The Young Avengers team isn’t done with Prodigy; here’s Theodore Altman. During the Kree-Skrull War, Super-Skrull kidnapped Captain Mar-Vell, who had an affair with Princess Anelle, resulting in a child. Fearing for his safety, Anelle sent the kid away with her nursemaid immediately after birth. The servant took the child to Earth to be raised by his dad, but Captain Mar-Vell died. Deciding to raise him as her own, she posed as a single mother and named him “Teddy.” Hulkling is a hybrid of Kree and Skrull, inheriting abilities from both races, though some are more potent. He is a shapeshifter of remarkable ability, commonly looking like a teen version of Hulk. In the heat of battle, he has shown a less refined style, growing claws and wings in a protoplasmic manner.

HULKLING, by Meder Taabaldiev.

VV (by Cassie Meder)

Dress and Victorian jacket coming soon to Model: Cassie Meder [] Photography: Seth Farmer [] Hair & Makeup: Hannah Farmer Styling: Amber Williams [] Jewelry: Margaret Ellis [] See the full look book along with a documentary video on our blog: This film includes behind the scenes of our photo shoots, a short interview with Cassie, the making of the golden Victorian screens Cassie assembled, and of course items that are available in the shop right now!

Spiritbound Part 5.1: The Borders Between Worlds

Spiritbound Part 5: The Borders Between Worlds

We hear talk of things like the Veil, the Hedge, Portals, Channels, and other “Doorways” all the time when people are talking about crossing from one world to the next. Hardly anyone, however, takes the time to explain what these are or how they work. Though I disagree with her in the asertion that Humans are Doorways or Portals, Amanda Meder at her own blog actually outlined the difference…

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Is it Wednesday yet? (by Cassie Meder)

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Kleines Gedankenexperiment: tauscht mal “Hinkel” gegen +Gregor Gysi​ und Faschismus gegen Kapitalismus (in der 2015er Edition). Erstaunliche Parallelen, oder?

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