This got requested so much so here! Torm and Medd! And this is the first drawing of them that I did digitally-

Darn wtf this is bad oml anime art style why you do this??? I suck at drawing kids in my anime art style–

This was a bit of practice…


Also characters don’t belong to me they belong to @layuki12

Based their winter look off of Tom and Matt’s a little from the Eddisode, “The Snorge”


Someone is too happy about it ;)

Also, that beard looks amazing, Tom *-*

Ok, let’s just imagine, what Torm and Medd is like 20-something years old and now they are going to have a baby… What a weird person I am…

OMG. Wtf is wrong with me? Why am I going so far?? How is this even possible???

Torm and Medd belong to Layuki12. Yes, I know she had changed their designs and I respect her desision, but I couldn’t resist drawing Torm in his old version

I hope she won’t be mad at me :’D