Mozerella & Mushrooms

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Contains: Dairy

Today was BBQ day, but the fams wanted to grill some fish. As I mentioned before, I’m not so cool with eating fish so I marinated some mozzarella cheese and Jenn grilled some mushrooms and voila. It started as a salad first:

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Pretty yummy lookin, hmm? It’s super easy, as you’ll see by the ingredients.

16 oz pack of Mozzarella Cheese
• Extra Virgin Olive Oil
• Rosemary
• Scallions
• Seasoned Artichoke Hearts(usually come in a small jar)
• Grape Tomatoes
• Basil
• Oregano
• Black Pepper

• Get a bowl, cutting board, and knife
• Chop up the mozzarella into small cubes
• Add chopped cheese to bowl
• Wash and chop up grape tomatoes
• Add tomatoes to bowl
• Finely chop the rosemary, basil leaves, and scallions
• Add scallions, rosemary, and basil to bowl
• Add small jar of seasoned artichoke hearts to bowl ( and some of the juice from the jar– just a punch)
• Add three cap-fills of extra virgin olive oil to bowl
• Add spices ( oregano, pepper, and salt if wanted)
• Get a spoon and mix it all up!

Now, since us gluten-free people can’t have the luxury of crackers (and let’s face it, rice crackers aren’t that good) we need to improvise. Getting two large portobello mushrooms and grilling them makes a great “cracker substitute.” You don’t need to do much to the mushroom since the salad is so seasoned– just get a spoon-full and plop it on top and viola!

This is super easy and really cheap (especially if you grow your own rosemary and basil). Most importantly, it’s not altered to be gluten free or vegetarian, just a mixture of common items making a fun dish– woohoo!