medi art


Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller
The Killing Machine

mixed-media/audio installation, duration 5 minutes

“Partly inspired by Franz Kafka’s ‘In the Penal Colony’ and partly by the American system of capital punishment as well as the current political situation, the piece is an ironic approach to killing and torture machines. A moving megaphone speaker encircles an electric dental chair. The chair is covered in pink fun fur with leather straps and spikes. In the installation are two robotic arms that hover and move- sometimes like a ballet, and sometimes attacking the invisible prisoner in the chair with pneumonic pistons. A disco ball turns above the mechanism reflecting an array of coloured lights while a guitar hit by a robotic wand wails and a wall of old TV’s turns on and off creating an eerie glow.

In our culture right now there is a strange deliberate and indifferent approach to killing. I think that our interest in creating this piece comes from a response to that.” - JC and GBM

I was having a bit of a miserable afternoon so i decided to draw some cute derpy fun with my @askundernet babies, SnapChat and Vine. I also wanted to make something for @butterapplego because she’s been such a big support and such a wonderful friend to me. I know this isn’t really a birthday gift, but i wanted to make something with your AUH uniforms and why not let the next generation of AUH kids wear them, eh? I love you lots Butters~!

So, i haven’t really officially announced it, but Snap and Vine are Yusebi and Medi’s babies. These two are their children, genetically fraternal siblings. I assumed that Vine would get in trouble for tormenting his brother and get sent to the principals office more than once for “doing it for the vine”

….I feel as though he got this attitude from Caesans….

also, Bonus….

@sansy-fancy you need to discipline your child, obviously Yusebi isn’t doing a good enough job…. XD 

My breasts may be tiny,
My stomach may not be toned,
My face littered with angry acne,
Blackheads on my nose,
Spots on my chin, forehead, neck and shoulders,
My thighs could be thinner,
My legs: longer,
My armpits may be unshaven,
My legs happen to be too,
My pubic hair exists,
I may have too long toes,
My nose is slightly bent,
Sometimes I have bags under my eyes,
I occasionally have dandruff,
I have a mole, one lip is bigger than the other,
My hair is sometimes frizzy?
My height is pretty average,
My ears are like elves’,
My eyebrows need plucking,
My bum should be perkier?
But I am still beautiful,
Because none of this really matters,
Our imperfections define our beauty,
Because perfection ceases to exist.
I am just a teenager,
I get that I have spots,
I perhaps should shave more often,
Do more sit ups?
Scissors too?
Nope. I am perfect.
I am beautiful inside and out.
So are you, externally.
Work on your inside.
For that is what really counts.

Guys, when you're experimenting with anything, remember to note down the process. Believe it or not, you may make something cool but you'll forget how you made it and so you'll cry