sexual fantasy smut he wrote when he was 20. Which 1, has nothing to do with his politics now. 2, was something he did over 50 years ago. 3, something he recognizes to be a mistake and horribly written work but gets right back to ACTUAL ISSUES IN OUR COUNTRY AND SHUTS THE MEDIA’S BULLSHIT DOWN.

So I want to apologize to anyone who follows this blog and doesn’t care for Harry Potter. I understand if you find this bitch post ridiculous. But stick with me here, because I got a bigger point to make at the end of my rant.

I will also give out a warning as what I’m about to say does go over some heavy stuff.

I can’t believe this is an unpopular opinion on here, but I like Severus Snape. Every hp fan forum, any site like DeviantArt, or YouTube, and fanfic sites adore Severus to the point they make him into an innocent angel and at times, as a Snape fan, I found myself arguing with ‘Snape Wives’. 

But here? No people hate Severus. Which is fine whatever. I found people on other sites who hated him, and were completely reasonable and rational. They made well thought out arguments. They didn’t just use buzzwords and hope it made sense.

But this is tumblr, where everything has to be problematic and made into the extreme. 

So just a list of the things I seen Snape haters say and do on this site and why I’m fucking sick of them:

  1. Last year, Snape haters used a tragic event to hate Severus and his fans. Not to just bash Severus, but to attack us. For those who don’t remember or just don’t know, a sick bastard named Elliot Rodger murdered seven people because he personally felt slighted by women as a whole. Now there is more to the story, but that’s the gist of it. Snape haters decided to call Severus a MRA, tip fedora hat, dude bro, and all his supporters were ‘snape apologists’ within after the story broke out. Regardless how you feel about the Snape is actually a good guy reveal, just think about this. These people as collective, saw a tragedy and used it to hate a fictional character. I know its common for tumblr communities to do that to other political groups, but to do it in a fandom? Against a fictional character that has no connection to feminism or anything related to PUAs and or MRAs is bizarre and insulting real peoples’ death. Severus never does or says anything like Elliot Rodger and the fact it had to be said over and over again is fucked up. The term ‘snape apologist’ really sums it too how fucking crazy this shit is.
  2. Next up, they Severus due to personal headcanons. Like Remus is gay because werewolves are a metaphor for aids and Severus hates werewolves. Or Hermione is black because her hair is messy and frizzy and he’s mean to her so he’s a racist. For second, ignore how homophobic and racist the reasons behind the headcanons-and yes I have seen several posts unironically supporting these hcs-and focus that they are just headcanons. Hermione in every illustration for the books is white. Her actress is white. Severus is around canonically black characters and he never mistreats them and actually for being a Gryffindor, Severus is pretty nice to Dean Thomas. And the homophobia bit opens a can of fucking worms that no Harry potter fans wants open. Honestly, calling Severus a racist for one reason or another also opens the same can, given how Rowling decided to describe him.
  3. Female Harry AUs. Holy shit this one is worse the one above just because of how retarded they are. For one reason or another, several posts pop up once in while about if Harry was a girl and looked like Lily but with James eyes, Severus would rape her. Why??? Who the fuck knows. There is no rhyme or reason to this argument. All I have to ask, did Severus ever rape Ginny? Did he rape Suzan Bones? Both girls with flowing red hair and brown eyes. Their justification for this ‘argument’ is that Severus creeped on Lily…but if they read the books, they know Severus never bothered Lily after their fifth year. He didn’t even think of her romantically, he says they were best friends. There was no sexual feelings there on his side. And yet, they got no problem of tossing rape and pedophilia into their arguments because they don’t like that he loved Lily. Its funny really though, that they can headcanon Remus-canonically gay man-gay to bash Severus and his fans when Severus shows no sexual desire for anyone. That is what really angers me about the AUs and headcanons. Everyone is trans, gay, black, a feminist icon, but Severus? The character who is described to be a walking jewish stereotype, abused in every way possible, who is poor, who valued friendship because it was all he had, is the white straight rapist.
  4. And when a snape hater actually fucking uses canon material, they go to insane levels. Like I mentioned, they use his love for Lily into something it was never meant to be for petty arguments, But they also use him being a death eater as to why James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter bullied him…despite James said point blank ‘He exists’ and Severus not becoming a DE until he was out of school. And the ones that would make sense to hate Severus, ie. Being a dick to Harry and co. and being Nev’s worse fear, are skewed and they ignore context of the scenes. Shit there are people who use canon facts, but misinterpret them so much because they HAVEN’T READ THE BOOKS! They didn’t even see the movies, and yet they still want to add their two sense in because other people are doing it, so why not them? It will just show how progressive they are.

And now the snape haters have gone so far as to attack JK Rowling on twitter over the character, because he is problematic. They make posts how fucking livid they are that a family or friend likes Severus, that they talk about they go into hysterical fits of sobbing. Some have seriously talked about ending relations over their love one liking Severus.

So what’s my point in bitching about snape haters and showing their arguments?

Well I see this is problem with Tumblr as a whole. If you are brony, you might be able to relate to being called a pedophile and MRA. Those who are fans of Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Naruto, Metalocalypse and Marvel are probably sick of the ‘queer’ headcanons plaguing their fandoms. Disney fans can’t catch a break with race bending AUs and I know Steven Universe is tired of race headcanons. And Twilight fans know all too well about people jumping on the anti-Twilight bandwagon. And I know, because I was one of those people who didn’t read Twilight before I started hating on it.

Tumblr is a toxic community. We all know it except for those who make it toxic. I use Snape haters because that’s what I personally had to deal with for the past three fucking years on this site.

Social Justice Warriors on here, and all over the internet are ruining what’s fun. Theories, plot bunnies, headcanons, AUs, gender/race bending all used to be a fun past time in fan communities. No one used excuses such as ‘representation matters’ when making dumb aus and or said shit like ‘well I think Hermione is a black girl so that means such and such was a rACIST!!!1111’.

This fandom activism has got to stop.